Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Jenson Button, Interlagos, 2011

Todfod wins F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship

Predictions Championship

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Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Jenson Button, Interlagos, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Jenson Button, Interlagos, 2011

Todfod has won this year’s Predictions Championship and tickets to next year’s British Grand Prix.

There was only a point in it after the final race with Todfod finishing on 250 points and Lotusien2 managing 249.

Doance won the final round of the year with Andy.Price finishing as runner-up.

See here for the full championship standings:

Prize winners in full

Grand prize: Todfod wins two grandstands tickets to the 2012 British Grand Prix

Second place prize: Lotusein2 wins an F1 painting of their choice by Rob Ijbema

The following win copies of the Haynes Official F1 Season Review 2011:

Jon Finn, S-D, MattHT, BrawnGP, adamtys, berlinerkindlGP, jimfaekillie, Dave M, florida mike and Pink Peril.

The following win copies of the Haynes Red Bull RB6 manual:

Benc22, penball, malleshmagdum, thekuna and dondada.

The Brazilian Grand Prix round winner was Doance, who wins a pair of F1 DVDs from Duke Video.

The Brazilian Grand Prix runner-up was Andy.Price who wins an official F1 Fanatic mug.

Thanks to everyone who played this year. Congratulations to our 55 prize winners over the course of the season and commiserations to those of you who didn’t win.

The competition prize winners will be sent further details by email later this week.

Here are the top scorers for the Brazilian round:

F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship 2011 - Brazil

PlayerPole TimePole1.
graham22822101:12.250 VETWEBVETBUTALOHAM31
bplowry01:11.567 VETWEBVETBUTALOHAM31
andy.price01:12.205 VETHAMVETBUTALOMAS31
chrispl01:12.222 HAMHAMVETBUTALOMAS29
icemangrins01:14.232 HAMWEBVETBUTSCHMAS29

The prizes

Here are the prizes in full:

Grand prize: Two grandstands tickets to the 2012 British Grand Prix

The person who scores the most points over the whole season will win two grandstand tickets to the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The grand prize winner will receive tickets to all three days of the event with reserved seating for the race.

The winners will have tickets for the Becketts grandstand which offers views of the spectacular, high-speed Becketts complex plus part of the new infield section of the track which saw so much action in the 2010 race.

Car-a-Day painting by Rob Ijbema

Second place prize: An F1 painting of your choice

The second place finisher will win an F1 painting by Rob Ijbema.

You get to choose which F1 driver, present or past, will feature in the painting. Or you can pick one of the other motor racing paintings on Rob’s site Car-a-day.

Runner-up prizes

The players who finish in third to 12th places will each win a copy of the Haynes Official F1 Season Review 2011.

And the players who finish in 13th to 17th places will each win a copy of the Haynes Red Bull RB6 manual.

Duke DVDs

Race winners prize: A pair of F1 DVDs

Duke Video are supplying the prize for the player who gets the highest score in each round.

Each race winner will get to pick any two from the following three new Duke motor racing DVDs:

F1 FAnatic mug

Race runners-up prize: F1 Fanatic mugs

The second place finisher in each race will win an official F1 Fanatic mug.

See here for more details on F1 Fanatic merchandise:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images

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  • 75 comments on “Todfod wins F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship”

      1. Indeed @todfod, great consistency and a good hand of choosing, congratulations and have an enormous amount of fun at the race next year!

        congratulations to the top ten as well.

    1. Well done Todfod…although you would have only finished fourth in the drivers championship ;-P

    2. Well done to Todfod! That’s a mega prize and I hope you have the time of your life!

    3. Congrats.

    4. Congratulations to Todford – hope you have as great a time at Silverstone as I did this year!

    5. I don’t believe it! Missed out on a win by 0.15 seconds :( Almost a Mark Webber-esque rise from the ashes. Dammit!

      Ah well, will have to wait until next season to pick up my second win – was my first

      I’m finishing in the top 150 after mostly quite dire rounds, I don’t think that’s too bad.

    6. 16th + Red Bull RB6 manual in first full season, I’m quite happy :)

    7. Congratulations Todfod. :)

    8. I just won the Red Bull manual in my first full season! wow! congrats to Todfod and Lotusein2.
      Congrats to all the other winners!

