San Marino Grand Prix start, Imola, 2006

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San Marino Grand Prix start, Imola, 2006The European season used to begin with an annual trip to Imola for the San Marino Grand Prix.

But the race, which served as an extra opportunity for Italy’s Tifosi to cheer on their beloved Ferraris, disappeared from the calendar in 2006.

Although the Imola circuit will forever be associated with the tragic events of 1994 the track remained a popular venue despite the many changes made to it following that dark weekend.

How good is your knowledge of this lost classic from the F1 calendar? Test your recollection of the San Marino Grand Prix with this new F1 Fanatic quiz:

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  • 11 comments on “Take the F1 Fanatic San Marino Grand Prix quiz”

    1. 7/20 not bad, for once :)

      1. @andae, I am shocked! I had expected F1Fanatic’s stats expert to excel at these things :-)

        Suddenly my 8/20 feels much better ;-) (I did make a few probably lucky guesses though.)

          1. @adrianmorse I really should start doing some homework before I do these quizes :P

    2. Being a relatively young F1 fan, I don’t feel this one is going to end well. Oh well, here goes…

    3. I thought the limit was 5 min, I only had 2 min anyone else with the same problem?

    4. While changes had to happen following 94 (probably should have happened earlier considering Berger’s 89 crash) the circuit really lost its appeal once the chicanes were added in the first sector. Not a huge loss to the calendar in my mind.

    5. 11/20, the time limiter really killed me here.

    6. 20/20 – Not bad :)

    7. imola should be brought back in its original form

    8. 14/20 not too bad!

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