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Vettel penalty hands Hamilton Canadian Grand Prix victory

2019 Canadian Grand Prix summary

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Lewis Hamilton has won the Canadian Grand Prix for the seventh time after Sebastian Vettel was given a penalty.

The Ferrari driver came off the track at turn three while under pressure from Hamilton. As he rejoined at turn four he squeezed the Mercedes, forcing Hamilton to back off. Hamilton quickly reported the incident on the radio and a few laps later the stewards handed down a five-second time penalty for Vettel.

An unhappy Vettel, who complained the stewards were “stealing the race from us”, finished the race a second ahead of Vettel, which relegated him to second place after his penalty. Charles Leclerc took third, putting both Ferraris on the podium together for the first time this year.

Valtteri Bottas never figured in the fight for the lead and took fourth place after pitting for a fresh set of soft tyres at the end of the race to take the bonus point for fastest lap.

Max Verstappen climbed to ninth place after running a long stint on the hard compound tyres. He moved ahead of team mate Pierre Gasly along the way, who spent much of the race stuck behind Lance Stroll until the Racing Point driver pitted. Gasly came in eighth, the Red Bull pair separated by the two Renaults, led by Daniel Ricciardo.

Daniil Kvyat claimed the final point with a late pass on Carlos Sainz Jnr, who pitted early due to high brake caliper temperatures on his McLaren. His team mate Lando Norris was the first driver to retire from the race, followed by Alexander Albon’s Toro Rosso.

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2019 Canadian Grand Prix reaction

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349 comments on “Vettel penalty hands Hamilton Canadian Grand Prix victory”

  1. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
    9th June 2019, 20:45

    What a joke.

    1. yes, vettel’s car was shouting ‘keep going, keep going, so he listened to the car instead of his brain as usual under pressure…

      1. @mysticus :) Sadly true.

        1. :) i hope you get the real joke :)

      2. That was yesterday, man! And it was a tremendous, flawless lap. HAM had the car to take the PP, but yesterday VET truly made the difference.

        1. Stop pedalling this.

          Watch the comparisons. Hamilton should have been closer, but the Ferrari was quicker over one lap.

          1. Just like all the times HAM was praised for some outstanding PP laps?! How come for HAM it wasn’t the car, but his performance… and never the same case with VET?! For VET it’s always the car. Come on, just statistically speaking it’s impossible to be the car in VET’s case.

          2. It may have been the case for VET at times in the past. It wasn’t this weekend.

            The fact HAM tends to do it more than VET is just that, but you can’t just pick and choose which ones they are.

    2. Anyone displeased about the outcome of today’s race should bear in mind that the catalyst for the controversy was Sebastian Vettel making yet another mistake while leading the race. Keep it on the road & he wins. End of. Everything that happened after is a direct result of him losing it under pressure again. No mistake, no debate. Any complaints, take them up with Seb.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        9th June 2019, 21:27

        Yep, if Seb hadn’t made the mistake there would be no conversation.

        1. He still won the race, though.

          1. A detail some like to miss indeed.

          2. but he didn’t :)

          3. He didnt, he cheated to recover from his own mistake.

          4. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
            9th June 2019, 22:59

            Correcting oversteer is cheating now

          5. “He still won the race though”…

            Like Hamilton won Spa ’08… doesn’t really matter when the points get tallied. Vettel was awesome in qualifying & drove a great race. Almost faultless (right up to the point where he skittered off track all on his own). Up until that point he deserved to win, but that rule exists for the sole reason of preventing drivers from doing what he did. Hate the rule (and Stewards) if your adoration makes you feel justified, but that rule has been on the books for years. It one of those rules people only care about when their driver or team runs afoul of it.

          6. Hamilton at spa in 08 did not get a penalty for unsafe rejoin though he got a penalty for simply leaving the track! That was far worse.

            Vettel clearly rejoined unsafely and seemed to do it on purpose. However I am still a little sad at the penalty as it was a great drive by both Hamilton and vettel up to that point.

