Jenson Button, Honda, Circuit de Catalunya, 2008

Honda comeback good for Japan – Button

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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Jenson Button, Honda, Circuit de Catalunya, 2008Jenson Button says Honda’s impending return to F1 as an engine supplier to McLaren is good for the sport in Japan.

“I think first of all it’s great that Formula One has another manufacturer that’s interested in coming back in” said Button during the Japanese Grand Prix press conference.

“An engine manufacturer, that’s very, very good for the sport and hopefully it’ll bring others back into the sport.”

“It feels that Japan needs either a driver or a manufacturer in the sport. Obviously it’s been a little while since they’ve had a manufacturer and there’s no Japanese drivers on the grid now.”

Button said Japan is “a country that really does love its motorsport” and has “true racing fans”.

“The guys said that there were hundreds of people out on Wednesday, on set-up day, yesterday, when it was chucking down with rain and they were watching them set up. And that’s a true racing fan. None of this Monaco stuff!

“It shows it’s in their culture and it’s in their blood. So I think it’s very special to Japan to have a manufacturer back in the sport. But obviously that’s not for another year and a half. We’ve got a long time before that and hopefully a very good year next year with Mercedes-Benz.”

As to whether Button will still be with McLaren for their reunion with Honda in 2015, he said: “There’s a chance. There’s definitely a chance.”

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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20 comments on “Honda comeback good for Japan – Button”

  1. is there any japanese manufacturer other than Honda that builds engine for both cars and motorcycles?

    1. Yes. Yamaha and Suzuki both do. Suzuki builds for its own vehicles, of course, and Yamaha produces the engine for the Volvo XC90.

      1. Yamaha also developed engines with Toyota.

  2. Got a feeling Honda is not convince in Button.

    Martin Whitmarsh was negotiating with Kimi in 2012 for future seat.

    Martin Whitmarsh openly claimed they want Alonso back in near future.

    1. I don’t think something that did not happen last year is proof of something happening in the future. Especially since McLaren had a vacant seat alongside Button when they were talking to Raikkonen that Raikkonen could have filled without replacing Button. Likewise, they currently have a vacant seat that could be filled by Alonso without replacing Button.

    2. Matin Whitmarsh never said they wanted Alonso. When he was asked if he wanted Alonso he said “Yes – any team would. He’s the best driver.” which I imagine is what any team principal would say. Truth is McLaren have no contracted drivers for 2015 so they can go after whoever they want, providing they’re prepare to pay.

    3. Well, McLaren do need a number 2 driver so Alonso would fit in very well for that part.

      1. You mean Button would be a very good #2 for Alonso?

        1. @kingshark

          No, I meant Alonso would be a good number 2 just in general no matter what team mate.

          1. @aced
            I don’t think Alonso would be willing to play #2 at any point in his career, but if he did, I do agree that he could actually be a very efficient #2.

          2. @kingshark @aced
            Alonso would be so efficient as a number 2 driver that he could end up leading his number 1 driver in the standings!

      2. love it. lol.

  3. Have there been many uglier Formula one cars than the Honda RA108?

  4. It’s good for the sport, full stop. Though I was no fan of Honda when they were last in F1, the sport badly needs a greater diversity of engine suppliers. Three is not enough – if one of them were to withdraw, would the remaining two have the resources to supply the whole grid?

  5. Take note Red Bull, that car actually has wings.

  6. Absoilutely right, JB. It will be great to have a Japanese manufacturer back.
    Now, if we could just get a US engine supplier, and an American driver, and a Japanese driver . . .

  7. Kobayashi needs to replace Checo. McLaren would definitely have the best animated side series then.

    1. Absolutely ! To be honest, Perez doesn’t impress me this year. He is regularly behind JB in quali, which is pretty telling for instance. And is quite a way back in the points too… I sincerely think KK would have been able to do the job with at least the same results.

    2. On a serious note, Kobayashi should be at McLaren and would have pushed Button much harder than Perez has. But unless he can get a drive at another team in the next couple of years and win a race or get some more great podiums, Twitmarsh will never pick him up.

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