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Verstappen: Honda needs to “make a bigger step”

2019 French Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen says the French Grand Prix showed Honda did not make enough progress with the latest revision to their power unit.

Honda, who had already introduced an upgrade for its power unit at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, brought its ‘spec three’ hardware for Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat last weekend. However Verstappen is concerned about their rate of progress compared to their rivals.

“You could see in lap one I think we are missing some top speed to the top guys,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “The McLarens behind are very quick on the straight.

“The car balance is not too bad. We do need to gain a bit of performance from the car to be really competitive. We do need to make a bigger step also with the engine.”

“You could see the Renault over one lap they have a quite powerful ‘quali mode’ or whatever they use in lap one,” he added. “Afterwards they have to back it out, of course, and then you can see they are not a threat any more. But over one lap we can definitely improve a bit more.”

Verstappen believes further gains from Honda are “definitely coming,” in “the upcoming races.” But he is concerned for Red Bull’s prospects at its home race.

“[It’s] not much better than this weekend, I think, to be realistic, but we will see.”

“A lot of straights and not many corners to really gain a lot – if you already gain something, because at the moment I don’t think we are that superior [there].”

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  • 106 comments on “Verstappen: Honda needs to “make a bigger step””

    1. Anyone have June in the “blame Honda” sweepstake?

      1. @sham: So close… but picked July.

        Also…how can it get better than Spec 3 when each spec engine must last 7 races?

        1. @jimmi-cynic – Honda might have swapped the numbers 3 and 7 around…

          1. @phylyp: Of course! LOL!

        2. @jimmi-cynic, before the season, Marko had indicated Red Bull were planning on using five power units this season so Honda could introduce more upgrades over the season – so, although they might be designed to last that long, they probably won’t use them for 7 races.

      2. I think Max wants more Power engines upgrades and he doesn’t care about gridpenaulties. This upgrade was a beter turbo related ( i hope they increased the size of the Turbo which helps in Austria, Mexico)

      3. Sonny Crockett
        26th June 2019, 17:05

        Pre-season Marko arrogantly stated that Ferrari were fastest, then it was a tie between Mercedes and Red Bull.

        He also said that Williams were slowest with McLaren slightly ahead of them.

        Apart from the Williams prediction he was miles off the mark!

        I’ve liked many of the Red Bull drivers over the years but I just cannot like the team. Marko and Horner are arrogant and ungrateful. Their bad-mouthing of Renault, the manufacturer that helped them win every one of their championships, was nothing short of disgraceful.

        Karma can be tough!

        1. GtisBetter (@)
          26th June 2019, 20:32

          That’s not how karma works 😀

    2. Last year they said Honda PU was better than their PU, this year the Renault PU is better than their Honda PU. Doesn’t look like a smart move then, uh?!

      1. AMG and Ferrari wont supply them with PU and they have burned so many bridges with Renault that if they ask Renault with PU they will be turning into Jokers and will have to bend over backwards to accept Renault’s terms. Its a catch-22 situation these loudmouth RBR people have found themselves in.

        1. I agree. Honestly, Horner and Marko, with their sheer arrogance and excellent relationship management skills are responsible for making Red Bull go backwards.

          Red Bull Renault were at least a threat for the win on a few race weekends every year… now they’re on their way towards the midfield… courtesy Honda.

          1. Well no other team but Mercedes is winning at the moment.

      2. They were hoping for Porche coming into the F1. But the 1 lap pace is what is lacking a bit.

      3. Maybe the Renault PU has more horsepower at the moment, but the’ve already had half a dozen failures during the season. While Honda only had 1. Way more reliable, but they need to find more horsepower for sure.

      4. @mg1982 Well we do understand that they had to move away from the lagging Renault right? And this year Max has not called the Renault better, just better in one way, and yet on Sundays where does Max end up vs the Renault cars? Fighting with Ferrari while they fall back. No, I’m pretty sure they made the right decision, and it is only being realistic to say that Honda still needs to progress. Honda themselves would agree. So far they’re doing great. Honda has come a long way in a short time.

        1. @robbie

          So far they’re doing great. Honda has come a long way in a short time.

          Where have they come exactly? To the bottom of the list in terms of performance? How are they any closer to Renault this year than they were in 2016? And that’s despite throwing more money on their engine program than Renault.

