Indianapolis 500 appeals to Norris after iRacing win


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Lando Norris says he hopes to try a real IndyCar at some point in the future after winning the series’ iRacing Challenge at his first attempt.

Speaking after he won today’s round of the official simracing series on Circuit of the Americas, Norris said he would like to enter the championship’s blue riband event, the Indianapolis 500, one day.

“I think most importantly I want to be getting back to racing for all of us, not just F1, not just IndyCar, but everyone,” said Norris.”We want to be getting back in the car and racing again.

“When that does happen, which I’m hoping will be soon, then I guess I’ve got to focus on my job and my career first. Hopefully eventually I’ll get an opportunity to drive an IndyCar.

I’ve driven a few different cars through growing up and getting into Formula 1. Doing Daytona 24 Hours in the LMP2. I would love to explore more variety not now, for now I’ve got my focus on Formula 1.

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“But at some point in the future whether it’ll be the Indy 500 or just a one-off race or something, I would love the opportunity to go over to America and have a go. That’s something to think about in the future.”

Next week’s IndyCar iRacing Challenge event will be held on the Indianapolis Motor Speed. Norris said he may join in despite his lack of experience on ovals.

“I’ll try to, I’m not 100%. I’ve been doing a bit of oval racing on iRacing actually in the IndyCar. It’s really good fun. I’ve not done any big competitions.

“I’m sure the road course side of stuff is in some ways easier and more what I’m used to because I never really drive ovals but a lot of the IndyCar drivers to drive ovals quite regular. They’re going to know a lot of trick that I don’t know. It’s going to be a bit vice-versa.

“I need to speak with the team, with Arrow McLaren SP. I hope so, I hope to be able to get that opportunity.”

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  • 10 comments on “Indianapolis 500 appeals to Norris after iRacing win”

    1. He may as well go to Indycar now. He’ll never win an Formula 1 race on merit.

      1. He’s been sim racing since he was 6 years old. I doubt this would have happened in a real car, and you can’r compare sim racing to any real racing. Fun watching it though.

        1. @Don Has he actually been doing it for that long? I know he’s been doing it for several years, but that long, I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere.

          1. @jerejj – it was mentioned a couple of times during the race last night that he had been racing on sims for that long. Overall the coverage was really quite good, although the post race interviews were a little flat. Race was worth the watch though.

      2. @Gabe Just wait until he gets a car capable of winning races if that happens at some point either with Mclaren or elsewhere on the grid.

      3. Yes he would, despite having much worse luck he looked more impressive then sainz in his first year in f1

      4. Gabe was a known psycho all the way back in trackforum days, always trolling.

    2. Norris is clearly very good. Its too early to say how good but we’ll get a better idea in his second season.

      I did have a theory that if the f1 season is delayed to the Autumn and indycar does start in say June, Zack Brown might send him over to do a few road races for SP as the sponsors will want some returns.

      1. @John Highly unlikely even in that scenario given the risk of something happening which could prevent him from participating in the F1-races.

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