      2. Agree Seb made another mistake under pressure, deserves what he got, feel sorry for hulk who l am sure was asked to hold position on Ric also

    3. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
      10th June 2019, 14:34

      Vettel’s defence was that he didn’t have anywhere else to go, intimating that he knew he was going to hinder Hamilton. He broke a rule. He drove onto the racing line after leaving the track and did not leave a cars width. This is a slam dunk penalty.

      The rule does not take into account mitigating circumstances and it does not take into account whether it is deliberate or not, it is a penalty regardless of intent.

  2. Hamilton vs Ricciardo, Monaco 2016


    1. What was the outcome of that?

      1. No investigation.

      2. No penalty, nothing.

        1. They investigated, and the stewards concluded that Hamilton left a car’s width for Ricciardo’s car. So no penalty was warranted. Ricciardo was not alongside when Hamilton missed the chicane … if he was, then Hamilton would have had to give up the place. As it was, Hamilton missing the chicane there allowed Ricciardo to get a run on Hamilton towards Tabac. If he had to follow him through, his progress would have been checked.

          The penalty today was not for Seb cutting the corner … it was for an unsafe rejoining. My personal opinion of it is that it was a racing incident, and it was fine. Seb is naturally going to come to the outside after coming back on the track there, just b/c of how the track is there. Now the punishment shouldn’t really change depending on the outcome, but we all know it does in real life. If Seb had pushed Lewis into the wall, or made contact with him, and caused him to go out, then for sure it would have warranted a drive-through penalty.

          As it was, with the way that sequence of turns are, with walls on either side, there was no other way for Seb to go. There was no harm, so no foul in my opinion. I REALLY hate when results are not decided on the track … i.e. time penalties after the race change the order. This is the absolute worst thing for fans (both casual and ardent) to see. It just makes no sense to most people. I wish they had a penalty lane that would roughly correspond to 5 secs to go through. That way Seb could take his penalty in-race, and then have a chance to re-pass Lewis.

          I see that Ferrari are going to appeal. I hope they’re victorious in it.

    2. @kingshark Oh come on. Completely different situation. That’s cutting the chicane and then Ricciarod tries to squeeze past after the next corner. Chicane cutting without consequence happens all the time. It was Rosberg’s signature move.

      On the other hand Hamilton did get a penalty for spinning off and then rejoining unsafely.

      1. @f1osaurus
        Hamilton cut the chicane when defending the inside line from Ricciardo, rejoins the track, and pushes Ricciardo into the wall. No penalty.

        1. But he didn’t push Ricciardo while rejoin the track. He was already owning the line to the moment.

          1. @regs
            That makes Hamilton’s actions worse. He pushed Ricciardo into the wall while he was in full control of his car, unlike Vettel.

            If Vettel today gets a 5 second penalty, Hamilton should have gotten a 10 second stop go for what he did at Monaco 2016.

          2. I hope you by that you mean he get off his car and physically push Ricciardo, otherwise yeah, he pushed him to the wall alright.

          3. @kingshark Try to understand the concept of racing line. As regs explains, Hamilton owned it.

        2. @kingshark hamilton didnt rejoin unsafely! he was on racing line and ric wasnt along side he was trying to squeeze there!

          in case u didnt watch today’s race incident, vettel left track, and rejoined completely unsafely he had the chance to lift off and get of the racing line since he complained he couldnt control the car, he should know when you slide of grass like that you dont hammer on the throttle! and continue to put the car along side into the wall! it was rubbish that he said he didnt see ham! his main excuse was he couldnt control the car than lift off!

          both separate incidents, cutting chicane 1 time has been explained and he didnt gain, more like ric got back to him faster but ham had the corner! more so ham’s car wasnt dancing like rattle snakes!

          1. @mysticus
            That makes Hamilton’s actions worse. He pushed Ricciardo into the wall while he was in full control of his car, unlike Vettel.

          2. @kingshark

            you are a funny guy…

          3. @mysticus
            You aren’t a very smart guy

          4. Hamilton was still behind Vettel when he rejoined, so the point is moot. Hamilton tried to squeeze through; it wasn’t Vettel Squeezing Hamilton against the wall.

            But of course, for Ham fans there will always be excuses.

