Felipe Massa, Williams, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Massa hopes Williams pole is first of many

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa, Williams, Red Bull Ring, 2014Felipe Massa says he hopes his pole position for the Austrian Grand Prix is a sign Williams can be more competitive from now on.

“The best place to be is here, the first place,” said Massa. “It is something I got the chance to be many times all my career and I am again now.”

“So after a long time that I couldn’t be on this place I hope that this is just the beginning of maybe some great possibilities to be here again, not just in the qualifying but in the race.”

“I’m so happy, very emotional. Not just for me but I think it’s similar feelings what I feel and for what Williams feel as well, you know. Williams Martini had an incredible career in the past and they are back to the top, they are back to the fight.

“Still a lot to do but I think the work is going on that line and I’m so pleased for me and Williams Martini as well.”

Massa last started a race from pole position in the final race of 2008, when he narrowly lost the world championship to Lewis Hamilton.

“I am so happy what’s happened today with us, with our team, was such a great moment,” he said, “It was already a long time when I had my last pole position, which was in Brazil 2008, so it’s such an incredible moment.”

“For sure we need to concentrate on the race tomorrow. It will be a difficult and important race for us. But I think it is a great moment.”

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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17 comments on “Massa hopes Williams pole is first of many”

  1. Gideon Hadi (@)
    21st June 2014, 15:25

    well if Williams keep continue this trend, they could get 2nd in WCC

    1. Their drivers are not good enough for that, and they are way behind as it is. Ricciardo is doing too well and imagine Vettel late in the season. So Red Bull is definitely ahead, although they were terrible today. Besides, Alonso is always securing good points for Ferrari, same thing with Hulkenberg for Force India. Williams are lucky if they finish even 3rd in the WCC, lets not make too much of one good day for them.

      1. Gideon Hadi (@)
        21st June 2014, 15:37

        even though this is only Austria, but at least they already showed what they capable for, so I think its not easy to get 2nd, but they’ll try.

      2. @saints Agreed, and there’s still no guarantee they will do well tomorrow – Valtteri’s P3 in Bahrain didn’t last long, did it? All that we can probably count on is that Williams will keep the lead at the start, since their starts have been pretty good this year. So basically, their result today was just what it is – a good Saturday result. It’s the Sundays that count.

    2. If Merc keep doing this they could be 2 nd in WCC !

    3. I think if Williams optimise their results they could clinch 4th in WCC. Same for Force India… that’s their goal. McLaren should really be 4th in WCC, but their poor cars are leaving them vulnerable for 6th.

    4. Think 3rd is possible unless Kimi gets his act together, but don’t think they can catch Red Bull.

  2. LATG (@lotus-grosjean)
    21st June 2014, 15:39

    Anyone watched the GP2 feature race? I would say it’s a great day for Williams… Any thoughts on the race tomorrow? Can’t wait!

    1. I watched the last 10 laps of it! Yeah I don’t really follow GP2 that much, but nice moves from… damn I don’t know his name, the Ferrari development driver. My thoughts on the race would be obviously I can’t wait to see Hamilton fighting his way up, but look out for Vettel and the Force Indias too. I think Kyvat will do a good job, and we’ll see how long the Williams cars hold their positions.

      1. @wpinrui
        Raffaele Marciello, he finished 3rd

  3. I am very happy for Felipe! Glad he finally tasted success again and I hope he can convert the pole tomorrow.

  4. If I remember correctly, Massa is pretty good at doing a Vettel when he starts on pole. Finally a good result for Williams?

    1. I really hope so, but remember, the last time he had the chance to convert it was back in 2008, so let’s not count on it too much.

  5. Phenomenal job by Williams today, beyond stoked for them and I’ve got high hopes for the race tomorrow.

  6. Let’s hope this is the weekend Felipe proves cynics like me wrong. I still have a soft spot for him, but every time this year so far he’s managed to not end up as highly as he could. I think I would enjoy a Massa victory as much as I did Rubens’ wins in 2009!

  7. As a massive Massa fan, all I can say is finally Felipe’s talent has been demonstrated to all his doubters out there. Come on Felipe and get a good result tomorrow, you are the best!

  8. Schumacher was quickest in Monaco after he ran to the back of Bruno Senna, Massa was quickest after he run into the back of Perez. Where’s justice Schumi got a deserved penalty, Massa lies all day long.

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