          1. They improved the reliability contrary to Renault for starters.

            1. renault is also improving in reliability, already renault show how powerful the engine is, they dial back because of the reliability, now they regain reliability, they are turn backup to full power.

            2. 3 RED BULL RACING HONDA 137
              4 MCLAREN RENAULT 40
              5 RENAULT 32

              I think this is more relevant..

    3. It was just a matter of time. Red Bull’s PR campaign was just to smear Renault and to show that they’ve made the right decision to go with Honda. At the end of the day, Honda is still the most unreliable and slowest power unit on the grid…. and no amount of PR garbage was ever going to cover the truth of cold, hard facts.

      Another failure to deliver on Honda’s part … and it’s going to be entertaining to watch. Red Bull might not admit it, but they would most probably be ahead of Ferrari this season if they just had a Renault power unit at the back of their car.

      Would love to have seen the expression on Horner and Marko’s face after Verstappen said the engine has lag and Gasly gave a blunt “no power” feedback on the team radio in France.

      1. even more curious would be the look on Alonso’s face after hearing about the issues RBR is facing with Honda PU. On other hand even in Moto3, Honda had a terrible time at Catalan GP quite a few DNFs for Honda riders(Championship leader and competitors included) with engine issues.

      2. They did make it longer than I thought the would before they turned on Honda.

        1. @darryn
          I had predicted race 6 as the start of the first few moans on no power, poor reliability, not delivering in updates, etc.

          I think by the time we reach Singapore, there would be a lot of statements from the Red Bull team claiming the chassis is there but the engine isn’t. In 2020, the partnership will crumble.

          1. @todfod Please provide the quotes of them saying ‘no power, poor reliability, not delivering on updates etc.’

            1. @robbie

              Gasly – “No power”, French GP 2019, team radio. Check it for yourself on YouTube incase you missed it on air.

              Poor reliability – Check the engine components used table. No need for a statement there.

              Not delivering on updates… Considering this was Honda’s spec 3 engine that was used for the first time, Max has to say – “We do need to make a bigger step also with the engine.”

              Does that sound like someone satisfied with their last update?

            2. @todfod Gasly’s comment about a temporary situation with the car in France does not mean the Honda Pu provides no power, period, except as you wish to colour it.

              Check Renault’s engine use table and you will see no better results.

              Check Max’s quotes that you have chosen to ignore conveniently, where he says improvements from Honda are definitely coming in the upcoming races. Does that sound like someone as disgruntled as you would strangely like us to think?

            3. @robbie

              Gasly’s comment about a temporary situation with the car in France does not mean the Honda Pu provides no power, period, except as you wish to colour it

              You really are ridiculous. A driver who drives a Red bull Honda has complained that the engine has “no power” during the race.
              I didn’t tell Gasly to make that statement so I don’t know how I’m “colouring” anything.

              It just can’t get more obvious than “no power” quoted by a driver can it? What more do you need? A press conference talking about how rubbish Honda is? Max to say his statement that Honda is lacking one lap pace to Renault is false?

              You strike me as a person who would refuse to believe the world was round even after they send you in space with a direct view of our planet. Constant dismissal of the truth doesn’t make your theories any stronger.

            4. @todfod No, what is ridiculous is you seeing Max with 100 points, 13 more than Leclerc, and even Gasly having 37, which is 11 more than the highest Renault runner, and you still think Gasly meant no power like it has been and is a permanent problem for them. All the while Max saying improvements are coming. Face it you just want to lock yourself into some strange doom and gloom scenario for RBR/Honda out of some skewed bias for whatever reason. You want to hang your hat on Max saying Renault have a quali mode for one lap, and then look at the standings and still claim Honda is a flop and Renault rocks…knock yourself out. I’ll continue watching Max blow their doors off on Sundays while all 4 Renault powered cars still don’t have the 100 points Max has combined. You weren’t saying a peep about poor Honda’s and awesome Renault’s until Max said they could use more progress, which obviously Renault does too, while you have completely disregarded Max’s positive news about more progress coming.

            5. @robbie

              Your point of view of talking about the driver standings as a measure of performance for Honda’s power units is garbage.
              I don’t see any logic or any sense in any of your arguments.

              Let’s break it down to you in a logical manner..

