Mark Webber, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2007

Red Bull to put fans’ faces on their cars for charity

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2007In the round-up: Red Bull offer fans the chance to put their pictures on Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber’s cars at the British Grand Prix as they did in 2007.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Faces for Charity

“On 6-8 July, both of Red Bull Racing?s Formula One cars will be covered in a collage of pictures in a campaign for the charity Wings for Life. Red Bull Racing, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber invite you to join them in their race by adding your photo to their cars.”

See pictures of the Red Bull Faces for Charity car that raced at Silverstone five years ago:

Barrichello: Massa will have a long career in Formula 1 (Autosport)

“Massa’s appearance at the Sao Paulo IndyCar event at the weekend prompted talk that he could follow Barrichello’s lead and move to the US-based category ?ǣ something that has been denied.”

A Tour of COTA with Tilke Engineering (The Austin Grand Prix)

“At just over 1km, approximately five-eights of a mile, the back straight is long and has a nice slight right slant to it in addition to some mild elevation change. Cars entering turn 12 will be passing each other at 200mph, making the area around turn 12 an entertaining place to watch the race.”

ScarbsF1 via Twitter

“Paddock rumour suggests McLaren have a mechanic adjustable rear brake duct to alter heat going into the tyre via the wheel.”

Marussia F1 team showcases technology used in Formula 1 (IT Pro)

“There are over 4,500 parts on each car, but constant enhancements mean this number rapidly increases throughout the season. Lee estimated around a third of the parts on the car change between the first and last race of the year.”

May?s podcast with Derek Warwick (MotorSport)

“Straight-talking BRDC president Derek Warwick on current Formula 1, his career, his work for the BRDC and trying to punch Michael Schumacher?s lights out.”

Original 1991 Scuderia Ferrari F1 raced by Jean Alesi (eBay)

Yours for a cool ??600,000 (??975,000).

Comment of the day

Silverkeg is enjoying the unpredictable season so far:

What is immediately obvious from the races alone though is the tightening of the field. The chasm between front-runners and midfield from last year has disappeared. The midfield is completely unpredictable itself and the front running group has become larger with each team throwing points away and taking advantage at individual races.

This is what has added that extra bit of enjoyment to the races this season for me, the unpredictability. I thought we had lost underdog performances last year, I blamed DRS, but we have rediscovered it. I know I for one am loving it!

From the forum


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On this day in F1

Emerson Fittipaldi won the Spanish Grand Prix at Jarama 40 years ago today for Lotus.

Jacky Ickx started from pole position for Ferrari but finished second, the only other driver on the lead lap. Team mate Clay Regazzoni was third.

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  • 66 comments on “Red Bull to put fans’ faces on their cars for charity”

    1. A tempting prospect, if I may say so, and no doubt a very worthy cause :)
      But sadly, it’s more than likely (if I do make a donation) that I’ll never actually see my face on that car.

      1. Can it only be the one face in the photo? For example, can you have yourself and a friends face in the one photo? Or only a single person?

        1. You can have more than one face. As many as you want I think but they do crop the photo.

          1. @merlo84 So if a miracle happens, and I get a girlfriend, I can put OUR faces on an F1 car? That would the the second most romantic story in F1 :P

            1. Yes, but I think spaces are running out so you may have to hurry! ;)

              I put a picture of me & my daughter on so I’ve scored some cool-mummy points today :-)

      2. @suderiavincero I imagine with today’s social media there will be some way in which you can check where you are on the car. They may upload a high resolution image to their website?

      3. I just put a photo of my kids standing on the grid at Singapore. It doesn’t matter that they’ll never actually see it, just knowing it’s there is enough. And yes, you get some serious mummy points from this sort of thing.

    2. I really hope Mark Webber doesn’t move to Ferrari unless he is No.1 driver. It would not be logical for him to move to Ferrari anytime soon as Alonso is their No. 1 driver for the next few years (3 or 4 I think?) and so Webber will not get the same treatment as Alonso, which is what he has been fighting for over the past seasons with Vettel at Red Bull. Ferrari have no issues with favouring Alonso.

      Also, in this latest era of F1, Ferrari is slower than Red Bull. Period. So why on earth would he move to a team with a slower car, when he has been in one of the most dominant cars since the recent rules and regualtion changes? Ferrari must be one of the worst teams to drive for if you are a number 2 driver, plus, if they cannot provide a c’ship winning car then you are going to struggle. Evidence- look at Felipe Massa, he will never beat Alonso at Ferrari, even if they swapped cars.

