Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2016

2016 pre-season testing day three in pictures

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Pictures from day three of 2016 pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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9 comments on “2016 pre-season testing day three in pictures”

  1. Very nice lid for Haryanto. I believe it’s the same design he has used throughout his four seasons in GP2, albeit F1 isn’t exactly lacking for yellowish helmet designs…

    1. I’m really, really liking Magussen’s lid. So simple and distinctive.

  2. Can anyone remember a time when there was four driver’s on the current list who all had father’s who were, in the past, F1 driver’s too? I can only think of years when there were two (Hill, Andretti in 1993; Hill, Villeneuve in late 90’s? early 00’s; Magnussen, Rosberg in 2014) This season we will have – K Mag, Rosberg, Verstappen, Palmer.

  3. I’m quickly becoming a fan of many of this year’s designs. There’s some very interesting packaging variations going on at the rear for many teams and once you get a good look at the details even the stub noses have all kinds of neat stuff going on – now if only we could resize those wings…

    1. @maciek Well there’s always next year

  4. The Sauber’s livery is so bloody boring. Come one, lads, make the car look a little more special!

    1. I quite like it, it has colour, boring is better than looking a complete state, and it isn’t black!!

      Is that still the 2015 chassis?

      1. Yes, it’s C34 (2015 car).

      2. They will bring the new chassis on the next test.

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