              Red bull is a better team than Mclaren… It’s obvious they will be in front of them in the standings. This is not a Red bull vs Mclren comparison.

              It’s a Renault vs Honda comparison. The only common denominators between Renault and Honda is –
              a) Red bull – Who performed better with Renault power in the back of their car
              b) Mclaren – Who are performing better without Honda power

              Simple.. Isn’t it?

            6. @todfod So what you have just said tells me nothing other than RBR/Honda is still way better than Mac/Renault and Renault themselves, so ya I’m glad you agree it is simple. Honda is doing just fine standing in for Renault at RBR. Since much has to do with the integration of Pu and chassis, I think Honda deserves much credit in a third of a season with RBR, and Mac in their second year with Renault has a lot of catching up to do still. Renault/Renault even more so.

            7. @robbie

              Surely you can’t be that daft.

              Red Bull Renault > Red Bull Honda
              Mclaren Renault > McLaren Honda

              I can’t make it any simpler for you.

              Anyways, I don’t see the point in arguing this with you. I’ll make sure to rub it in your face when the Red Bull – Honda partnership crumbles.

            8. @todfod Got news for you. RBR/Renault is no longer, nor is McHonda, and besides, any team is > McHonda was, and now look at where RBR/Honda is? > McRenault…simple fact oh vindictive one.

            9. @robbie

              Surely you’re not stupid enough to justify Honda’s progress by saying Red Bull > Mclaren. I know you’re not that unintelligent, but it just shows that you’re never going to admit you’re wrong, and would rather use an illogical and convoluted way of staying in denial.

              As I said, no point in arguing with you. But I’ll make sure to rub it in your face when Max leaves Red Bull and the Red Bull Honda partnership crumbles.

            10. @todfod What’s that? Ah…it’s your opinion crumbling.

            11. @robbie
              Not at all son… One fluke doesn’t change the fact that Honda have been failing in F1 for nearly 30 years.

              I’m sure you were excited after Hungary 2006 as well.

            12. @todfod Ah the bitterness. What is it? McHonda spelled the end for FA in F1 so you’ll even reach back 30 years to insult them when this is about the present? Nice try but I’m much more a Max fan than I am a Honda fan and right now Max feels really good about RBR’s long term potential with Honda that wasn’t there with Renault in this, you know, present hybrid era. Carry on with the vindictiveness. It looks good on you oh insulting one. Sorry the memory of Max’s ‘fluke’ is now etched in your mind. Wonder when Renault will win again.

            13. @robbie

              I’m a fan of Max as well. Which is why I credit him with this win and not Honda. Which is also why I rather see him fight for a championship and not just for the extremely rare win with Honda.

              Carry on with the vindictiveness.

              You’re the one who sounds bitter and angry. All I’m stating is facts. Red Bull had 3 wins up until Austria last year with Renault .. and they have one with Honda.

              All your nonsense logic … eternal faith in the PR of Red Bull… doesn’t change a thing. Max will need to leave Red Bull Honda to win a championship.. there’s no doubt about it.

            14. @todfod Again with the bitterness towards Honda. Not even caring to appreciate the newness of the RBR/Honda relationship and what they have done in very short order nor the amount of time it took for those three wins last year to have come to fruition. Eternal faith in the PR of Red Bull? Did we not just see with our own eyes that their PR was not just PR? You may have no doubt, but you sound like grasping at straws here. They’re eight races in, with a win already, and you’ve already devined their doom. Pardon me if I wait and watch and not take your biased word for it.

              Oh I have little doubt Mercedes will take the Championships this year, and possibly next year too depending on hundreds of factors but mainly they’ll be the defending Champs next year so should be given the nod until someone shows otherwise, but 2021 and onward…nobody knows…certainly not you. Sorry to hear you’ll be sulking through F1 until Max changes teams, while Max, RBR, and Honda will be putting their noses to the grindstone and enjoying the challenge, including beating Renault while they compete with Ferrari now, and aim for the benchmark Mercedes all the while.

      3. Well your reliability claim is obvious false. Renault had a lot more reliability issues this year already.
        And the Honda reliability is excellent. But it seems they traded reliability for power and have to find a new balance.
        Nothing new there. Mercedes and surely Ferrari have made huge steps and still the gap is large.
        A bit more objectivity would do you good.