          5. @kingshark
            you are so wise and the all knowing of course… the mighty…

          6. @bobec Regardless of whether you think Vettel deserved a penalty or not you can not honestly say that Hamilton was not severely impeded! He slammed on the brakes in order to not be squashed against the wall! If Vettel had not come across as far as he did then Hamilton would easily have passed him. The penalty decision is clearly contestable, the fact that Hamilton was impeded is simply a fact.

        3. Your recall of that incident is totally wrong. Hamilton wasn’t defending … Ricciardo wasn’t attacking into the chicane. He then left a car’s width on the outside of the track. Stewards specifically mentioned that in their ruling.

          I see someone else tried to use them as comparison points on YouTube. They are not the same sort of incident, at all.

      2. Lol. It’s excactly the same

        1. @kingshark, @rvg013 Vettel came back on track in an unsafe way. Hamilton cut the chicane in Monaco. He did not come back unsafely. He was in front of Ricciardo and only later Ricciardo came by

          Again, Hamilton actually got penalty for unsafe rejoining the track (Hungary). Did he get a 5 second penalty? No he got a drive-through penalty.

          1. @f1osaurus

            your argument is invalid, as all ham penalties are you know valid and unquestionable! he is born sinned and guilty! :) sarcasm

            vettel 2016 mexico… sums up vettel’s behaviour when he doesnt get what he wants, he throws everything out of the pram

          2. @f1osaurus
            Hungary 2011? You mean the race where he deliberately spun on the racing line to get his car pointing back in the right, and forced another car off the track in the process? Yeah, that was DT worthy.

      3. You are right, totally different: Hamilton was in full control when he tried to drive Ricciardo into the wall

        1. Yes exactly and he has the right to do so because he’s entitled to the racing line. Hence, no penalty or even an investigation.

          I knew someone would be able to understand.

    3. Fmercedes International Assistance

      1. That REALLY doesn’t work

    4. Neil (@neilosjames)
      9th June 2019, 21:12

      Don’t think today was a sure penalty but they’re totally different incidents. Always a full car width to Hamilton’s right and Ricciardo would have been able to pass if the bit of track hadn’t been exceptionally wet.

      1. @neilosjames

        Keep in mind exceeding Monaco track limits is impossible cause there’s a wall, it would impossible for Hamilton to leave less than a cars width if Ric is already there’s besides him.

    5. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
      9th June 2019, 21:30

      Ih he didnt cut that shicane, he would lose position 100%. Obviously Stewards are favouring Mercedes when it comes to this situations.

      1. In Monaco? Get real. If anything, Hamilton cutting the chicane allowed Ricciardo to get a run on him. If he made the chicane, it’s single-file through there, so Ricciardo would have to be on the brakes.

        I wouldn’t have given a penalty yesterday, but let’s not start making up stuff.

    6. https://youtu.be/cRTmuPOhaIA?t=49

      Verstappen unsafe rejoinign track. 5 second penalty plus points

      1. yep but they did touch. it was similar in the sense that Max had no space. But Kimi was basically beside him, Lewis today was still behind.

        1. @magon4
          watch it with those horse glasses taken off… ham was overtaking him if he didnt move unsafely like he did! ham just backed out of it since going in would cause a collision, he used his brain and took evasive action! unlike vettel, he always goes for it when the outcome is collision, he takes a gamble no matter what!

          1. oh boy.

        2. @magon4 Hamilton was already besides Vettel when he came back onto the track (front wing alongside IS “alongside” according to the rules). The only reason they didn’t touch was because Hamilton braked.

          So because Raikkonen didn’t brake and just took the hit, Verstappen gets the penalty and Vettel shouldn’t? That really makes no sense.

      2. Kyle (@hammerheadgb)
        9th June 2019, 22:19

        At no point was Max out of control of his car in that incident.

        Having made the mistake, Max could have made wiser decisions to mitigate its impact on other competitors.

        The difference being that I feel Seb did not have much opportunity to do anything different here.

        1. I beg to differ. Vettel continues to come across the track after he has rejoined it. He clearly left his foot down otherwise he would have been far slower coming back on, so he could have slowed and he could likely have not come as far across the track. I would have preferred a racing incident decision but I can also see the point the stewards are making. Basically if Hamilton had been slightly closer then Vettel would have hit him causing a potentially dangerous crash. You really ought to rejoin as safely as possible. If that means slowing down and losing a place then that is what you should do.

