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2017 F1 season review

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The 2017 F1 season is history. But how well do you remember this year’s 20 races?

Tackle these 20 new questions within the five-minute time limit and then compare your score against other F1 Fanatic readers in our newest quiz:

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As always do tell us how well (or badly) you did in the comments but make sure you don’t give any clues about the questions or answers.

2017 F1 season review

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  • 14 comments on “Take the F1 Fanatic 2017 end-of-season quiz”

    1. 16/20 ,i did some easy mistakes
      Anyway,happy holidays to all!

    2. Happy with 18/20 right, but I can’t figure out which 2 I got wrong. I know one of them, but looking through the answers I cannot find the final incorrect answer. Oh well, still happy with that!

    3. Holy moly – I tried the first 5 questions and realized I’ve the memory of a sieve. Either that, or the Christmas festivities are finally taking its toll on mind and body!

    4. I got 19 out of 20.

    5. 17/20, hoped for more but was completely clueless about the three I got wrong. Not all bad!

    6. Happy with 18/20. I believe the ones I got wrong were ‘acceptable’ for even an F1 nut to slip up on, so it’s all good!

    7. Got 20/20. However, like I have mentioned in some earlier yearly quiz, I would like to have one question where the answer would be a race. Like in question involving Kimi, a race instead of just a year.

    8. Great 6/20, but can’t stay in the 5 minutes even tried a couple of time..
      Happy New Year!

    9. 11/20

      Need to improve my observation and memory next season :D

    10. Damn that timeout.

      Got 15/20 and was pretty happy with that but shouldn’t have tried this early in the morning on an old iPad.

      Thanks Keith for a great 2017 F1 Fanatic – here’s looking forward to the 2018 season and your continued support for F1.

    11. not working at the moment

      1. Same for me.
        I have “[hexam id=76 hexam]” on the page, instead of the actual quizz.

    12. @dan_the_mclaren_fan @alfa145 Apologies, finger trouble by me yesterday. Should be working now.

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