Mick Schumacher aiming to reclaim father’s winning record from Hamilton

2020 Russian Grand Prix

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Mick Schumacher says he hopes he has the chance to reclaim his father’s record of Formula 1 wins if it is broken by Lewis Hamilton.

The son of the seven-times world champion is leading the Formula 2 series with six races to go in 2020, and is believed to be in contention for an F1 debut in 2021. Hamilton will equal his father Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of 91 career wins with his next grand prix victory.

“One sentence my dad always used to say was records are there to be broken,” said Schumacher’s 21-year-old son Mick in Sochi today. “It’s everybody’s aim in the sport to do that. I think Lewis had a very, very good run – he had a very consecutive and positive run.”

Schumacher said he appreciates Hamilton’s performances and hopes he gets the chance to break the record himself in the future.

“Records are there to be broken and, from our side, I think we see it on a good side too. It’s good for the sport. He’s been very influential in this sport too.

“The next aim would be then I guess for me, if I do make the step [into F1], to break that again.”

Hamilton took Michael Schumacher’s place at Mercedes when he left the sport at the end of 2012. Mick said he has only had a few chances to speak to the man who is poised to break his father’s winning record.

“Lewis come into Mercedes after my dad left,” said Schumacher, “I was at the track a few times and got to speak to him at certain moments. Obviously he’s a very busy man and I’m quite too – especially now due to Covid it’s quite difficult to speak to each other.

“I’m focussing on myself right now and Lewis is doing the same for him. But nevertheless I think once the chance is there, I definitely would be very interested to have a longer chat with him.”

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Video: The history of F1’s ‘most wins’ record

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2020 Russian Grand Prix

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65 comments on “Mick Schumacher aiming to reclaim father’s winning record from Hamilton”

  1. You’d think a man who only has a career because of his name would be slightly more aware of his place in the world, but evidently not.

    Gonna watch his failure in his unfortunately inevitable F1 stint with quite some joy.

    1. Are you talking about your avatar @klon?

    2. Won F3, currently leading F2. “Only has a career because of his name”. Whatever helps you sleep at night….

    3. I’m sure many thought the same about Damon Hill…

      1. And Nico Rosberg.

          1. And Lance..

    4. I think mick is genuinely talented, probably not as talented as his father but I’d say he’s earning his seats.

    5. “MIcK SChUMacHeR only has a career because of his name”

      Also Mick Schumacher:
      2014 CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship – 2nd
      2014 CIK-FIA World KF-Junior Championship – 2nd
      2016 ADAC Formula 4 Championship – 2nd
      2016 Italian Formula 4 Championship – 2nd
      2017 MRF Challenge Formula 2000 – 3rd
      2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship 1st
      2020 FIA Formula 2 Championship 1st* (Season still in progress.)

  2. Lol @Mick….. aspirations way above talent and raving on like an entitled brat.

    1. Did you read or watch the interview?

      I’ll paraphrase the spicy-bit: “My dad said that records are made to be broken. If I’m able to get to F1, I’ll try to beat the current record.”

      Confident, but hardly raving.

    2. I agree with the sentiment but I might have articulated it differently. Mick has talent… no doubt, but when he inevitably takes his seat at the F1 table he will be exposed. Without that surname he is just another racer. Hope he takes advantage of his privalge. I have my doubts.

  3. Oh I think this is another episode of “you’ll say what I want you to say”.
    Mick was probably asked “would you like to reclaim father’s winning record from Hamilton?” and answered the question afirmatively (would anyone answer “No, I wouldnt”?), but it is presented as if he came with that statement out of the blue.

  4. Extremely friendly comments from some of the readers. Seeing Mick’s interviews, he’s a really humble, likeable young lad and it must be though for him to be missing his father (the father) in the crucial time of his career. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his comments, he’s showing a proper amount of respect for the current champion and also a healthy amount of self-confidence, which is only positive for his F2 campaign. But I guess some know-it-alls know better.

    1. Well said @pironitheprovocateur. Also take into account that English is not his first language, so some things might come across arrogant that were not intended to be. He seems to me like a relatively humble and grounded kid – considering his situation he could have easily been much less likable.

    2. Well said man

    3. Not surprising. This place is a bit of a shambles readership-wise.

      1. I’m not sure the article title helps things, but it certainly gets the clicks…

    4. Some of the readers’ comments have been incredibly toxic in the last year or so. Extra toxic points when they’re trigged by something Hamilton does.

      1. Hans van Voonebosch
        26th September 2020, 7:39

        @Postreader What does this exactly mean, toxic? What ingredients does a post need to qualify for that?

        1. When the content of a post is set up to ‘infect’ a thread with latent negativity of the message.

        2. Yeah, basically the sort of vitriolic, negative commentary that sound like a teenager with anger issues, but proliferate in the internet. It often is designed to derail user-generated content with ad hominems and strawman argumentation.

