Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Losail International Circuit, 2021

2021 Qatar Grand Prix championship points

2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 8 points from Lewis Hamilton after this weekend’s race.

F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix

2Red Bull541.5
7Aston Martin77
9Alfa Romeo11

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2021 Qatar Grand Prix

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24 comments on “2021 Qatar Grand Prix championship points”

  1. P3 is Ferrari’s to lose.

    1. McLaren need to step up this few left races

      1. Even then next to impossible.
        With the level of Verstappen and Hamilton they can at best take 27pts each race.

        Not sure Alonso will allow them though ;)

    2. I don’t think it’s possible to lose it anymore, top 2 teams will take most points leaving very little left.

      1. Have to agree @ivan-vinitskyy as sure it is mathematically possible for McLaren to overtake Ferrari, but they are almost a 1-2 behind now and McLaren might be the only team this year to already have a 1-2 in the pocket, but it seems really unlikely they can do anything like it again

        Even if both VER/HAM and BOT/PER clash out of the race, they’d still need Ferrari to not be next to each other on track at the end around the 5th to 8th places as they have been a lot these last few races.

    3. Unless McLaren can’t keep up.

  2. Alpine looks set for 5th now.

    1. Yes, and ferrari 3rd, battles are over except at the very top.

  3. It’s getting too close to call, and team mates seem powerless against raw speed of both Max and Lewis.

  4. If Hamilton wins next one and also gets fastest lap, they would go tied to the last race!

    1. Not the best position for a non Mercedes on yas! @omarr-pepper
      Atleast the championship will go down to the wire.. something we haven’t seen in a long time

    2. Imagine if saudi arabia is cancelled, and that happens! VER 369.5 pts HAM 369.5 pts!

      As both VER/HAM fan (more towards Ver), would love that to happen lol

    3. that is with you assuming that Verstappen will be guaranteed 2nd!

  5. Great to see new rookie on the podium :)
    Good job Fernando. Good job Alpine.

  6. Anticipating a Hamilton-Verstappen 1-2 in Saudi Arabia, and a fastest lap for LH, it would be dead level – though advantage Max on race wins – going into Abu Dhabi. And that’s pretty much as even a track as you can get between the two cars. Wow.

  7. tell Esteban to fight like a lion

  8. For the 1st time a Dutch driver can win the championship F1 next race. Didn’t think I would ever see that following the sport since the mid 90s.

    Sure the chance is slim but the fact alone feels very special.

    1. All it takes is a victory for Max and less than P6 for the competition, who has a long overdue DNF. How about one of those Merc-special 80-hour pitstops?uy,

      1. Nah DNF is too cruel, even as a Max fan (also Ham fan) would rather see Max pull off a shock win in saudi arabia (like Hamilton in China 2008, extending lead over Massa to 7pts coming to Brazil). DNF’s are too cruel!

  9. Perez close enough to Bottas for fighting for P2 in the WDC, 13 points behind in 2 races. True, nobody remembers the second, but still…

    1. The can only be 3rd

  10. This was the only track out of the last 3 that red bull may have been able to win. The constructors championship is tight but the momentum and the tracks remaining point to a Lewis Hamilton win

  11. At least not a big chance of a tie after the finale. Because it would mean one of them has more wins.

  12. A chart for the constructor’s would be very nice.

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