Robert Kubica, Mercedes, DTM, Valencia, 2013

Kubica tests DTM Mercedes at Valencia

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Robert Kubica, Mercedes, DTM, Valencia, 2013

Almost two years since he almost lost his life in a rally crash, Robert Kubica tested for the Mercedes DTM team at the Valencia Ricardo Tormo Circuit today.

Rain limited Kubica’s running in the car but he said he was pleased with the day’s work: “My first day of testing in a DTM car was great fun and I learned a lot about the series and the DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupe.

“The first installation lap was in the dry, then a few heavy showers of rain came down and we had to wait for the track to dry out. All in all, it was a good experience, getting to know the car in different weather conditions.

“I was able to get to grips with the DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupe and felt very comfortable in the car, even though after my long break it meant adjusting to the high downforce that a state-of-the art DTM race car produces.

“I’m very pleased with my performance on this first day of DTM testing and had no problems whatsoever in the car.”

Kubica has played down the prospect of racing for the team in this year’s series. He will compete in the European Rally Championship, which has some data clashes with the DTM.

However he said recently he would consider a return to F1 if the arm he injured in the 2011 crash heals sufficiently.

Kubica isn’t the only F1 driver to have tried a DTM car recently – Timo Glock drove a BMW M3 yesterday.

Pictures: Robert Kubica tests a DTM Mercedes C-Class

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17 comments on “Kubica tests DTM Mercedes at Valencia”

  1. He’s looking good. Wish we had better shots of his injured hand.

  2. Lolz, Toto and Kub looking at each other.

    The hands dont seem to have any visible disjoint …. just saying…

  3. This very good Polish source suggests that by the end of the day Kubica’s time was 0.5 seconds quicker than Paffett’s. If that’s true that’s ridiculous.

    1. Can’t verify this of course, but it is possible. During his rally tests he almost always was much faster, including the Ford test when he out-paced Solberg and Latvala. Robert didn’t lose pace at all. Since DTM has much more space inside the cockpit than a single-seater, Robert’s performance should not be hindered.

  4. As far as F1 is concerned its game over for him. Hopefully he can make a career in other categories of motorsport

    1. Aslong as there are people in charge of F1 teams that are still interested in him and willing to give him tests to prove himself, I would never rule out a return. It all hinges on how much usability he recovers in his hand. I just hope he doesn’t have another bad crash in rallying in the mean time.

    2. I have the same doubts about an F1 return for him. But man… I hope we are all wrong!

    3. So are you a doctor that has recently treated him then? If not then how can you possibly make that statement with such certainty. By all means if you are his doctor, more details please!

    4. Hopefully he can make a career in other categories of motorsport

      Yes, hopefully he can have a long career in some category of motorsport. Would be such a shame to see such a talented driver unable to earn a living from his skills, as a result of such a pointless and foolish crash (in the sense of how pointless to have risked such injury – which he suffered – when nothing was on the line except victory in some totally unimportant, relatively speaking, po-dunk rally).

  5. Robert made over 114 laps today. Nice as far as his endurance is concerned.

  6. that helmet was for ferrari…

    1. No it’s not. It’s the same design he used in 2011 testing, right before the accident, with logos removed (Lotus from the forehead).

  7. Yea, Robert go go go, never give up! All motorsport with you!

  8. Some video from Kubica’s test here:

  9. Excellent test Robert in the GMT series. The speed is still there and improving by the day. Keep it up and I hope f1 is taking notice. Valerie Lorinyenko

  10. I want to see him race. I love rallying but I want to see him wheel to wheel.

    Oh and looking at that Mercedes never gets old.

  11. Great to see R Kubica back. I think f1 should modify the car to allowed Robert to race. He’s a huge loss to the sport. Lauren Lorinyenzo

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