  5. What he says is big and i hope he will try but if i was him i would had been a bit more humble because to achieve this you don’t only need the ability and talent but also a huge luck and the correct circumstances.
    I can name a few drivers that had the ability and talent but had bad luck in team choices, and that made them not so successful as they appear to be when they started.
    My advice? More work, less talk.. like your father Mick and Good Luck.

  6. Well, we’ll have to wait and see about that. But a lot of stars would have to align and Mick would really need to be the best of his generation…which is a tall call amongst the Verstappens, Leclercs, Russells, Albons and Gaslys, who already are in F1.

  7. Good luck with that.

  8. Wish him the best but honestly I doubt he’ll race in F1 for long… Im actually surprised that he’s leading F2, and if he wins it congrats to him, but really, I doubt he’ll have a successful career in F1, let alone match or surpass his father

    1. He is leading by default because faster drivers have had mistakes and bad luck. he is about the 6th fastest driver in the series realistically.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with having passion or believing in yourself but maybe waiting until he’s at least in F1 or has won a couple championships would be the smarter thing

    1. exactly… get into f1 first..

    2. Why not set your ambitions high. To even make these comments you must have amazing self belief. Comes through to me as just a very confident young man, traits that were critical for Lewis and his dad being successful.

  10. 90% of the guys didn’t even read the interview & jump to conclusions.


  11. Keith’s headline makes this sound perhaps a bit arrogant when Mick’s actual statement was anything but. I would doubt that there is much of a chance that he will ever come close to even approaching those heady heights, but as his father’s son, it is only natural for him to say that he hopes to get the opportunity to try.

    1. @schooner I haven’t read the complete interview but it does somewhat depend on the phrasing of the question. If he was asked if he could reclaim the record for the Schumacher family then this is a fine response. If he said it without prompting the you could infer arrogance bit I doubt this is the case.

      However if you aim for the stars you may reach the moon so not issue with such lofty ambitions.

  12. “It’s everybody’s aim in the sport to do that.”

  13. That’s nice dear. I’m sure your uncle thought he’d be as good as your dad too…
    But I wish him well and hope he proves his worth in F1.

  14. It will be interesting, from now on, the battle for the spots at Haas and Alfa Romeo(Giovinazzi).
    On the other hand, why doesn’t Haas let Pietro F go for a few test sessions; I know he’s ain’t good enough, but is he THAT much worst than grosjean and magnussen?(can’t recall one breakout season from him.)

  15. So much would have to happen for this to ever happen it’s as silly as thinking my gramma could beat that record. To break the record of MS is Highly unlikely but not impossible. Maybe highly impossible but not likely is better. Normally I consider those who boast about their talents like this as a turn off. In this case my respect for his Fathers career keeps me from having a good outburst. But I don’t know the kid and have little to believe it to be nothing more than wishful thinking at this point. The romantic side of me would love to see the greatest son break the records of the greatest Father. It would be cool to see.

  16. Well, at least he has a sense of humour!

  17. I am afraid that as long as Max Vertstappen is in F1 then Mick has close to zero chances to have any records.

    1. Verstappen’s had 9 wins in 4.5 seasons. In a decent car – as good as Max’s had – no reason why Mick wouldn’t do better than Max is doing.

        1. The best drivers get the best cars and the best cars get the best drivers. Has always worked out that way.

          1. I don’t think Schumacher would have done better than Max @greenflag. Verstappen has been driving the socks of those Red Bull cars, managing to beat the Mercedes on a few occasions and would have had more wins we’re it not for that Ferrari engine.

      1. @greenflag I don’t rate Mick Schumacher above Pierre Gasly even, so he’d be fortunate to get 9 podiums in that time in my eyes.

  18. Go Mick!!! Can’t wait!!

  19. At least we know that once he’s won a few races, plenty of society’s roadkill will be absolutely seething.

    Good luck Mick!

  20. I hope he really have success in F1. He seems the kind of guy who beats talent with discipline, alas his father. Just the opposite to RAI, the most talented driver in F1 in his prime but not the most disciplined.

  21. Does he have a Mercedes contract?

    1. It’s be interesting to see if Verstappen could beat Bottas in Mercedeses.

      1. Wow, you really rate Max I see. Blimey.

  22. Not sure what he said that’s so controversial. Ask any F1 driver who’s the best driver out there and if they don’t say themselves, they probably shouldn’t be there. It’s not like Mick has arrogantly announced that he’s the best driver around at the moment and that he will inevitably beat the wins record as a result. He simply said that’s his aim. Surely winning as much as possible is the aim for all drivers? Otherwise, what’s the point of racing?

    1. Exactly, well said. Even Latifi god help him should have those goals.

  23. Anyone on here questioning his talent or this or that should remember one thing, a 21 year old kid who has a shot at an F1 career should have dreams as big as Mick’s because who wants a driver that accepts a mediocre career before it even starts? When he gets a seat I guarantee he’s a fan favourite wherever he goes.