        1. Honda reliability is excellent??
          Objectivity might do you some good.

          1. Just look at the dnfs and let the facts tell the story. Your colored fantasies do not help.

            1. Look at the components table. Honda changes parts before they fail on track. They’ve been adopting that strategy since last year.

      4. Don’t worry. People will just claim this is yet another test season for honda. Just like last season was. And the year before that. And that. And that too, kind of.

        It might be interesting to look at sector times to see where red bull is losing and gaining time. I’d be willing to bet it is the straights where they are losing and corners where they are keeping up.

        1. @socksolid

          They did a comparison between Max’s Red bull and Norris’ Mclaren. Red bull gained on the corners and Mclaren gained on the straights.

    4. unreliable not really , Renault has more failures already. lag of a engine is not a connection lag… but more a turbo setting.

      1. @macleod

        Disagree. Just look at the components used table. It’s still Honda as a clear leader on the top. Honda prevents on track failures by changing engine components between races. That way, they avoid the constant embarrassment of on-track failures. They’ve been using this tactic since 2018.

        Lag also shows poor deployment. Mercedes and Ferrari eliminate the lag caused by Turbo by having electrical energy provide a horsepower boost before the turbo starts spinning quickly enough.

        1. Yes the Honda engine is very unreliable .. much more so then the Renault engine in 2017 and 2018 .. give me a break. That they use many parts have nothing to do with unreliability but they just develop the engine faster so that they can get at the level of Mercedes faster and in the process they don’t care about grid penalties! Maybe they still lack in performance in one lap when you compare it to Renault but the Honda engine is definitely better in the race!

          1. The honda engine can only fo 3 races before they have to change them. Of course they are still unreliable

            1. The new SPEC 3 engine can last 7 races. Honda itself clarified this. Japanese are not the kind op people who tend to lie! Honda and RBR already said in the beginning on the season that they will have more engine upgrades then the three that is allowed and that there will be grid penalties as a result!

          2. @arnoudvanhouwelingen

            hat they use many parts have nothing to do with unreliability but they just develop the engine faster so that they can get at the level of Mercedes faster and in the process they don’t care about grid penalties!

            Don’t make me laugh dude. Their rapid engine development has left them lagging Renault by a decent margin. Mercedes and Ferrari are an unachievable dream for them.

            1. Only over 1 lap the Renault engine is faster then Honda. In the race Honda engine is faster then Renault. I am simply stating the facts. The Honda engine has come a long way and especially the last year they improved dramatically! Honda put more resources in the engine then Renault and it will pay back in the end. In a couple of years they will be at the level of Ferrari and Mercedes because of convergency!

        2. That was what i was saying some PSU setting (electric, engine or turbo)

          I have to disagree with your comment, this was planned to develop the package as fast as they could as there is no otherway to test and develop.

          1. @macleod

            But they’ve used 5 seasons in F1 purely to test and develop… and look at where that’s got them. Still the most rubbish engine on the grid. No one has spent more time testing and developing their engines during an F1 season as Honda has. When do they intend to show results? 2029?

            1. Renault is constantly using engines to find problems on track instead of on a testing rig.
              Renault is developing at a cost of reliability. Honda on the other hand is improving his reliability at a cost of performance.
              No fantasy stats by you will change that.

            2. Honda on the other hand is improving his reliability at a cost of performance.

              That’s exactly why they’re so slow. I don’t understand how you think that’s a better approach. And these fantasy stats are called facts. Maybe you should consider using them once in a while instead of giving valuable insights on testing rigs.

        3. Since 2015.

          1. @todfod Seems to me Renault needed RBR and particularly Max, and now that they don’t have either they are floundering behind. Max 100 points, Gasly 37, next closest Renault car is Sainz’ at 26 and both Renault drivers sitting at 16 each. When does Honda intend to show results? It’s been a third of a season so far with RBR/Honda and they already are. It’s not just about power units, it’s about their integration with the car, as we have all known throughout this hybrid era of F1. So far it would seem RBR is going to go a lot further with Honda than Renault will as a works team, and they may end up depending on Mac to carry that load. But of course Renault had admitted they would need to catch up and would need more time, and that is obvious in the race results and the standings.