          1. Kyle (@hammerheadgb)
            10th June 2019, 12:26

            Unsurprisingly, I disagree. Listening to the engine on the onboard I hear minimal throttle while on the grass. Any application of the throttle (or indeed the brakes) here was likely to send the car into a spin. His momentum was sending him in a direction over which he has little control.

            As he rejoins the track he bounces over the kerb at around about the same moment as he attempts to apply the throttle (you can hear the engine revs leap suddenly, because he has no traction). On landing the car is unstable, he is forced to correct this snap (steering into the spin) and it is this which sends him into Hamilton’s path.

            @f1osaurus my response to your comment is basically the same as above, based on Vettel’s onboard, I do not believe there was any unreasonable application of throttle.

          2. As soon as he was back on the track he tried to accelerate. That is the point. He could have gained full control before punching the accelerator and then he may well not have had the penalty. (He would however have lost the place)

        2. @hammerheadgb Vettel simply could have not mashed the throttle. Vettel created that extra spot of oversteer by going on the throttle too early.

          Less throttle and he could simply have kept to the left. Yet, as he stated on the radio, he wanted to keep Hamilton behind and choose to go full out. Hence unsafe and hence rightly a penalty.

    7. Wow! @kingshark
      I was going to comment how vettel deserved a smaller time penalty but this completely changed my mind.
      I’ll add that Hamilton cut a tarmac chicane and was in full control of the car unlike vettel who went through grass at higher speed.

      1. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
        10th June 2019, 10:26

        In terms of the Monaco 2016 incident I can see the resemblance, but they are very different. If you pause the video at 0:10 you can see that Hamilton has rejoined safely and is in fact on the normal racing line. If you pause it again at 0:12 then you can see that there is more than a car width for Ricciardo on the right hand side – a much bigger gap than for yesterday’s incident. I think it’s different because Hamilton rejoined in a “safe” way but had lost momentum so defended the position, but at no point did he not leave RIC enough room in my opinion.

        Hamilton didn’t deserve a penalty for Monaco 2016, but Vettel also didn’t deserve one for yesterday either. What a shame.

  3. That’s the last race for me this year, see you in 2020.

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      9th June 2019, 20:59

      bye! :-p

    2. See ya then.

    3. Happy trails!

    4. thanx for that, one out of the million less salty comment until 2020…

      1. Oh, no watching the races leaves a lot more time for salty comments, believe me :P

    5. Lord Marbles
      10th June 2019, 0:51

      Aye whatever.,,,.

    6. See you in two weeks x

    7. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  4. What a sore loser Vettel is being.

    1. He’s actually pretty good at throwing away wins though. It’s not his first this season. Bahrain he had the fastest car and could/should have won (considering Leclerc’s technical issue).

      1. @f1osaurus
        Mercedes had by far the best race pace today. Hamilton messed up at the hairpin line 4 or 5 times and was easily able to close the gap to Vettel again after every mistake, and run in his dirty air without losing cornering performance. If we ignore FIA intervention, Vettel beat Hamilton today with a clearly inferior car.

        1. @kingshark So inferior he did not get fastest lap Ferrari were holding it. So superoiour Bottas was 20 seconds down the road from his teammate so superiour that Ferrari is way faster on the straights. So do tell how Hamilton should have overtaken. Or you telling me Vettel was in a slower car yesterday aswell? Boy would i love Ham to have been in that Ferrari last year.

        2. 1. Bottas was stuck in traffic for most of the race. Once in clean air his pace was great.

          2. Leclerc got fastest lap because he pitted later than the Mercedes drivers

          1. Dan isn’t thinking rn. He is fuming.

          2. Bottas got fastest lap.

        3. @f1osaurus Hamiltonw as driving in dirty air behind Vettel. So what that he had a few lockups. He kept it on the race track and he kept the pressure on until Vettel eventually cracked.

          Vettel gets the tow from Lecelrc in Q3 and he gets the pole. Fine, but then learn to keep it together on race day.

          Vettel yet again cracked under pressure and wasted a good race result. Second race he lost this season alone where he had the faster car and still couldn’t hold it together (Bahrain + Canada)

          Seven races he blundered away last year and two already this year. His average is one blundered race out of three.