  24. Rookie season gotta win one
    Second year gotta win 3-4
    Third year gotta win at seven per season for the next three seasons.

    That’s 26 wins in six seasons

    The next five seasons you need about 10 wins each season.

    That’s 76 wins in 11 seasons.

    So that means four more seasons where you win 6 per year.

    That’s 15 seasons with success that will dumb the senses.

    Roughly six wins per year to grab back the old mans record. That’s not impossible. That’s also not likely. What possible sets of circumstance must happen to keep this productivity in check. It’s just beyond reality.

    Hey Mick could it be that your Dads place in Grand Prix Racing was not about your record breaking dream but actually was intended to motivate and grow Lewis into the caliber of driver he is. Maybe the Mark was meant for just one. And nothing more than coincidence that you are starting to touch success. But you aren’t the Mark. It’s Lewis. The chances of the son of breaking the records of his father isn’t likely. The future will see many more, win fewer races. Run away victory totals seem very tough to match as we race today. It’s going to become a mighty challenge to topple The records of Lewis Hamilton

    1. It’s going to become a mighty challenge to topple The records of Lewis Hamilton

      It is indeed, and Mick is saying he’d like to have a shot at doing just that. What is wrong with that?

      Ask any pro racing driver if they’d like to become the most successful driver of all time. What do you think the typical answer would be?

      1. Yeah

        Many have come along and have proclaimed themselves to soon become the next FormulaOne Champion.

        Dreamers come in many shapes

        Their proclamations are always false promise and most who claim that they will become the next one WDC simply are dreaming that they have what it takes.

        Remember the band WHAM?

        One of those guys could really sing and became a world famous Star. His partner was a dreamer and was sure to become a Grand Prix Star.

        Admire his passion but understand the reality. Hamilton moving past MS is a remarkable feat of reality and execution to the extreme and not just that of a dreamer fan. Hell I’ve won the championship just twice on my PS4. I think I’m ready for the grid and the record books


  25. Oh lord, another privileged kid. This sport is amazing on technology front, but the driver selection is worst.

    Micky is completely unimpressive, even Ferrari won’t give him a seat. Lol.

  26. The negative nancy comments on Mick are, well, wow! Nothing the kid said was wrong and apparently folks need to look at the real interview to get the context of it all. All these drivers are privileged in some way or another. So get over it! Time will tell if he will be a capable F1 driver, so calm down folks!

  27. Such a shame his father is not here to coach him, but of course titles is mostly about lucking into dominant teams. If Mercedes continue after Hamilton, they might well think it good for the brand to have the Schumacher name and story and before you know it he might have 3 or 4 titles, especially as Mercedes runs a one horse team and will pair him with a wingman a la Bottas. Then when Mercedes leaves he might luck into another dominant team like Red Bull who also likes young rookies as 2nd driver and then 3 or 4 more titles could come his way, so the idea is not all the way unrealistic.

  28. Good for him to have this fighting spirit. I don’t think it’s likely that he will achieve it but I can’t wait to see him have a good crack at it.

  29. I don’t want to say he’s delusional…

    …but he’s completely delusional.

  30. Not going to knock Mick for this as some are. He’s in a unique spot as the son of MS, he’s going to be asked about this kind of stuff, especially around now with what LH is doing records wise. I would expect Mick to cling to things his Dad has said to him about records being meant to be broken etc.

    The thing for me is, is Mick touted as the next MS, LH, or even Max who hasn’t won a WDC yet? But moreso than that, I just don’t think the new F1 is going to be conducive to the types of long stretches of domination MS and LH have enjoyed. As highly as I and many rate Max, his WDCs are going to be won in much closer combat conditions, with much less money thrown at his (all of their) cars, so I don’t see Max accumulating MS and LH level numbers either. Max will compile tons of poles and wins I have no doubt, but I do wonder if he will compile them over 3 teams of shorter domination runs in his career rather than just having the one dominant long stretch like MS/Ferrari and LH/Mercedes.

    But thankfully as we know it is far from just being about the numbers, and breaking massive records is not the prerequisite to greatness and having a great and successful career in F1. I think the new F1 is going to bring harder fought WDCs that will more often come down to the last race of seasons, so there will be more pressure for the likes of Max et al, who won’t likely be sealing up WDCs with three to six races to go in the season.

    But even that I think has the other side of the coin to it. In a F1 that is more driver vs driver it could happen that Max (maybe even eventually Mick) stands out by sheer talent and doesn’t need the WCC car as much as has been needed in all the aero downforce generations of pre-2022.

    Going to be a blast to watch unfold.

  31. Lewis. The affirmative action F1 champion.

  32. What a bunch of anti-Mick Schumacher comments and “Mick will be a failed talent” comments. inb4 “Mick will be a failed talent comments” inb4 “he’s the next Jacques Villeneuve or Nico Rosberg” inb4 “failed talent” comments.
    Am I annoying some of you guys now?

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