      In summary, Webber: please don’t move to Ferrari, it’s a backwards manouvre; Massa: time is up, either get some pace and stop moaning about nonsense (if he moansa anymore, he’ll have nothing else to moan about. Hopefully we’ll hear him moan about how slow he himself is and come to terms with the fact he’s past it).

      1. where did you get that idea (webber going to ferrari) from?

        1. From the Barrichello article above, plus there was a post about it on the BBC F1 website

          1. **I mean autosport article

        2. I see, guess I missed that sentence. XD
          Well I doubt Webber would go, he know he will be a 2nd driver and he know how slow the Ferrari is….

      2. Well if you think about it, a move to Ferrari from Webber makes sense, at least for Ferrari. They want a constructors championship and they clearly aren’t going to get it with the results from Massa and with the car performing the way it is at the moment. Another experienced driver alongside Alonso would do wonders to improve the car as opposed to Perez with little experience. Who else could seriously replace Massa? Of course I think this all depends on whether RBR decide to promote one of it’s drivers next year to a RBR seat. With the results of the current Toro Rosso drivers in the races I don’t think that looks likely and Webber will most likely stay at RBR.

      3. You’re right, it’d be a shame if he moves to Ferrari… but it’d be fun to see how he reacts!

        1. @fer-no65 at least at ferrari theyd tell him he was number 2

          1. Lol… that’s true. I dont think it will be any different from his stint at Red Bull. Seb is the clear number 1 in the team, no matter how much they try to deny it

            I would actually like to see Webber at Ferrari. He’s not good enough to beat Alonso over the length of the season, but should atleast give him a decent fight from time to time.

        2. I think the chances of it happening are quite slim. However, if it were to happen, I feel it would be something fresh not only for Webber, but for us F1 fans. Webber has been with Red Bull for quite some time now, and sure he knows the team very well, but maybe he is wanting a change to keep himself motivated to stay in F1?
          He is a great driver, but just not as naturally gifted as Alonso, Hamilton, or Vettel, and has had to work very hard to be competitive. All those years at Red Bull when the car was slow, to then see a young fast driver join just as the car reaches the front of the field (and the first team mate to be quicker than himself), must be pretty tough. His best chance of a WDC was 2010, and now with that gone, is Webber really thinking he can push for a title while being a team meat of Vettel’s at Red Bull? I honestly think Webber would have more emotional support from Ferrari than he gets from Dr Helmut Marko. And would he really care playing second fiddle to Alonso? As much as we all know this will be the case, I get the feeling Ferrari won’t try to hold Webber back for some reason. I feel that Ferrari will feel confident enough that Alonso will beat Webber over the course of a season, and push his side of the garage to ensure maximum results to secure the constructors championship. So, with all that being said, should it happen?
          For one, Ferrari will no doubt value Webber’s knowledge for helping to develop a championship winning car after being at Red Bull for so long, any inside info he can bring will help.
          And two, Alonso and Webber get on really well, you can see the respect they have for each other on the track, when they fight hard, but fair.
          If Ferrari misses out on the WDC this year, it would be a smart move to secure Webber for 2013 if they really want to push for a team that can win both WDC and WCC.

      4. maybe webber dreamed of driving a Ferrari (even though is more of a truck atm) when he was a young? maybe he wants to drive for Ferrari before he calls it quits? maybe he wants to begin retiring on a tuscan villa, eat some decent pasta & drink some quality wine in his final F1 years….or maybe he knows something we dont know (Ferrari v6 turbo looking the goods? Briatore heading up maranello in 2013?)

        lots of maybes but if Vettel beats Webber comprehensively again this year, I would expect Webber to look at his options

        1. You don’t need to drive a Ferrari to retire on a Tuscan village and drink quality wine, all you need is money.

          1. yeah sure…surely webber hasnt got much of it

      5. @pianoshizzle – Webber isn’t going to move to Ferrari. He has no reason to, and even a cursory glance at the situation should tell you as much. Once you’ve been following Formula 1 for a while, you learn not to take idle gossip too seriously. Or seriuosly at all.

        1. you also learn not to take Prisoner Monkeys too seriously either, though in this case he is probably right.

