Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuito de Jerez, 2015

Caption Competition 70: Rosberg and Hamilton

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Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuito de Jerez, 2015

A team having its drivers snap a selfie using their telephone sponsor’s product has been in fashion since cameraphones first appeared – as Lewis Hamilton will remember from his first Formula One season eight years ago.

He had a few ups and downs with current team mate and childhood friend Nico Rosberg last year. But what will 2015 have in store for the pair who are likely to have the most competitive car of the year at their dispoal?

Post your caption for this picture in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic round-up.

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154 comments on “Caption Competition 70: Rosberg and Hamilton”

  1. Lewis and Nico practice their post-Abu Dhabi faces

  2. Nico: “Whatever you do, don’t get married. This will happen.”

    1. And Lewis agrees.


  4. Lewis: savor this moment, it’s the last time you will be in front of me this season.

  5. Nico found the whole swipe left, swipe right thing thoroughly confusing.

  6. Nico: “We’ll send this picture to Nicole… oh wait!”

    1. Good one.

  7. Hamilton: “Good luck trying to get this close on track”

  8. “Whilst you’re at it, could you update my relationship status?”

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      7th February 2015, 12:15

      like it!

    2. Britney Spears gets the full corporate celebrity treatment courtesy of Mercedes Petronas AMG and even gets in a cheeky selfie with Lewis Hamilton

      1. Hahaha! Winner… He’ll always be Britney to me. One of Webber fines moments.

        1. Hahaha! Winner… He’ll always be Britney to me. One of Webber’s finest moments.

  9. If you look really carefully you can see a Marussia on the grid !

  10. lewis.. Ive signed you up to tinder. Let’s get you a profile picture

  11. ‘Hamilton and Rosberg take a look at the betting rates for 2015.’

  12. N: Well the car seems reliable Lewis, that is a good sign.
    L: Yeah Nico, my only breakdowns at the moment are not in the car…

  13. No wonder why Lewis and Nicole split.

    1. have they split again? how many times is this? think they should just move on now!

  14. Nico: “….and this picture is of Bailey getting his first puppy bath. That’s his rubber ducky, Mister Quackers.”

    1. alistair mccheyne
      7th February 2015, 20:11

      Like it!

  15. “Ok Lewis, smile so they believe you are happy with letting me win more this year”

  16. Leonardo Dicaprio winds back the clock to take a selfie with Lewis Hamilton.

  17. Yes Nico, I beat you. You get to wear the ugly shoes the whole year.

  18. ColdFly F1 (@)
    7th February 2015, 12:24

    I can see a keyboard but no camera on this phone.
    So I’ll just type that we are friends again!

  19. Nico: “See Lewis, if you had held your phone like this with the front-facing camera rather than using your mirrors you would’ve seen me at Les Combes.”

  20. Poor Nico can’t even take a selfie without Lewis coming up behind him.

  21. Poor Nico can’t even take a selfie without Lewis coming up to the back of him.

  22. Lewis couldn’t hide his smugness after seeing that Nico is 67 levels behind on Candy Crush – even though Nico was 29 ahead after the Belgian Grand Prix.

  23. Nico Rosberg is left unimpressed when a picture of Hamilton holding the WDC trophy pops up on his phone.

  24. Nico: “Just thought I’d take a quick photo of this year’s world champion alongside last year’s.”

  25. Nico ” just stop it will you……all this set up data you keep tweeting me only works in quali”

    1. Mashiat Lam Gofran
      8th February 2015, 6:52

      Winner! But make it more formal (if you get what I mean)

  26. Lewis, let’s just take one decent photo before you take off the cap.

  27. Nico “You see Lewis, no Brit has ever won the title two years in a row, so now it’s my turn”
    Lewis “But you’re a Britney Spears and Leonardo DiCaprio tribute act, so you can’t possibly win – never mind two in a row”

  28. Just like Nico himself, his Blackberry doesn’t get very good reception.

  29. Lewis, I’m not gonna follow Nicole on Twitter, just so that you could read her tweets on my phone!

  30. How much are we getting paid to stand this close together?

  31. Nico “At least Mercedes can afford to go testing – unlike Force India, Manor and Caterham”

  32. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    7th February 2015, 13:04

    “You dare cut across my nose again, and…*swipe*…THIS is gonna happen to your car.”

  33. Lewis:”Of all the phones you could buy you bought a blackberry!! this isnt 2010 you know”

  34. Joshua Thompson
    7th February 2015, 13:08

    What are you doing Nico, just taking a selfie of the world champion, we’ll guess I better get in the picture.

  35. N: See Lewis, real men don’t have both their ears pierced

  36. Nico Rosberg shows Lewis Hamilton the new phone controlled Mercedes car

  37. Britney Spears gets the full corporate celebrity treatment courtesy of Mercedes Petronas AMG and even gets in a cheeky selfie with Lewis Hamilton

  38. #Blessed by #Blackberry (With special thanks to Petronas).