          He’s an embarrassment to Ferrari and to the sport in general. If Ferrari had a capable driver in that car then 2017 and 2018 would have been theirs. Then all this complaining about “predictable” would be gone.

    2. Dean Reynolds
      9th June 2019, 20:58


  5. A 50-50 incident. Gasly’s pace, though.

    1. But stroll!!
      Really strong, with a great pass as a bonus.

  6. Great penalty, keep the car on the track.

      1. Thats amazingly bad, at least someone got a penalty for it now and i do hope they stick with it in the future.

        1. what makes you so cruel that you have to penalise so harshily anyone who makes the tiniest mistake in an otherwise amazing performance throughout the weekend? They were on edge, stuff happens. Perez they didn’t even look at. And that was fair, imo. This was yet again an overly harsh penalty for otherwise a rather spicy racing incident.

          1. What did Perez do? @njoydesign I think I missed that one.

          2. @njoydesign
            Cruel? He cracked under pressure of defending his place and took it out on Hamilton. That runoff is there for his safety and Vettel honors that by pushing Hamilton into a wall on reentry. Overtaking in this sport is hard enough as it is and certainly wont be helped by letting anyone defending skip corners as they se fit.

          3. @rethla
            Oh it’s a race, they were going through those corners at the speeds we can only dream of. Do you really think they have time to calculate all of that during a snap, whilst also in the midst of a great fight? It could’ve been a nice weekend for the championship and the whole of Formula 1. What we got was… what we got.

          4. @hugh11
            He barged quite ruthlessly past one of the Haases iirc

          5. @njoydesign
            What we got is so much better than if Vettel had won by cutting corners. As someone here said Rosberg perfected that cheat and thats one of the reasons why i never liked him. DRS passes and corner cutting aint the fights i want to see.

      2. how many times are you going to copy paste the same unrelated incident?

        1. @mysticus
          When are you ever going to post something useful?

        2. i did some but then you are wearing the horse glasses always looking at the rubbish you are posting… there are a lot of precedents of the incident which all got the same penalties… so what is your point of in the argument like a broken looping tape…

          hamilton’s case was he cut the corner of the initial chicane and didnt gain anything, besides, he was on the racing line in control of the car, and also he left the car width, moreso ric didnt have a chance to get along side!

          here for your silly argument sake, vettel cut the whole chicane but that was not the issue, he chose squeeze hamilton to wall when he was along side, and he continued to do so and made it look like he was wrestling the car, which he was but not because of the chicane, but because of choosing to accelerate when shouldnt esp when you claim you were not able to control the car, he knew very well where ham was, and he chose to close the door…

          ham driving on the racing line in your video link, but you bloody fail to see vettel wasnt, he only ended up on racing line in an uncontrolled fashion while maneuvering very dangerously towards a collision!

          covering racing line is not a new thing, in case you just started watching f1 today, but covering racing line like vettel did, is dangerous driving, and you learnt that maybe today. so get over it, and move on… because a lot of people got penalties for the “same kind of incident” which your video link is “not”

          in case you keep defending vettel, watch his 2016 mexico race’s last laps and see if you can spot his behaviour!

      3. That’s a completely different situation. Hamilton coems back safely in front of Ricciardo. Ricciardo then tries a pass and Hamilton takes the line.

        How about this for a proper example of unsafe rejoining:

        Verstappen unsafely rejoining track. 5 second penalty plus points

        1. Verstappen was in complete control of his car… Vettel wasn’t!

          1. Rubbish, look at the images. Even his tires were green, he had just like Vettel no options. The difference was he touched kimi.

        2. @f1osaurus
          Hamilton cut the chicane when he was defending the inside line from Ricciardo, rejoins the track ahead (he should have been behind), pushes Ricciardo into the wall, and gets nothing.

          Mercedes really do own the stewards.

          1. @kingshark Hamilton was ahead of Ricciardo and stayed ahead of Ricciardo. Like I said, chicane cutting keeping the lead happens all the time nothing new.

            Hamilton enters the track onto the left. No a single issue there.

