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Russell sure his performances aren’t going unnoticed

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In the round-up: George Russell believes his performances at Williams are not going unnoticed.

What they say

The F1 newcomer says the influential people in his career are taking note of how he’s performing at Williams despite the car being too slow to compete with the rest of the field.

Nobody realises in the outside world but the people who need to know, as in Williams, as in Mercedes, Toto [Wolff], my managers there, the people who will make a difference in my career moving forward, they will know exactly how my performance is.

And they’re very much keeping a close eye on that, and they’re pleased with that.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Sebastian Vettel has given his opinion on F1’s future direction and @Ruliemaulana thinks more of them should do the same:

It’s good to have a driver that speak about sport future regulation. We need more of them.

The fact that Liberty only having the teams and sponsors and promotors session about its future, is proving Vettel’s sentiment that the driver is just a jockey. Not substantial part of the sport.

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  • 17 comments on “Russell sure his performances aren’t going unnoticed”

    1. LOL at Lando’s tweet!

      1. Very funny!!

      2. Imagine anything like that in the days of Ron …

    2. Why are so many people in F1 so optimistic about Mick Schumachers chances to become one of F1s greats? Obviously he has talent, but his first year in F4 was nothing special and in F3 he only really outperformed (with a great display of dominance I must admit) the field in the last half of the season. Are all these great expectations based on 4 months of his career?
      A bit opportunistic if you ask me. Give the guy some time to prove himself!

      1. It was a 2-faced season last year for him and I think a lot of people judge him by the 2nd half with all his wins. Lets not forget that he only stood on the podium on 1 or 2 occasions before the win in Spa if I recall correctly. If he has the talent then this year he should be a regular visitor to the podiums in F2 as a lot of the talents have found a seat in F1 this year.

        1. He is inconstant in performance, maybe when he get more constant then will give him a good chance.
          So more podiums would be better.

      2. Francesco Nicolardi
        4th April 2019, 12:58

        I think they’re so optimistic because it is a great marketing opportunity for F1. The Schumacher story (with all the ramifications) will make headlines, a win-win for newsapers/websites and F1 as well.

      3. @mosquito – I am not sure you can say people are optimistic about Mick S being a great in F1, more so that he will get to F1 and do really well, he may or may not, too soon to tell.

        But you have to realise that Mick, if he does well, will be a marketing dream and make billions of $ for people if he is even half the driver his dad was, which in itself is a hard call.

        I really hope he gets to F1 and does really well, but he is 20 so no rush!

      4. While I do get why people look at the junior categories. They are by no means a prophecy for the future.

        We have had Drives come who did very well in juniors and then never get much out of F1.

        And we have had drivers move up and first start to shine in F1.

        1. You called him inconsistent? Fast at times, slow at other times, more mistake prone than m schumacher? Then he’s coming up like ralf!

    3. The eulogising over young Schumacher is over the top. Some otherwise sensible people seem to have lost their minds.

      Other more deserving young drivers are being ignored simply because this is the son of a multi world champion. He has a lot to prove but already he is being ridiculously bigged up as a future world champion himself.

      Without the name would he have this level of hype or exposure? Nope.

      There is no reason so far to believe he has any capacity to be anything more than a competent driver than his uncle was.

      Those doing this hype may think this makes F1 more interesting. Perhaps it does for the readers of Hello magazine. But they might have a thought for not only the other drivers this is putting in the shade but young Schumacher himself. He would not be the first young gun to be carried away by his own legend.The higher the hype the bigger the altitude to fall from.

      1. @Witan I couldn’t agree more with you.

      2. Very well said, I couldn’t put it better. Fully agree. I just hope he can cope with all this hype. It must be tough.

    4. I doubt if any of us are being judgemental of Russell’s or Kubica’s race performances. We all know they don’t have the car to compete with anyone except each other.

      Some people however almost seem to believe that if Mick Schumacher were in the Williams he would already have won this seasons title.
      He seems quite a likeable guy and if the Hill’s and Villeneuve’s etc of this world can get a chance to emulate their dads victories then why shouldn’t he?

    5. I share the same sentiments as the COTD.

      Lando’s tweet, though.

      Also on this day in F1: The inaugural Bahrain GP took place on this day 15 years ago.

    6. Thanks for COTD, Keith.
      I hope RaceFans can give us other drivers opinion about 2021 regulation too. Not from Kimi, we knew what he gonna say, but from other ‘senior’ drivers.

    Comments are closed.