Paul di Resta, Force India, Montreal, 2011

Live: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix qualifying

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Follow the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix qualifying session on F1 Fanatic Live.

F1 Fanatic Live combines updates from the teams and drivers in real-time via Twitter with comments from F1 Fanatic readers and more.

F1 Fanatic Live is also covering the Le Mans 24 Hours which is running during F1 qualifying.

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Here’s a quick visual guide to F1 Fanatic Live (click to enlarge):

F1 Fanatic Live Guide
F1 Fanatic Live Guide

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6 comments on “Live: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix qualifying”

  1. ARE, YOU, READY???

    I have a feeling this will be the most exciting qualifying of the season!

  2. Hahah wow, is Humphrey wearing those clothes for a bet or something?

  3. Yes Kyle, he is actually – HAHAHAHAHAHA—Hahuh. Go and seek it out, it awaits.

  4. Anyone know where to see qualifying in brussels?? QUICK!!

  5. Vettel takes pole!

  6. Webber faster than both McLaren’s without KERS!

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