  39. Man, the reception is really bad in Jerez.

  40. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    7th February 2015, 13:29

    Nico felt it was important to photograph every occasion where Lewis was behind him.

    1. haha good one

  41. In a concession to proposed budget caps, the Mercedes team has decided that their drivers are now responsible for their own publicity photos.

  42. N: And the last one as friends…
    L: Hurry, my face can stand it no longer!
    N: Mine as well Lewis, mine as well…


  43. Nico: Lewis, why did you send me these photos of Nicole?

  44. A young fan gets his picture taken with the reigning world champion.

  45. LH: “We did the same at this time last year. Hope we’ll do the same in Abu Dhabi, too.”

  46. Nico & Lewis: I’ll beat you and you know it.

  47. They want to take a selfie but the force is too strong to pull their heads together.

  48. Lewis bombing the selfie Nico was about to send to Nicole

  49. After breaking up with Nicole, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton was seen taking a selfie with another popstar: Britney Spears

    1. #1 for me

  50. Hamilton thinks “Pff, that guy has a Blackberry.”

    1. Says the guy who wore “Blackberry” on his shirt.. :)

      1. good spot ;)

  51. Why does the camera show an enormous kitten on the car?

  52. Nico – “Let’s send the f1 paddock a frontal picture of the both of us… Looks like they’ll only be seeing our rears all season long”

    1. Good one!

  53. I’m taller.

    1. Siri, Siri on the wall, who will be world champion and win it all?

  54. NR- Look, Ferrari thinks they’re fast this year.
    LW- Then we’ll lap them for sure.

    1. Lewis Wamilton?

  55. N: Hey Lewis, Lewis, I need a picture for my son….no i mean wife. She’s such a big fan of yours!
    L: Alright then. (thinking I hope this doesn’t end up on ebay thaough)

  56. You’re suppose to get a picture of Red Bull’s diffuser, not his equipment.

  57. Second try:
    You’re suppose to get a picture of Red Bull’s diffuser, not his equipment dangling in the pool.

  58. “If we keep standing like this, Ferrari won’t realise we’re actually taking pictures of their car!”

  59. Nico: “A picture of me in front of Lewis.”

  60. Nico: Hey Lewis, check out the new caption competition on f1fanatic!..

  61. Despite pleas of the Mercedes PR department, Lewis just would not stand close to Nico for a proper “friendly” selfie.

  62. “No Nico. You go in front. It might be the only time it happens”

  63. “That’s nice Lewis. A copy of this one goes on my nightstand.”

  64. “The guys at f1t will never be able to make a funny caption out of this.”

  65. Oops been spending too much time on f1technical!

    “The guys on f1f will never be able to make a funny caption out of this.”

  66. Nico ” Nicole please take Lewis back, we all know emotionally unstable he became the last time…hmmm maybe that’s a good thing, run Nicole runnnnnnn.”

  67. See! I told you it would look bigger if I shaved…

  68. “News of the World Champion’s new salary breaks on twitter…”

  69. Nico and Lewis stock up on #NoLoveLost images while they still have a working relationship, to be deployed during the upcoming turbulent season.

  70. N: ‘How do I look Lewis?’
    L: ‘You look beautiful.’

  71. “It’s Nicole, shall I put it on speaker ?”

  72. Rosberg: at least my phone is faster than yours, Lewis!

    1. Modification:
      Rosberg: at least my phone is faster than yours, Lewis!
      Hamilton: well… but my phone still has a faster start.

  73. After Nico declares he can win the championship this year, Lewis just smirks as he realises he has misunderstood his reply suggesting that he take his best shot.

  74. Having the best car in Formula 1 during 2014 and probably also during 2015 seasons, Rosberg and Hamilton seem to be less than impressed for being forced use a no-more best in the market phone, a BlackBerry.

  75. You move in front of me, and I slit your tyre.

  76. Nico: “Lewis, stop tickling me! I am trying to concentrate here!”

  77. It’s okay Nico. I’ll wait here until you get signal to ring Mclaren.

  78. #double-trouble

  79. Nico: Keep smiling Lewis, keep smiling.

  80. Not to take pictures with the 2015 car

  81. Rosberg get’s free phone and becomes 15th new Blackberry user of 2015 after the company exceeds sales target and sells 14 phones over the month of januari.

  82. #MercedesF1 #raceseat #Alonso #2of2 #taken

  83. “Ok, Lewis, take a good look, cuz at the end of the year we’ll need a big zoom to see you, that’s how far behind you will be.”
    “Dream on, Nico.”

  84. “I swear, they said this app could remote start the car.”

  85. lets show the world that we are truly friends. Try to smile..

  86. “Me and the 2015 world champion.Looool”

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      7th February 2015, 23:46

      says who?

