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Live: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

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53 comments on “Live: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. Poor Lewis. Must be a nightmare for him.

    1. I think JB was confused that LH tried to overtake on the outside down the straight, when the obvious thing would have been to move down the inside to turn one. JB was always going to stay on the racing line at that point…

      1. jb only gets one move,an he madeit. Lh should have moved right,then if jb came back…well you know

        1. Wasn’t even one move, that was the racing line. HAM’s instinct has turned to the same mush as his intellect.

  2. Well if I wasn’t convinced the FIA still have it in for McLaren, I am now. How can you investigate and possibly penalise a driver when he’s out of the race for TWO incidents???

    Plus Jenson’s drive through was for one of the most ridiculous rules i’ve ever seen in F1.

    1. He can be given a grid penalty for the next race, which is what happened after Hamilton shunted into the back of Raikkonen in Canada three years ago.

    2. Jenson went too fastfood in the pitlane. So the rules were applied. I’m sorry for Lewis. Big hart, bad luck.

  3. Readies popcorn for Lewis’ post-race press conference.

  4. I don’t think Lewis is to blame for that incident with Button. If anything it’s a racing incident. Button was getting on with his race, as was Hamilton. Button just couldn’t see him because of the rain.

    1. Hamilton is a crash kid!
      He just cant overtake!!!

      1. He just cant overtake!!!

        You know that’s completely untrue.

      2. Obvious troll is obvious

  5. What a farce they might aswell get rid of wet tyres and just have dry races this isn’t racing…health and safety gone mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. im with u, why those wet tyres exits if they are just gonna babysitting until the rain goes off, modern F1 race are just a retarded joke

  6. I can’t believe Brundel, let’s not pre-judge button -he was so ready to pre-judge hamilton at Monaco, that was Button’s fault he just wasn’t going to let Hamilton overtake him-(Again) that was just the same type of move Schuey did to Rubens

    1. Brundle will rather knock Hamilton than Button. Never the less, it is a racing accident, even Webber, Hamilton was a racing accident.

      1. Hamilton Button seemed like a racing incident. Although comparing Button’s line down the straight to Massa’s (?) in front, Button did seem to cut across earlier. Too hard to say.

        I think it would have been tighter on the Webber one though. It was wet, and Webber had pulled out late to give room as he should, but Hamilton was already up on the curb where it would be daft to turn in the wet. But on the two replays I saw, it seems like there was time after he dismounted the curb but before contact where he could have turned to avoid the crash.

  7. bigbadderboom
    12th June 2011, 18:55

    Just goes to prove modern F1 penalises the racer, crazy. Are red bull the new ferrari. Red bull are now officially FIA favourites

  8. I got into F1 with Hamilton, he’s always been my favourite driver by a long way. I admire his attitude to racing, I think it’s something the sport needs.
    I have to say though, he needs to sit down and reconsider his attitude. His decisions are the common denominator in all of his accidents, even though I’d love to say they’re just racing incidents.
    He won’t win another championship without a serious rethink. I always thought he was the best driver, but I always wonder if he’s even going to finish races, and that’s not good enough.

    1. Agreed. He’s bordering on ridiculous now which is such a shame

      1. Interesting statistic, on the BBC, about the number of overtakes Hamilton makes compared to the rest of the field. Could explain a lot.

        On a related note, Hamilton’s impulsive attitude lately may have more to do with the fact that he feels the championship is running away, so he has nothing to lose in going for it. Just a thought.

    2. Ah no! I feel bad now. He just smiled on TV! He is such a good driver, he’s just getting frustrated.

    3. Totally agree, he has gone beyond the realm of a good driver, (which he definately was! He has now laost all sense or reason and is a danger to every other driver on the track. If he doesnt change his driving attitude/stance then soemone is in serious danger i believe.

  9. What the heck is going on with Button and Hamilton? Don’t get into your teammate. Nuff said.

    1. I can only imagine that Button didnt see him in his mirrors. Squeezing his team mate or any driver isnt Buttons style.

      Do feel for Lewis though.

      1. Yeah, it is what it is. Looks like Vettel has this win also. As long as he stays mistake free.

      2. He seems to be more frustrated with the team at the moment. Seemed more upset about them telling him to stop the car rather than Buttons move.

  10. I just hope they restart the race. The track does not seem to be draining,

  11. Brundle talking about Webber, Hamilton accident, when he noticed he was going to contradict himself about Webber leaving Hamilton space, he started mumbling.

  12. Hamilton must be Buttons and every one elses biggest nightmare. He should be called Loose (Cannon) Hamilton. Dager on Racetrack street

  13. Never expected the Canadian Grand Prix to turn into an episode of Bird Watching.

    1. Hahaha, lol! So true.
      Red shouldered blackbird it was!

  14. We could see on the series of replay’s that Button was looking in his mirror when he moved towards Hamilton (the wall).

    So I guess we can’t blame this one on Hamilton.

    1. If anything it proves button could not anticipate the accident. no one would hit their team mate intentionally, especially button?

      1. Well, I think the perception of Button the ‘wise’ and ‘calm’ driver might just change after this incident.

        Let’s not mix opinions and facts. The fact is; Button had a bad exit from the corner and he was looking in his mirror when he pushed Hamilton in to the wall. Whether it was a move to scarry Hamilton, crash or just defend his position, I guess we’ll never know.

    2. People still will though :)

      1. My take is that it was just a racing incident. It probably all happened too quickly for either of them to react to avoid an accident.

        1. * because I doubt that either of them would have wanted to take the other out of the race.

  15. Also been looking at replay of shunt, looks to me Button looks in mirrors while Lewis was tucked up behind him BEFORE he took the normal racing line. Lewis should have taken the other side, but easy to say from my armchair!

    1. +1 Agree.
      There is a movement of Button’s helmet when he looks towards his left-hand mirror. At that moment LH appears to be still in line astern. JB moves left believing LH is still behind.

      Terribly bad luck for Lewis, but he just misjudged it. Lucky for Button he wasn’t KO’d as well.

  16. Yes, Hamilton’s out, people are arguing over whether it was JB’s or Hamilton’s fault, but who cares really… Vettel’s first and Kobayashi’s second!! :D.

    1. How about people who like to see real racing. How is it JB and LH incident is being investigated but rewind to istanbul 2010. No investigation. No investigation for Schumacher making more than one change of direction into hairpin.

      I dont mind penalties being given out, but consistency has not been applied and this fuels consipiracy that FIA are targeting mclaren, poor stewarding.

  17. Here we go, let the track dry as much as possible. Lovely for Vettel I guess…

  18. This race is a complete joke.

  19. Unbelievable, SC comes at a perfect time for Vettel again!

  20. Why is vettel not being penalized for driving too slow behind the safety car?.. Twice!

  21. Probably because if he didn’t the whole field would catch the safety car before it could make it to the pits..

  22. Well done jb

  23. Wow, just wow.

    The Mclaren is fast during race conditions. Surely from Silverstone onwards RBR won’t be so dominant in qualifying and Mclaren can start to use their pace in the race more often.

  24. Did the crowd just boo Vettel?

    1. Yes I noticed that too! No mention of it elsewhere that I’ve seen, but I definitely heard noticeable booing when he got his trophy.

  25. Hammy’s still the best but he’s developed attitude since wallowing in all the trsppings of success.
    He should watch a few of Prost’s races and try to keep calm at least in the early stages. Hearing Murray say “Prost is on a charge” always made me sit up and watch as it was almost magical to see the Professor pick them off.

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