            1. Renault didn’t need Max. I don’t even understand this point.

              Red bull is a competitive team and you can only compare Honda’s progress to Red bull’s performance with Renault power.
              They’ve been falling short in terms of results… There’s no hiding it. You say they have an integration advantage with Red bull.. Yet it does not show in results. I clearly remember Marko and Horner saying that they intend to start the 2019 season with Honda in the same form that they ended in 2018 with Renault.

              Have they done that?

            2. How you can look at the standings and say that is beyond me. And hanging off every word of CH and HM and holding them to it literally is very strange. The only think constant is change. Merc weren’t as dominant last year. Ferrari challenged them more and looking in pre-season this year to have taken over the top spot and haven’t done that. And Max sits as still the only other driver to take any kind of challenge to Merc and Ferrari, and we have seen the RBR car isn’t quite as competitive as it was last year. All while everyone is dealing with difficult tires. This year is not last year, yet RBR Honda (excluding STR) have way more points than all Renault runners combined.

              Have they (RBR) done exactly as they said they intended? No. Have Mercedes? No. Have Ferrari? No. Have Renault upped their game for DR? Hmmm 16 points to Max’s 100.

              Just be honest, you have it in for RBR and will go out of your way to run them down at any glimmer of opportunity, jumping on the tiniest of nuances to make over the top claims, strictly out of bias against them.

            3. @robbie

              I can’t argue with you man. Even if Honda blew up on every race weekend and found itself last in the performance charts (like it currently does), you would still state it as progress.

              Your levels of delusion are so high, that instead of analysing the more obvious route of Red bull moving backwards in terms of performance, you use some convluted logic of a points total between Sainz and Verstappen. Not even Sainz and Gasly.. But Sainz and Verstappen.. Because it suits your deluded belief.

            4. @todfod I actually expected their transition from Renault to Honda to be a lot less seemless. I thought they’d have far more teething problems than they have had. I’d go out in a limb and suggest that had they this current Honda Pu in last year’s car on last year’s tires they’d be just as competitive as last year. Mercedes domination and Ferrari’s faltering aside.

              Any progress Renault has made is barely perceptible other than Mac’s recent form on Saturdays, which shows they really needed RBR, and at the same time RBR/Honda is to me doing extremely well for a team that has only been together for 1/3 of one season so far. You seem to think F1 is such that one just needs to snap one’s fingers and the results will come. Renault has been in the hybrid era longer than Honda and we all saw how bad Honda was with Mac, so ya in a very short timespan they had come a long way compared to Renault. Perhaps Mac will starting helping Renault now like RBR was and like the works team still can’t.

    5. “You could see in lap one I think we are missing some top speed to the top guys,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “The McLarens behind are very quick on the straight.

      Do we know how much of that could be down to the aero? RBR have tended to lean towards a downforce-heavy setup, so I’m not sure how much of the speed they lose on the straights is due to drag, and how much to the PU. We’ve seen this with McLaren themselves in the recent past.

      1. Also, it was less than 2-3 months ago that Marko was stating that the RBR chassis still had more development to come – so is the chassis now up to snuff?

      2. You could see in lap 1 Max past Sainz and Leclerc on the outside but Leclerc could power past him in a drag race. RB has more downforce so topspeed is limited but otherwise the car would be not stable enough (And the car is already hard to handle)

    6. So we have now officially had a Red Bull staffer’s first public statement about Honda which isn’t 100% positive. It didn’t take that long in the end, I was actually starting to fall for all the PR hype, I must be getting gullible in my old age.

      1. to be honest, the first part of the season the RBR Honda looked better than the last few races, so they didn’t need to throw the toys out of the pram just yet. Lately, it just feels that Honda’s development went a bit stale (or even backwards), while the others around them are improving at a steady rate.

        1. yes because renault dial back on power, remember in one or more session renault was up there with red bull, even on occasion Huck beat max, but renault engine kept having failure, so they cut back on power, no they turn back thing up. There is alot left in renault engine, if only it can hold it reliability.

    7. This is just a realistic statement from someone that wants to do better with his team.

      1. It is, he just sums up the two main action points. Both known and already working on. But of course, for someone with his abilities constantly driving on 110% or more, you want some more power.

