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Mick Schumacher’s F3 surge catches F1 teams’ attention

2018 F1 season

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Mick Schumacher’s mid-season surge in the European F3 championship has caught the attention of Formula 1 teams including Ferrari, who his seven-times champion father drove for.

The 19-year-old is in a strong run of form at the moment. He has won six of the last 10 races in the championship and risen from 10th in the standings to second, three points behind Red Bull-backed rival Dan Ticktum.

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene admitted “the recent results were very, very good” for Schumacher but cautioned against putting too much pressure on the son of F1’s most successful driver.

“The most important thing is to let him grow without giving pressure,” said Arrivabene.

“With a name like this, that wrote the historical pages of the Ferrari history.

“I think the door at Maranello is always open of course, but without burning the step, that is, a Schumacher family decision but let the guy have fun.

“I always repeat this: being focused, concentrated but at the same time have fun and to grow up slowly but certainly. Then we will see about the future. How can you say no, in Maranello, to a name like this?”

Sauber team principal Frederic Vasseur, who brought Ferrari’s new driver Charles Leclerc into F1 from F2 this year, said it might be too much too soon to consider promoting Schumacher to F1 in 2019.

“I think there is a huge step between F3 and F1 and with the small number of test days we have during the winter,” said Vasseur. “I think it’s, I don’t want to say impossible because we will see, but it’s quite difficult to do the step.

“It will make sense probably for him to do Formula Two or something like this. But he could have a link with a Formula One team, he could do some FP1. There are many ways to prepare for F1.”

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2018 F1 season

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  • 14 comments on “Mick Schumacher’s F3 surge catches F1 teams’ attention”

    1. I’m very happy for him. He had a hard time when he started and struggled to deliver good results.
      I just hope his fathers health is in a better state now, so he can witness his sons achievements.
      For F1 it’s too soon, but lets see what he can do in F2 next year

      1. Well said @davisp, and I like how the Ferrari guys see he’s still young and needs to enjoy driving like he is while still having their eye on him for the future.

      2. @davisp not only to witness but to be his counselor too.

    2. “Schumaxher”?

      I guess someone sees the new Max in him :P

    3. Incredible the turnaround he’s had. Last season was pretty poor, first half of this season was alright, but Spa and onwards he’s been amazing. Not sure what he’s doing differently but it’s going well. Hopefully next season in F2 Prema take him (and Marcus Armstrong too) from their F3 line up.

      1. Hopefully he’ll get Gelael seat. And he’ll have a good benchmark in De Vries.

    4. Interesting his performances suddenly got a boost when he didn’t look that good in previous years. There’s an absoloute fortune to made from his name in a dominant F1 car.

    5. Last season was clearly a learning year, but he was good in F4 the year before that (2nd in German and Italian F4).
      If he finishes in top 3 of F3 this year, he’ll have enough points for a super licence.

    6. I am really happy to see Mick Schumacher do well. That he will make it to F1 somehow is for sure. I pray that he reaches on merit and not due to his surname. Hopefully, this weekend is the first of many where he proves he has mroe than just his surname.

      1. I pray that he reaches on merit and not due to his surname

        100% agree. Nowadays its been more common for young (talented) drivers to be fast tracked into F1, just because they achieved some level of success in the junior categories; only for most of them to falter in the major leagues under the bright lights.

        Teams believing he’s a future F1 champion just because he’s a “Schumacher” may have some truth to it, but likely its more hype than logic at this point. Hiring him on the basis of “genes” (surname) could be as flawed as Williams decision to draft Lance Stroll in 2017; the Grove base outfit getting fooled into believing that extreme youth (and money) easily equated into exceptional talent, after the buzz that surrounded Red Bull’s masterstroke discovery/signing of Max Verstappen.

        At this stage, I think it’s important for Schumacher Jr. to develop at his own pace and not let the dream of F1 distract him from becoming more a finished article.

    7. Good for him, I’m glad he’s been able to get to grips with things and start showing his talent. Sounds like he may be a good candidate for a contract, an F2 drive and lots of F1 simulator time.

    8. Should we call him Schumick..?

    9. I really hope to see Mick in F2 next year. He’s definitely had his struggles but he has the talent and the speed to go far. My only concern is if he gets fast tracked into F1 the second he has the points for a super license. Unfortunately, we’ve been seeing an awful lot of teenagers linked to potential F1 seats since Verstappen was called up to Toro Rosso. 20 years ago, we wondered if 21 and 22 year olds were ready for F1, now in some cases we view guys that age as too old.

      I also hope his dad has been doing better. It really would be a shame if Michael couldn’t enjoy watching his son race.

    10. Yes we should @ernietheracefan


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