        2. @prisoner monkeys
          Like your comments regarding Kimi’s return?… I’ll bookmark this one as well. I think Webber would be refreshed at ferrari and would not at all be surprised to see him head there next year.

          1. Like your comments regarding Kimi’s return?

            How are my comments regarding Raikkonen’s return in any way pertinent to this discussion? Maybe I was wrong about Raikkonen, but that does not mean that I will be wrong about Webber, seeing as how correlation does not imply causation (ie being wrong once does not mean I will always be wrong). For you to assume as much means you are caught in a logical fallacy.

            1. Your choice of words! The fact that you are always so defiant. “I don’t believe” might have led the judges to allow you some leanancy rather than stating he “isn’t”. Gossip is what keeps us here offering our opinions, offering for and against. You are often right and your knowledge of stats and rules is impressive, but to rule out possible change in the future… Naive and logically blinded.

            2. My thoughts on the matter of Webber going to Ferrari have been well-documented elsewhere, most notably the forum thread on it. And you will see I do not simply dismiss the idea, but use deductive logic to rule it out. I just didn’t have time to write out a full recount of it when I posted the above.

              Besides, these Webber-to-Ferrari rumours come up at least once a year. They’ve never come true. Why start believing it this time?

            3. PM – as you so often ask of other people, could you please provide some evidence that Webber will not go to Ferrari at any point in the future. Of course you can’t. I personally don’t see it happening but people are entitled to their opinion, so to rudely dismiss them and say it categorically won’t happen when it is impossible to substantiate what will happen in the future is very ignorant

        3. no reason to…first aussie to drive for Ferrari?

    3. The inner news, more interesting than the headline subject.

      Why would Webber go to Ferrari? well at least at Ferrari there are no false promises, no talk of equal treatment and they seem to pay pretty well, always a consideration towards the end of a career.

      Why would Ferrari want Webber? well anyone with an open mind could see that Webber is very fast and very consistent , maybe not the best driver but definitely the best # 2 driver out there (and better than most #1s) , like Button, a driver that can be leading the teams pointscore when things come together for him and still a consistent point scorer when they don’t, also Webber has driven his share of dogs and usually managed to wring more out of them than was expected before they died on him, just what Ferrari need to back up Alonso.

      1. Good point! Webber is a grinder, he will maximise points when the car is not so good. You can clearly see that he somehow has managed to be faster than Vettel when the RB8 was not competitive, but as soon as its become decent again, Vettel has become faster.
        If Ferrari really want to strengthen the team, and be a force as Red Bull have for the last 3 years, they need to fix up all their week points. And as sad as it is to say, Massa at the moment is one of them.
        But they also need some engineers who can build a car that has a good foundation that can be improved over the course of a season.

      2. soundscape (@)
        1st May 2012, 4:24

        Webber is very fast and very consistent

        Let me stop you right there.

        I’m an Australian, and a huge supporter of Mark’s. But he is neither fast, nor consistent. His career has been plagued by entire strings of bad days’ out (and not always the fault of machinery).
        Consistency is usually a trademark of somebody naturally resistant to outside pressure and confidence. Mark’s driving over the years has appeared to be heavily influenced by outside pressures.

        I’d love to preach about what a solid, consistent, fast driver Mark Webber is. But for all of his talents, he is neither of those.

        1. It’s true that Webber has had some off days particularly under the pressure of leading the championship, but he wont have those kinds of pressure if he goes to Ferrari as Alonsos wing man.

        2. Webber fast and consistent? The stats say so;

          Since Japan ’09 Webber has only failed to score points in only 3 GPs (all retirements) and has had 11 Fastest Laps.

          1. And has been in the top 4 on WDC points since 2009. And has beaten Hamilton for finishing position in 60% of all races since 2009.

      3. @hohum That’s not news, that’s speculation.

        1. The word “IF” is present in the post. But I do take your point.

    4. $975k for Alesi’s Ferrari, but only $500 deposit required? The deposit shouldn’t be a problem, now where can i find that extra $974,500 from? ……Maybe I can start a “Lets buy Dane a Ferrari Foundation” :)

      1. @dane-1 yes and then offer to donator’s pictures onto the car. Brilliant!

