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Hamilton: Ferrari ‘turn it up to another level we can’t compete with’

2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes couldn’t compete with the extra power Ferrari unleashed at the end of qualifying in Japan.

Mercedes led the second stage of qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix but the Ferrari pair jumped ahead of both of them with their final laps in Q3. Hamilton took fourth place behind team mate Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton admitted the session “could have gone better” for him. “The car was fine,” he said. “They obviously turn up and go to another level which we can’t really compete with power-wise.

“But the car was feeling good. Q2 run one was really solid, the second run was not so great and the next two were so-so.”

Several drivers were caught out by the strong winds at the track during the session. “It’s super-gusty out there,” said Hamilton, “so just picking your point and where you place the car makes it a little bit trickier.”

As qualifying was postponed from Saturday, Hamilton and his rivals now have just over two hours to prepare for the start of the race.

“The Ferraris I think have a faster car,” he said. “But I think we’ve got a solid car.

“We’re hopefully going to be able to give them a fight for the money but they’re very quick on the straights as I say.”

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11 comments on “Hamilton: Ferrari ‘turn it up to another level we can’t compete with’”

  1. Exactly Lewis and yes you had the crazy advantage in engines aswell, but you won. Must feel lovely to know when Ferrari have mi=ore poles by along way come season end you managed to beat them. Ferrari engine is probably the most advanced of the hybrid era lets be honest we are know very far into it. Merc are still closer than anyone was in 2014 to Merc but fact remains Ferrari engine has been the best for 2 years now and Hamilton will be champion yet again.

    This last 2 years makes Hamilton’s legacy way stronger every great had a great car, Senna did Schumi did Mansell whilst not on there level had a rocketship, so it is nice how Lewis can also win with a not domiannt car. These Leclerc and Vettel Poles help him greatly, it will show Merc were never dominat the last few years, i enjoy his splitting Ferrari’s in the past races as much as a pole he as been mega.

    1. Actually it’ll show the exact opposite – he could only win in a dominant car and the minute Ferrari sorted out thiers he was nowhere. He can’t even beat his so called ‘number two’ teammate!

      1. You mean the number two teammate he has consistently outscored and outqualified for more than two years?

        Haters gonna hate.

      2. Whoosh! @Jake I have a sneaking suspicion that @dan is being sarcastic.

      3. Errr…check the championship table. He IS beating his “No2” team mate.
        Good result from the “No2” today, don’t you think? 😉
        Lewis’ legacy is very much assured. Tough on you but there it is.

  2. Mercedes: We have developed a far superior power unit to everyone else simply because we have done a better job. It is totally fair and deserved, and it is up to others to show they are as good as us.
    Ferrari: *catches Mercedes and beats them*
    Mercedes: *surprised Pikachu face*

    1. If Ferrari actually develop their cars to actually be ready, on you know……….the start of the season as opposed to six months later, maybe they’ll actually win a title.

    2. Just a slight correction: Ferrari arent beating Merc. Check the WDC & WCC for confirmation. Doesnt matter if Ferrari build a time machine. If they cant utilize it, whats the point?

  3. Now he has some idea how it must have felt for everyone else since 2014 when they could throw in a lap as quick as the Mercedes cars in Q1 and Q2, only for the Mercs to rock up in Q3 with “party mode” and suddenly pull up to half a second out the bag.

    1. Guess he should just not answer the questions he is asked then?
      He isn’t complaining. Simply pointing out what everyone can see.
      It must make him feel great to know Ferrari have this advantage but he and his team have trounced them this year. 9 wins. More than the rest of the field put together. Impressive, huh! 😉

  4. Go Lewis go

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