  87. Hamilton: “make sure you put my name first when you’re posting this ok”

  88. Travis Humphery (@)
    7th February 2015, 23:00

    “Does my hair look okay?”

  89. Nico: “my hair looks cooler”
    Lewis: “no way”
    Lewis: anyway I’m a better driver”
    Nico: “but my hair looks cooler”

  90. Kim Cunningham
    7th February 2015, 23:29

    Louise, I see Daniel beat you for best time on the Top Gear F1 Leader Board.

    1. Mashiat Lam Gofran
      8th February 2015, 11:24

      Louise? Seriously?

  91. ColdFly F1 (@)
    7th February 2015, 23:43

    Look we’re in the Caption Competition on!

  92. Don’t move an inch…I think Bernie is trying to sneak up and hobble us!

  93. I’m going to surround ourselves in claymores, any snake that wants to invade our launch, it will become a veneer.

  94. Nico: “How do I turn on the front camera on this thing?”
    Lewis giggling to himself, “How will he operate the new steering wheel if he can’t even find the camera on his phone!”

  95. Lewis always makes time for his biggest fans.

  96. You see this phone Lewis? Its battery is more powerfull than last year’s renault engine

  97. Hamilton: Once more picture for the media, afterwards I don’t wanna see you around my car!
    Rosberg: Once more picture for the media, afterwards I don’t wanna see you around my car!


  98. LH : You haven’t selected the Front facing camera.
    NR : I know.

    1. Good one 😊

  99. Fast and Furious

  100. NR:I paid USD100,000 and she predicted the truth and nothing but the truth….Nico Roseberg F1 champion in 2015….
    LH: Hummmm….I will pay her double the amount to overturn the fortunes !!

  101. See! I told you I couldn’t see you in my mirror

  102. lewis: hmph…… blackberry…..

  103. I’ll take it Lewis. I’m used to framing you in my mirror anyway.

  104. SwissEnglishBulldog
    8th February 2015, 9:33

    When Lewis said he’d show his teammate how to play Angry Birds, Nico wasn’t expecting to see the final text message sent to Nicole.

  105. Lewis: yep Nico ,that’s what this years WDC trophy looks like, nice huh. Oh yeah, and I had Bernie put up no parking signs at Monaco this year.

  106. You’re the man… No, you’re the man. No, you’re the man. No, you’re the man…

  107. So, that’s how you’ll look in my mirrors this year…

  108. Having worked on his breathing over the winter, Nico set a new high score on Candy Crush.

  109. Meanwhile Nico & Lewis pretend to take a selfie as Nico couldn’t get it to work with his left thumb. Just smile and stare boys!

  110. Nico: Is it Jenson’s or my telemetry you are holding behind my head?

  111. Lewis politely smiles for a selfie after being cornered in the pit lane by his greatest fan

  112. Selfies never lie. Lewis and Nico are still friends at arms length.

  113. “This is going on twitter, but Nico unfollowed me.”

  114. NR: This FRIENDSHIP I will never forget. …….nor forgive !!

  115. Nico: Hey Lewis I think the car is parked in the wrong garage, it should be at garage 1 and 2 not 14 and 15.

    Lewis: Those are the numbers that I beat you so many times in the races.

    Nico: Oh I’m sorry, I thought those numbers meant that you asked your girlfriend out 15 times before she said yes.

  116. Nico: I PHONE I PHONE ON MY HAND!!!

    I-Phone texting: Lewis. He is the champ.

    Nico: I need to get this exchanged!!!

  117. Willem Cecchi (@)
    8th February 2015, 19:29

    Snap me baby one more time! – Nico Rosberg

  118. If it was an iphone instead of a blackberry I would go with this:

    “You see Lewis. It bends just like the redbull wings”

  119. Although Nico had his front foot first, Lewis was unconcerned as it wasn’t race day.

  120. The Mercedes drivers thankfully found some time to focus on something more important during the launch of their presumably awesome W06

  121. Louis: “No no no teeth, that’s all the smile you’re going to get out of me today Nico!”

  122. Rosberg: “No point in smiling. I’m taking you out in Photoshop.”

  123. Gosh, Lewis, have you taken Nicole’s earrings again?

  124. Nico: remember that grin, it’ll get wiped off ur face more times than not

    Lewis: im grinning because u cant beat me on my worst day. its fact and thats why ur not smiling.

  125. And this is how we smile if we get caught by Swissleaks

  126. Nico:
    “C’mon, sing it Louis..”

    “I see areas of green, spectators too
    I see overtaking for me and you
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

    I see skies of blue and and championship titles too
    And I think to myself what a wonderful world”

  127. I know lets take a pic of the next world champion

  128. That guy there on the left gives me the hibi-jeebees!

  129. Yeah, we’re the mercenaries from planet Merc. In for the kill.

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