    5. Comment of the day #2 Delightful

      Have already donated to Red Bull Wings for Life. I know I will never see it, but knowing my face will be on an F1 car is enough for me :P

      Webber and Ferrari. Not rumours I give much credence, but if they were true I wouldn’t be completely against the idea. It may be a step backwards in pace but Webber would fit in well with both Ferrari and Alonso, and he would be no less a championship contender than he is now.

      1. Congrats on the COTD even though I am on the other side.

        1. +1 ditto

      2. soundscape (@)
        1st May 2012, 4:31

        Webber would fit in well with both Ferrari and Alonso, and he would be no less a championship contender than he is now.

        I agree with you. I think Mark and Fernando have personalities that would work well together. They both seem to have quite similar, mature personalities. They also both say what they feel, which I admire in both.
        Webber wouldn’t be losing anything by going to Ferrari. Being number 2 would be clear and said out loud, not whispered and suggested. Mark might find comfort and consistency in that.

    6. This picture from of turn 1 construction just gives me chills.
      They’re going to race up there in a few months. It’s foreshortened, but still.

      1. It does look like it’s going to be an awesome first corner.

        Television and photographs always remove something of the elevation. For example, the straight between Turns 13 and 14 at Bahrain actually has quite a substantial drop in the middle of it, but it’s not obvious when you watch it on television.

    7. Ah, the good old days, live them again, listen to the motorsport blog. Terrific.

    8. Oh my… The Ferrari 643 is easily the best looking F1 car ever in my opinion! If I won the lottery, I’d have that in the middle of my lounge room — no matter how awkward that made everyone’s life! Oh, and I’d have to start it and rev it every day, too.

      On a slightly more serious note, I hope someone with a genuine interest in F1 picks it up, because it would be a shame to see it go to “waste” on someone who only wants it for a collection.

      Who knows? Keith’s featured it in the round-up — perhaps someone here will grab it! :-D

      (Just realised I accidentally posted this same comment on the 2007 RBR article… Oops.

        1. @ivz I think I’ve already included it in many similar topics on the forum! :-P

          @TimG I don’t need a big house unless I want to have many families living with me! But I can’t confidently say I’d not buy one anyway if I won the lottery.

          641 is absolutely gorgeous too, but I think the 643 with its refinements is an improvement. And it looks better from the profile view too.

      1. If I won the lottery, I’d have that in the middle of my lounge room — no matter how awkward that made everyone’s life! Oh, and I’d have to start it and rev it every day, too.

        I can’t help but think you’ve failed to think that one through… my lottery fantasies generally involve high specification racing engines and well-ventilated areas.

        I’ve half thought about hanging an F1 car on the wall of my lottery house, but concluded it would end up looking a bit naff – there was a house up for sale near me which featured a wall-mounted Ducati 916, which just like a waste of a good bike. It’d be a shame to do the same to a “ready to race” 643, which is undeniably pretty but not quite up there with the 641 IMHO.

        1. I guess you haven’t seen the size of the intended lounge room :)

    9. @keithcollantine
      Ickx was never my fave driver either, but there’s no need for silly name calling!

      Jacky Icky started from pole position for Ferrari

      I enter a nomination for typo of the year : )

      1. I enter a nomination for typo of the year

        @maciek I concur!

      2. Ha! Changed it, thanks.

    10. Isn’t today the 1st of May? I’m amazed to see anything other than Imola ’94 on the roundups… Or do we just try and go for round years (40/30 etc)

      Wish I had more time in a day, I had to watch half of ‘Senna’ yesterday so I can watch the final part of it today…

    11. R.I.P Seeeeeeeeeennnnaaa.

    12. ON THIS DAY 8 years ago, Senna died in San Marino.
      We will never forget

      1. *18 years ago

      2. @idr its been 18yrs, unless of course u used a ‘back to the future’ time machine to post the comment :p

      3. I’m getting old!!!

        I Cannot fix it like Keith do (so frequently)

    13. The Scarbs tweet about the rumoured adjustable brake duct is brief but interesting nonetheless. I’d be interested in any further information on that.

      1. yep, me too!
        I’m wondering if it’s legal or not if it turns out to be true…recently the term “adjustable” doesn’t go very well with FIA!

    14. I donated to have a photo of me and my brother on the cars. It will be a huge challenge to find our photo on it no doubt but as its my first Grand Prix I liked the idea of the potential winners car having our faces on it! It will make the day that bit more special for me! Mind you it was taken in 1985 when I was 6 so at least no-one will recognise me now!

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