      2. @anunaki erikje So when Mclaren and possibly Renault catch RB in a few races time what will Verstappen say then? I notice Marko and Horner are keeping very quiet after all of the trumpet blowing at the beginning of the yr.
        All of the teams are making progress some faster that RB.
        Anyway Austria is another proper race track lets see how things pan out there.

        1. All of the teams are making progress some faster that RB.

          That’s what Max is saying

          I doubt that Mclaren will find more than a second in raceoace on redbull (Max’s one anyway) though.

          1. @anunaki

            I doubt that Mclaren will find more than a second in raceoace on redbull

            I agree it will be because of Verstappen not the car, but Norris and Sainz are looking pretty good.
            I don’t think Renault will catch RB this yr. But I am confident that Renault will keep up the trajectory and will be challenging for podiums next yr…fingers crossed.

        2. @JohnH .. maybe McLaren and Renault will catch Max in qualifying but in the race no way .. not this year anyway! Have you seen the gap between Max and Carlos in the race this weekend .. way off the pace!!

          1. @arnoudvanhouwelingen Yes RB still has the race pace but the gap is closing. I thinking Mclaren will match RB before Renault. Next yr will be telling for all three teams.

        3. @johnrkh I think you are doing your own share of trumpet blowing claiming that Mac and possibly Renault will catch RB in a few races time. Not buying it for a second.

          1. @robbie I’m happy to wait and see.

    8. This seasons Honda engine is the first ‘decent’ sounding V6 engine I’ve heard since they were introduced.

      Small consolation but even so.

    9. Simple solution – use NEW engine (and\or spec) EVERY race!
      And tell everyone how “reliable” and “powerful” your engine (designed for one race-only) is!

      1. Oh wait a minute… 8 races… 3 engines for most of Honda drivers… and 4 engines for another…

        Ah, ok, they have been already doing this, but with 2-3 races per engine. Too bad they will have to lower that number!

    10. Ha poor fella I think he must have been the only person in the team to believe what Marko and Horner said about the Honda engine. He’s still probably safe in 4th for the rest of the yr though.
      Next yr Verstappen could be looking at the rear of a Mclaren and a Renault.

    11. Paul (@frankjaeger)
      26th June 2019, 11:05

      I let out a hearty laugh when I saw this. Here we go…

    12. How about: Verstappen needs to “make a bigger step”. Stop whining and start winning.

      1. Actually its Max’s performance that has saved face for both RBR and Honda. Just look at his teammate and other 2 cars powered by Honda.

        1. Max has been excellent, no doubt.
          But you can’t compare him to his team mate who is un competitive at the moment. Danny would have been there or there abouts.

    13. Nice to see the truth finally come out after all the dribble CH has been talking since late last year. Renault is performing better than Honda. No doubt.

      1. Looked at the standings lately? Even Gasly is ahead of all Renault runners. Has more points than DR and NH at the works factory team combined. Yeah somehow I doubt we will hear that RBR regrets going with Honda.

        1. @robbie – This an article about engine performance and I was referencing the Renault engine is performing better than the Honda. Nothing to do with the car, team, drivers or standings… CH harped on how Honda was ahead of Renault based on the performance numbers and they clearly are not.

          1. But the Renault engine is not performing better. It’s quali mode seems to give them an edge. But during the race they are behind red buls Honda.
            The new spec engine does not yet deliver. Let’s wait and see.

            1. Of course Renault are behind RBR on a Sunday because RBR has a superior chassis and aero. BTW PG has been beaten by a Renault two weekends in a row on a Saturday & Sunday however that is not the focus here. The argument is if RBR stuck with Renault they would be in a better position than they currently are now with Honda. CH waffled on & on about how great the Honda will be and that it is a step up over the Renault PU. It’s not. Simple as that. I am not saying it couldn’t be though…

            2. @ming-mong I’m quite sure RBR’s answer to your suggestion they would have been better off staying with Renault is ‘not in the long run’. One strong quali from Mac, and one mention from Max of the reality of them needing to progress yet, which we all could see and frankly many expected, is not a deal breaker nor a game changer. RBR made a well thought out decision and will happily live with it, and are not going to change anything after one third of a season. It was always going to be nose to the grindstone, as it is with all teams all the time. RBR is now enjoying a closer relationship with their Pu maker than they had with Renault and now it’s let the chips fall where they may.