            He then continues on to the next corner where he has the racing line and rightfully squeezes Ricciardo who is trying to take the racing line from him.

            You simply need to learn to understand the rules. They are not that hard to understand, but when you think a driver moving right a corner after he safely entered the track towards the left, is unsafely rejoining the track then you have got to be kidding me.

          2. @f1osaurus
            Hamilton cuts the corner and squeezes Ricciardo into the wall to stop his momentum.

            Vettel cuts the corner and squeezes Hamilton into the wall to stop his momentum.

            The difference is entirely in your head.

            You are obviously a huge fan of Hamilton and therefore you will obviously try to justify every decision that goes in his favour, that’s normal, but this one is unjustifiable.

            Every single racing driver who has actually driven an F1 car before (Ricciardo, Webber, Mansell, Chandok, Brundle, Button) agrees that it was a poor decision.

          3. @kingshark

            Hamilton cuts the corner and squeezes Ricciardo into the wall to stop his momentum.

            Hamilton needed to stop his momentum going to the LEFT! That’s where he rejoined.

            Hamilton squeezed Ricciardo a corner later, because he owned the racing line and that is allowed.

            Yes other drivers “agree” that the feel it was a poor decision because they feel it ruined the race. So what? Where were these people when Verstappen got his penalty in Japan 2018?

          4. @f1osaurus

            Hamilton squeezed Ricciardo a corner later, because he owned the racing line and that is allowed.

            You do not “own” the racing line. Ricciardo had his front wheel alongside/ahead of Hamilton’s rear wheel and is therefore entitled to space.

            Yes other drivers “agree” that the feel it was a poor decision because they feel it ruined the race. So what?

            Wrong, other drivers disagree because there is nothing Vettel could have done differently to rejoin the track.

            So what? Where were these people when Verstappen got his penalty in Japan 2018?

            What Verstappen did that race was deliberate, unlike today.

          5. @kingshark

            You do not “own” the racing line.

            FFS YES YOU DO! That’;s why no one gets penalized for squeezing drivers off the ravcing line. While numbnuts like you keep pretending that is unfair. If it suits them.

            Wrong, other drivers disagree because there is nothing Vettel could have done differently to rejoin the track.

            Nonsense. Listen to the clip. vettel is accelerating right away as he leaves the grass. Instead of overloading his tyres with acceleartin,he should have taking avoiding action.

            The stewards noted this also and penalized him for it. Simple as that.

            Also see the vidio of Schuamcher and Kunica going off in the same corner and following exactly the line that Vettel shoudl have been following.

            What Verstappen did that race was deliberate, unlike today.

            What Vettel did was 10% deliberate. That’s why he got the penalty.

            He was checking his mirrors to see where hamilton was and he moved further right AFTER he regained control of his car.

            Stop making excuses for this blundering embarrassment of an F1 driver. Vettel blundered away the 2017 title (AZE, CAN, SIN, GBR, MEX) and 2018 again (AZE, FRA, AUT, GER, ITA, JPN and USA).

            In 2019 he’s now thrown away a win in Bahrain and again one in Canada. Even the driving the fastest car is not enough for Vettel. He blunders anyway.

            So he’s well on his way to wasting yet another opportunity. Although this season he’s just showing he cannot get Ferrari on the right track and their setup and development is a mess.

      4. Why should he? He was ahead and defended his line. Ricciardo was never likely to pass at that point and no one hit anyone or anything. That is very different to a dangerous rejoin. You see that all the time in F1 races (Including every year at Monaco) and I am not sure anyone has ever been penalised for it.

        Also lets not forget that Hamilton has been the victim of what was possibly the most harsh stewarding decision of them all in Spa 08! I have never seen another driver before or since punished for the same thing yet it happens almost every race and happened with other drivers in Spa 08 too…

      5. I think you need to reread the stewards decision for that incident at Monaco ’16. The two incidents are not comparable.

    1. This is Formula 1 not third grader’s karting, no matter how much effort some are putting in turning it into a child’s game.

  7. What a disgrace for a sport this

    I’m absolutely no Ferrari fan, but this penalty is ridiculous. He effectively got punished for missing the corner and trying to keep his car out of the wall.

    1. The only thing missing is a wall where he went off.