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2011 Korean Grand Prix grid

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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Row 1 1. Lewis Hamilton 1’35.82
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’36.042
Red Bull
Row 2 3. Jenson Button 1’36.126
4. Mark Webber 1’36.468
Red Bull
Row 3 5. Felipe Massa 1’36.831
6. Fernando Alonso 1’36.98
Row 4 7. Nico Rosberg 1’37.754
8. Vitaly Petrov 1’38.124
Row 5 9. Paul di Resta No time
Force India
10. Adrian Sutil No time
Force India
Row 6 11. Jaime Alguersuari 1’38.315
Toro Rosso
12. Michael Schumacher 1’38.354
Row 7 13. Sebastien Buemi 1’38.508
Toro Rosso
14. Kamui Kobayashi 1’38.775
Row 8 15. Bruno Senna 1’38.791
16. Pastor Maldonado 1’39.109
Row 9 17. Sergio Perez 1’39.443
18. Rubens Barrichello 1’39.538
Row 10 19. Heikki Kovalainen 1’40.522
20. Jarno Trulli 1’41.101
Row 11 21. Timo Glock 1’42.091
22. Jerome D’Ambrosio 1’43.483
Row 12 23. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’43.758
24. Daniel Ricciardo No time

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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30 comments on “2011 Korean Grand Prix grid”

  1. It been the first non red bull pole since Brazil last year with Hulkenburg

    1. There’s a scary stat for you O.o

      Lets hope next year we get some surprises!

  2. Vettel was second wasn’t he? And Button third…?

    1. You’re right

    2. Sorry – typo in Vettel’s time.

  3. Really stunning lap from Hamilton. Really! also It’s certain Red Bull lost their qualifying ground. I don’k know it’s due to lack of dry practice though.

    1. I don’t think Red Bull’s pace has anything to do with lack of running. We’ve already seen Vettel coming out of the blue to set a pole. I’d rather say they are trying things towards 2012.

  4. Erm, Vettel qualified 2nd not Button, wish it had been Button but never mind

  5. I’m not getting too carried away with this. For one, points are only awarded on a Sunday. Qualifying is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

    And secondly, it’s going to take more than one flying lap to convince me that Lewis Hamilton has overcome a season of errors.

    1. You might be right. If Hamilton defense his position at the start, it would be fine…probably. if not something like Hungary happens which unlikely. However he lose his position, it would test him again.

    2. Of course you are right, but usually when you can take the fight to Vettel there is a chance someone beats him (for example BUtton taking advantage of Hami Vettel fight) but if he is in the lead in a race its hard to beat him. Lets see how it goes tomorrow and what the tyres will do.

    3. He really, REALLY should win this time though. His car has got the pace, so all Lewis has to do is stay out of trouble for once.

      1. I wouldn’t go over-crediting him. Pole position does not guarantee a win. After all, we’ve seen Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher carve their way through the field before, so I see no reason why others can’t do it, too. Hamilton’s margin over Vettel is miniscule, particularly compared to the margin Vettel has held over the field for most of the season.

        I was afraid this would happen – as soon as someone other than Vettel (and especially if that someone is Hamilton) takes pole, everyone gets on here and starts talking about how Vettel is suddenly vulnerable. But this is essentially a new race this year: the circuit was locked up and has not been used since last year’s race, Pirelli have chosen a very aggressive set of tyres, and the weather promises a dry race when 2010 was monsoonal. This race is going to be the Grand Prix with the most uncertainty surrounding it, so if anything, pole position means the least here.

        1. It’s great from Lewis as he has had a tough time lately but I’m not forgetting Hungary. The race weekend before, he went out and showed the world what he could deliver when he’s in the right place and then the next weekend he made a daft mistake and threw away the win. I hope that this is the start of better things but I won’t just wait until the end of this weekend to judge, I’ll wait until the end of the next racing weekend too.

        2. @prisoner-monkeys I’m inclined to agree with you. Hamilton deserved pole but that doesn’t necessarily mean he deserves an automatic win tomorrow. I really doubt the McLaren will be able to pull away in the way that the Red Bull has this year.

  6. Finally it happened. Was fairly close a couple of times already but well, at last someone did it. Also nice drift in the last corner by Vettel. Massa ahead of Alonso again; did the spaniard do a second run in Q3, I didn’t see it?!

    1. Alonso did a second run but abandon it.

  7. Yinka Babs (@)
    15th October 2011, 7:21

    He will be delighted with his 19th pole and his first grid-topping performance since Canada last year.
    Mclaren seems to have found the right answers to Redbull’s pace.

  8. monica nguyen
    15th October 2011, 7:24

    That s weird, Hamilton seems so unhappy even he gets the pole. No comment on team radio.

    1. He looks pretty jaded, doesn’t he?

    2. maybe he did say something on radio but FOM didn’t broadcast it.

  9. Wait, this was intended as a reply to @rfs

  10. I didn’t even notice Massa had outqualified Alonso. I know I’m not a morning person but clearly I’m an awful Massa fan.

    1. In Q1 I thought he was going to be on pole :P
      Don’t worry @Steph, Felipe is so good there is nothing special when he outqualifies Fernando, more the opposite :P

      1. Yeah, no offence there, but when Massa is in front of Alonso I think the question is why Alo is behind. Not the opposite.

  11. Hm, seems Vettel is now being investigated for that corner cutting. Guess they want to establish the fact its not done to cut short a lap on purpose like that.

    I hope that won’t get him a time struck from the board and drop him down.

    1. I believe he was just in a hurry to get back to the pits. Whether that’s legal or not…

  12. That lap was great by Lewis, almost nailed every single corner and apex on the Korea International Circuit.

    1. @5nil Indeed it was a great lap. I took great pleasure in watching it back.

  13. Nice work from Force India and good to see Petrov in Q3. What a contrast to a couple of race ago.

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