29 comments on “Lotus E21 steering wheel, 2013”

  1. The blue button on the left clearly reveals this is Kimi’s steering wheel…

  2. I take it the “Fail” setting won’t be used much?

  3. Kimi’s wheel has the ‘smile’ button? Looking forward to seeing the bananas being deployed too!

    1. Might as well be called “The Button that must never be pressed under any circumstance!”

  4. great touch, giving the buttons alternate names. would be even better if this was their official naming system.

    I wonder what the Jenson button does… (Seriously, I didn’t get that until I typed it out.)

    1. I didn’t either, d’oh! The anti-mumble translator is my favourite

    2. Hahaha, I didn’t get it either until I red your comment.

    3. Haha! Neither did I until I read this :P

    4. I still don’t get it.

      1. Nevermind. I feel stupid now.

    5. @jmwalley your second line made me laugh hard!

    6. I get that it is meant to be Jenson button, but I dont know what it is referring to? Button and Kimi are mates or something?

      1. It’s just a button named Jenson.

    7. I wonder what the Jenson button does

      The car loses grip and optimum balance immediately. Followed by a whining sound and poor quali performance…

  5. Mum!
    I love it!
    Hard to imagine the Kimster having a mommie, though.

    1. Maybe a reference to Kimi at top 3 drivers press conference at Barcelona ’12 where he only wished happy mother’s day to all mums (in Finnish). That was all he had to say in Finnish after finishing third :)

  6. The Smile button’s a bit harsh…
    I like the Finishing Position selector too. Great stuff.

  7. Why does it have a “Tweet” button? Kimi isn’t on Twitter!

  8. Lol, this is brilliant! I’m really beginning to love the Lotus team.

  9. Was that on the car at the actual launch?
    If so, they absaloutely have to use it at melbourne just for a laugh

    1. Just imagine it…
      Lights out! And 21 Cars head to the first corner-…
      Oh, no… Kimi’s car seems to have stalled.
      Wait, no. He’s just sat there, frantically pressing the Ice Cream Button >_>

  10. My favourites are the Jenson button (even Mclaren doesn’t have one of those) and the “open gate” dial

  11. But where’s the “just give me more power then” button is? Maybe that’s the Jenson button ;) ?

  12. following Kimi’s offroading in Brazil, they’ve added a SatNav to the car.
    At least the engineers won’t need to tell Kimi where to go.

  13. Hahaha this made me chuckle! Open Gate is my favourite.

    1. Mine too.. also Finishing position is nice. Hope it work :)

  14. Grosjean’s version has a Hazard Warning button function for 2013. Defaults to ON until lap 3.

  15. LOL “JENSON” button

  16. Santo Carmina (@)
    2nd February 2013, 11:46

    Hahaha the Sat Nav button would have helped Kimi last year at Brazil!

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