      1. Gee @malleshmagdum, great rookie year!

        1. yeah…..wonder why u didnt figure in the top20 even though u won a round

          1. The first rounds I was a bit too much thinking about who I would like to win instead of going for who was most likely to win.
            And after I got into the top 100, my last couple of races were far from brilliant, losing quite a lot of points (and one time where I made a mistake and put Sutil on top instead of Sebastian Vettel – brainfade!)

            1. @BasCB in my case, in the first few races, i favoured MSC for P5 and Webber, thinking he would bounce back, for the win…..finally after 3races, i changed strategies and within the next 5races my ranking went from 1000+ to 4th! Then in Singapore i dropped from 6th to 20+…,got to top 17 only after abu dhabi

    9. Congrats @Todfod

      The last three rounds all hailed 9 points each for me, so not a terrible end to the season, and in the end I eventually broke passed the 300 barrier to get 289 in the end.

      I think I speak for everyone when I say…BRING ON 2012!

    10. Congrats mate!

    11. Wow well done @Todfod. I don’t know how you managed to do that, I do so poorly! Enjoy it

    12. Congrats @todfod and all the other prize winners!

    13. Thanks a lot guys!

      WOW! I’m so pumped up that I can barely type right now. I cannot believe I almost threw in the towel after the Canadian GP, where I had moved far out of the top 200. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to make the most of my first ever British GP!

      A notable mention to S-D. He was definitely the guy to beat for most of the season. I could only get by him with a little bit of luck in the last race.

      S-D, I hope to see you battling up at the front again next year.

      And finally… a big thank you to Keith, without whom I would have been watching the British GP at home next year

      1. Huge grats @Todfod

        I managed a podium this time round at least :)

      2. Huge well done man.

      3. @Todfod Your avatar paints the picture beautifully. :)

        1. LOL. I noticed that as well. The avatar is kind of apt for the result in the predictions championship

          1. Toma !!!

            Congrats Todford, an awesome effort to take out the 2011 F1 tipping challenge. Pretty pleased with my own efforts though, 11th *and* highest placed woman ! Watch out boys, next year I plan to crack the top ten :D

    14. Congrats @todfod! I have probably never been more irritated to see Jenson overtake Alonso than I was on Sunday :-P But, I improved from 6th last year to 4th this time around, which I’m pretty happy with.

      1. As a hardcore Alonso fan and an avid Jenson basher, I dont think I’ve ever been happier seeing Jenson overtake Alonso for 3rd :P

        1. Haha, so we both predicted against our allegiances to JB/FA for the third place spot? Crazy.

    15. Great to do so well after being well out of the running last year. Thanks for the prize Kieth, any chance of it on blue-ray?? :P

    16. Congrats @todfod …..u came out of nowhere…….and i thought @S-D would win this time……..he led for so many races

      1. Yeah, its hard to believe, but I couldn’t have done it without a little bit of luck.

        My 1st prediction championship.. and 1st win. I got big shoes to fill in for next year :)

        1. are u an Indian….wanna confirm if i am the only Indian in top 15

          1. Yep. I’m Indian as well :) . Sorry about that..

            1. oh..,it was @indranil.dudhane who alerted me tht u could be an Indian…ur ID should hv been Thodfod..

    17. Oh and congrats to Todford, enjoy the race mate

    18. Congratulations @Todfod! And also to the others for trying!

    19. Congrats Todfod and the rest!

      Im quite supriced i got #27 being my first season.
      Already looking forward to next year!

    20. so my wildly optimistic prediciton to steal the win failed. But thanks to Vettel for single-handedly making half my points by winning 11 times and 15 poles.

    21. Alonsomatic (@the0506alonsomatic)
      30th November 2011, 18:21

      Congrats to the winner and fellow Alonso fan!! I will be hoping for another Alosnso win at Silverstone for ya!

      1. You know I’m asking for trouble when I enter the Silverstone grandstands in a Bright Red T-Shirt

        1. Wear the red t-shirt mate.. but with tear off stickers of Vodofone, Santander.. blending in won’t be an issue ;)

    22. I had a great start of the season, but from Spa I had only awful results. Sunday was no exception : only 7pt gained, and it pushes me outside the top 100. This year was clearly a bad one, even worse than last year.

      I really need to perform better for 2012!

