3 comments on “Ferrari F14 T top, 2014”

  1. Beautiful piece of machine,I hope it races faster than Infini this season! Yours sincerely A Friend and lover of SJ

  2. The fact that the first 5 cars are differnt,on the point of view of the nose, seems to me that finally something is changing and MAY BE we will see differnt cars and solutions this year and not the replica of the same car. I LIKe the new Terrari, look little bit as ORNITORINCO, i dont know the english name, is small animal with body of beaver and a duck nose. shoul be intresting to know the inside of the schematics to understand why they did that. I’m Italian and we have the ROSSA in the blood is not a car brand, is a filosphy. I’m 64 and I following F1 in person since 1965, I dont remeber ever so many differnt noses in F1 all at the same time, and some team dident present the cars yet. 2 world champion in ferrari at same time, never appen , may be in the 50ties. Could be nice, if the 2 guys mantain the calm and they dont figth, and will not happen up to the moment that one dont believe they give him a different car. This coul be hte opining of personal vendettas. I hope the car is going fast almost soon. I’m more worried for KERS, temperatures, and battery packs and turbo, than for the 2 drivers internal figth. We need to be back at the top soon. Italy is going a part with scandals, politics, tax fraudes, at least we need a red nose FIRST on the arrival. Coul be of help.
    Tks fro the space..and FORZA FERRARI

    please correct the poor english…..

    1. I think the animal you’re referring to is a duck-billed platypus – a good comparison!

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