            3. @robbie – If you reread my OP my statement was referring to what is currently going on today regarding the performance of the two PU. Nothing I said was out of line or untrue and MV is starting to express this himself as the frustration comes to head. Therefore I don’t understand all your comments about all these various angles and what may or may not happen in the future. CH was harping on and on about how the numbers don’t lie before they even bolted on the PU and now he looks like a fool once again. I wish Honda all the best with their PU.

            4. @ming-mong I think you are making a big assumption when you take what Max has said as frustration coming to a head, and nor does CH look like a fool, let alone once again. You are way overstating reality and are making unfounded claims about what Max and Horner are saying, thinking, and feeling. Stating the obvious is simply that, and does not automatically mean they regret their move away from Renault other than to people who want to read that into it. There seems to have been a faction of posters who just couldn’t wait for this moment when Max would say something such as he has, so they could pounce all over it, predictably with unfounded exaggerations that have been way over the top.

            5. @robbie – Your reaching mate. You can paint it which ever way you like. I actually like MV & Honda. The fact is Renault are doing better on the PU side which was my original statement to begin with. Move on pal ;)

            6. @ming-mong Still not seeing where they’re doing a better job on the pu side and where the points are and the components used are to support your argument. I think you should move on too, pal.

            7. @robbie – As I have already mentioned points has nothing to do with it as RBR has a superior chassis and aero. Apples and oranges when you go down that path. Your still reaching because you can not except the fact that the Renault PU is outperforming the Honda PU today. Not tomorrow, not next week or in one years time. Today!

            8. And where’s your proof of that?

            9. @robbie – the proof is the article and MV statement… “A lot of straights and not many corners to really gain a lot – if you already gain something, because at the moment I don’t think we are that superior [there].”

            10. @ming-mong Right…so at that track.

    14. As a McLaren fan he has my condolences.

    15. Perhaps Honda has been reliable and perhaps not we will never know as they are on their third engine in 8 races. Are they upgrades for power or to fix reliability before it happens in a race.

    16. Well that’s just a convenient title.. I clicked the title hoping for fireworks but after reading it a few times I realize it is actually a nuanced response to the question. The car is still lacking and some more power would be needed. Actually, a confirmation of what we can all see (except a better driver in the other seat *ahem*). But just by the wording of the title you guys imply Honda bashing of which there is none..

      Don’t give me the ‘it’s a blog’ because with the addition of people and the change of name you imply a more professional approach. If that is what you wish, stop making something out of nothing.

      1. Well said.

    17. Walter Bravenboer
      26th June 2019, 19:25

      Max’s reaction is pretty honest. We can all see the car is not at its best, and also lacking in power. One of the things we heard some analysts say, is an apparent ‘Lag’ in the turbo, that is especially notable at the start, but also in the race itself.
      Although some people (Marko…) are a bit over-optimistic, the more realistic ones (Max among them) know this year is in many ways for adapting and learning, and certainly the first races were cause for optimism. After France it is clear the improvements are too incremental and perhaps too much aimed at reliability. I expect RB and Honda to work hard on these issues. As a fan we all hope that more teams can join the front, currently F1 is a very dull affair, where brilliant drivers like Hamilton are not seen as great sportsmen, but as dominating and ‘breaking’ the sport.
      A lot of people perhaps underestimate the mindset of Honda; their humiliation in the McLaren years was very tough for the Japanese company, the scenes of smoking and oil-leaking cars were a nightmare. Alonso’s treatment in the public view were also very damaging. The Japanese had to be convinced to try RB and TR, as RB had had it with Renault (be it justified or not). The current engine is, as far as I know, a totally different one than the one in the McLaren, although they have learned a lot, they still are pretty conservative in their updates, I think Honda don’t want to see another string of blown-up engines. So now they need to find to balance more power together with more reliability. Formula 1 needs good teams, drivers and engines, it is good for the sport to see McLaren and Renault coming closer. As a fan I want to see Max win again.

    18. Lando Norris almost beat Verstappen in Qualifying because Verstappen made like 3-4 errors in that lap…. Now everyone is saying Renault is great… But it was just because Verstappen made a few errors…

      1. did he make a few errors when huck bet max in quali, you see many of you forget that renault engine was putting down raw power, it is the reliability that cause them to dial back on power, now things are turn backup.

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