Jordan 198 and 191

Jordan to sell 191 and race-winning 198 for charity

2014 F1 season

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Jordan 198 and 191

Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan has put two of his most famous cars on sale to raise money for charity.

The first Jordan F1 car, the 191, and their first-race-winning car are to go on sale. The proceeds will go to cancer charity CLIC Sargent and youth charity the Amber Foundation.

“These two F1 cars were kept because of their history, the good memories and what they meant to the team,” said Jordan. “But it’s time to let them go and the money will be used to good effect helping young people and their families cope with cancer, and getting young adults back on the straight and narrow.”

Michael Schumacher started his first grand prix in a 191 and included in the sale are the signed helmet Schumacher gave to Jordan to thank him for the opportunity.

The cars are being sold privately through Cars International who can provide the buyers with an engineering team to service and maintenance the vehicles should the new owner wish to run them at events.

2014 F1 season

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  • 18 comments on “Jordan to sell 191 and race-winning 198 for charity”

    1. Let me check my piggy bank…. Nope :(

    2. Well … that kinda sucks. I wanted that 98 Jordan but I don’t have enough money around right now.

      But seriously, it sucks. As far as I remember, Michael Schumacher has been wanting to buy that car for years now. It’s the only one missing in his collection (shy of the 96 Ferrari, that he doesn’t want). Will someone from his family or his manager bid on this?

      1. Hid did of course not want to buy the 98 car but the 91 Jordan ;)

    3. Want. So. Much.

    4. I wonder if Schumi was awake, would he buy the 191 for his collection? He wanted it so badly but Eddie wouldn’t sell it.

      1. Yeah, the timing does strike me as odd. It is public knowledge Michael Schumacher wanted the 191… but Eddie Jordan was reluctant to sell. I wonder how much Schumi’s accident and injury played into Eddie’s decision.

        1. I’m sure Corrina has access to Michael’s bank account. Having that as a gift for when he wakes back up from his coma, would make here wife of the century.

    5. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
      6th March 2014, 13:56

      Will Eddie take £5? I am willing to pay up to £47 pounds for them.

      On a serious note I have seen both cars at the Donnington collection and they are both beautiful.

      1. Yeah, was there in 2011 during my Silverstone race. I even managed to touch them. ;)
        Even have a picture of me doing it. 2 of my fav cars, along with Damon Hill’s FW18, McLaren MP4/13 and McLaren MP4/4. They are also at Donington.

    6. Well done Eddie. A brilliant thing to do. It must be hard letting go of 2 such prized possessions.

      1. Have to agree. Those things are irreplaceable to him, so to give them up for charity is amazing.

    7. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      6th March 2014, 14:29

      The 98 has THE livery. The best I’ve seen ever. Ok, tied with the classic John Player Special.

      1. They’re both up there, the 198 is of course very iconic and the 191 is the perfect balance between the main colours and sponsors.

    8. I’ve been saving up for a PS4. I start the bidding at £300.

    9. I want the 198 so bad, I have to get rich to one day and buy the 199. I’ll then sell the laps for no profit to fans.

    10. The 191 looks great! It’s a pretty awesome way of keeping the nose right on the track and I had hoped to see that kind of a low nose after the regulation change but sadly all the designers followed a different approach. I guess they had their motivations, interests and most importantly a scheme to follow.

      1. They’re not really designers in the typical sense, they’re engineers, which is why.

    11. hats off to Eddie Jordan. Beautiful cars…

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