Robert Kubica, Alfa Romeo, Circuit de Catalunya, 2020

Driver line-up confirmed for final pre-season test

2020 F1 season

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The teams have confirmed their driver arrangements for the season and final pre-season test which will begin at Circuit de Catalunya tomorrow.

[smr2020test]All 20 race drivers are scheduled to participate. As last week the only test driver involved will be Alfa Romeo’s Robert Kubica, who is due to drive for them on Wednesday.

Most teams have chosen to divide their running between two different drivers on the first day of the test. Some teams will continue to do so throughout the test, including Mercedes and Red Bull, the latter in a departure from their previous arrangement.

Last week the 10 teams logged a combined total of 3,898 laps of the Spanish circuit, an average of almost three grand prix distances for each driver. Valtteri Bottas set the pace with a best lap of 1’15.732 for Mercedes on Friday.

2020 pre-season test two driver line-up

Wednesday 26thThursday 27thFriday 28th
MercedesLewis Hamilton / Valtteri Bottas (will alternate each day)
FerrariSebastian VettelCharles LeclercVettelLeclerc
Red BullAlexander AlbonMax VerstappenVerstappenAlbonAlbonVerstappen
McLarenCarlos Sainz JnrLando NorrisNorrisSainz
RenaultDaniel RicciardoEsteban OconOconRicciardoRicciardoOcon
AlphaTauriPierre GaslyDaniil KvyatGaslyKvyat
Racing PointLance StrollSergio PerezStrollPerez
Alfa RomeoRobert KubicaKimi RaikkonenAntonio GiovinazziRaikkonen
HaasRomain GrosjeanKevin MagnussenGrosjeanMagnussen
WilliamsNicholas LatifiGeorge RussellLatifiRussell

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2020 F1 season

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14 comments on “Driver line-up confirmed for final pre-season test”

  1. Orlen are keen to see Bobby K get’s his money’s worth…

    1. @GeeMac
      Last year Orlen payed Williams around 10 mln Euro and their profit increase at the end of the year went up to 150 mln Euro. But yeah sure, they just like Kubica so much that they give him money for free.

    2. Heres hoping that average Geo gets the boot early or Dimi gets even more lazy and retires after a few races and Robert gets a real chance to shine in a half decent car…

      1. Gio would destroy Robert and would Kimi retire, dont you think Ferrari would put in a Academy driver? Robert is history and should be happy that he still can drive a car.

  2. @keithcollantine is it just a table formatting issue or is Charles only scheduled to run until lunch on Friday?

    1. The afternoon is saved for an engine management issue

      1. can you elaborate?

      2. lol @BruceLix

    2. @muzza
      It might rain on Thursday morning and stay wet until the early afternoon. Maybe Ferrari are saving a spot for Vettel, if he misses a lot of track time on Thursday due to the weather conditions.

      1. @srga91 possible I suppose, BBC weather forecast for Barcelona shows only a 3% chance of rain though – guess we’ll find out on Friday!

  3. So Verstappen is testing the Ferrari on Friday afternoon? … Interesting indeed.

    1. Yeah, but it’s only for three laps: a warm up lap, a hot lap, and then an escape lap.

  4. How’s the weather doing? I saw 8 c for tomorrow.

  5. I guess when your title sponsor comes from your test driver you gotta give him as much time as possible. Poor Giovinazzi needs all the time he can get, move aside Kubica, you had your chance.

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