    23. Jesus…. this is the first time my name appeared in a feature. I scored 29 points in Brazil in my rookie season and I featured only in 5 races.

      I’m going to a serious contender next year. I just found a “time machine” from the time machine in e-bay…. bazingaaaa

      1. The time machine is probably more useful to go back, knowing what you know now, and blitz the field this year ;)

    24. Big congrats to Todfod (who I was backing along with Ads because they’re fellow Alonso fans :P) and also congrats to Doance for this round!

      1. Thanks Steph. Lets hope Fernando has a better year next year, and more importantly, lets hope for an Alonso win at Silverstone ;)

        1. I hope for his third title and of course a Silverstone win for you :)

    25. Congrats to Todfod!
      I would not say the truth if I would not say I am a little bit disapointed to miss the Tickets price by only a miserable point! But that’s it!
      Nevertheless I am happy to finish 2nd for my first full season and to have win a GP.
      I will try again next year. ;-)
      And thanks a lot to Keith for this organisation.

    26. Well done @Todfod, we got the same score 9 times this year, 10 times too few for my liking ;-)

      1. Thanks Icthyes. I think if we are going to be matching each other’s scores again next year, lets make a pact to aim higher.

    27. Congrats to all the winners this year, and a special thanks to Keith and the others involved for organizing this

    28. Congrats Todfod and everyone that won :D Shame for me as I was in the 100s by the middle of the season, but I’ve been dropping down, to my PB of 287 :D

    29. Congrats to Todfod!

      I wound up tied at 192nd, solidly among the mediocre!

      Has anyone out there had the patience to go back and figure out what one would have scored had they picked, for every race, Vettel for the pole, and the top 5 in order of their ultimate rank in the standings? Keith?

    30. Well done, @todfod ! Mega job you did all year. :)

    31. Well done, @Todfod ! Congratulations :)

      I finished in the top 5%. Happy with that.

      Looking forward to next year.

    32. Considering I made my first prediction on a whim for this round, I’m not displeased with 4th (missed out on third by 0.02 seconds). I reckon I’ll definitely make this a regular feature next year.

      Congrats to everyone who was pleased with themselves! (Because if you’re happy with 1000th place, then that’s awesome too)

    33. Great job Todfod! Enjoy Silverstone!

    34. For my first season I’m surprised how well I did especially since I missed 7 or 8 rounds half of them because I was lazy. Yet I still won a round, now imagine how high up I could have been on the weekends I decided not to apply myself.

    35. i wanted to be placed either in 2nd or from 14 to 17…….didnt want a CD, and didnt want tickets (cannot afford airfares to the UK)….so very happy with 15th :)

    36. Well done @Todfod (and all 54 other people ahead of me). Added a chunk of fun to the season, didn’t it?

    37. What?! I won? I thought I did crap this round. I predicted Hamilton to win, forgot the rest. lol wasn’t expecting that at all.

      1. Wait, how do I get these DVD’s?? I want them!

        1. Nah actually don’t worry about it. I’m moving house in a couple of weeks so it’s kind of complicated. I don’t really want the DVD’s that much.
          I didn’t think I would win, this is a weird situation.

          1. Congratulations on the Win @doance! @Keithcollantine will contact you and ask you to pick which DVDs you choose, and the adress they should be sent to.

            Then you can happily wait for the post to come to your new place and enjoy them when they arrive for the christmas holidays!

    38. congrats @todfod . thank you @Keith for a great competition.

    39. Congrats @todfod! Enjoy Silverstone!

    40. sid_prasher (@)
      1st December 2011, 19:38

      @Todfod many congratulations!!!
      Tough luck @S-D and the others who were so very close!

    41. Congrats @Todford

    42. @Benc22 @penball @thekuna and
      @dondada have u rcvd the e-mail? I still hvnt

      1. No, I still haven’t, but that isn’t really an issue for me right now ;)

        1. @thekuna thx for the reply…i hv won a few prizes online, only to find out tht the PR Dept isnt interested in dispatching it! I hv been told that @keithcollantine is reliable and does not do that……so lets wait for the email :)

      2. It will be going out within the next week.

        1. @keithcollantine thanx for the clarification…the original post said emails will be sent ‘later this week’….which means atleast by today….so i thought there must be sme technical problem regarding sending the email to me

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