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Hamilton: ‘I’m not here to win only one or two titles’

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In today’s round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he wants to be “one of the most successful Formula One drivers of this generation.”


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

I’m here to win! Hamilton spells it out to McLaren as new car lags behind rivals (Daily Mail)

“I’m not here to race 10 years and win only one or two world championships. I want to be one of the most successful Formula One drivers of this generation, so I think you have to continue winning and prove yourself time after time for people to know you are the best.”

Webber determined not to slow down in he jostles for position in Formula One (The Daily Telegraph)

“I don?t feel particularly strongly about things. It?s just that generally when you?re asked a straightforward question, as a bloke in your thirties you should be able to give an opinion.”

Sebastian Vettel warns of drivers’ strike over safety fears (Daily Mirror)

“The most important thing is that the drivers are together. If we all agree on something then we can be very powerful. We can say, ‘OK, we are not racing’.”

Bridgestone extends Moto GP tyre deal until 2014 (GP Update)

“Bridgestone will remain as the sole tyre supplier of Moto GP until at least 2014, with the Japanese corporation announcing a three-year extension to its current contract.”

Paul Oz ‘Ultimate McLaren’ Oil Portrait, 100% to Japan (eBay)

Auction for a Jenson Button print, proceeds from which will go to the Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund.

The ??Fernando Alonso?? sports complex comes to life in Oviedo (Ferrari)

“Around four thousand people turned up in Margal, in the suburbs of Oviedo to celebrate alongside Fernando Alonso, the preview of a sports centred named in his honour, which includes a 1,390.5 metre long kart track, an area of 2500 square metres dedicated to road safety training and a museum focussing on the sporting career of the double Formula 1 world champion.”

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Comment of the day

Toro Stevo was one of several people who were unimpressed with the restrictions on Mark Webber’s demonstration run in Melbourne:

He pushed it to 102 kph, 100 being the actual speed limit of the road. So a whopping 22 kph more than what they do in pit lane.

It also means that half of the people who use the road outside peak hour went over it quicker, amongst traffic and possibly at night, than the state let one of the country?s best drivers do it when the road was empty in one of the world?s safest cars.
Toro Stevo

From the forum

Some vintage Murray Walker from Master firelee.

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Ayrton Senna was injured in a crash during practice for the last ever F1 race in Mexico on this day in 1992.

Senna had flipped his McLaren at the circuit one year earlier. This time he hit the barrier and a suspension arm penetrated the cockpit, trapping him in the car.

Senna criticised the bumpy Hermanos Rodriguez circuit afterwards and said it was no longer suitable for F1 cars.

Image ?? Pirelli

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  • 134 comments on “Hamilton: ‘I’m not here to win only one or two titles’”

    1. Funny that Vettel is the one most worried about DRS :P

      1. I doubt that he’s the “most” worried. He may be, but I’ve seen Barichello quoted saying more emphatically that it would be dangerous. Vettel certainly didn’t look worried about it when he was running through corners with the wing open in winter testing. It’ll be funny if after all the moaning some fans have been doing about how the DRS is going to ruin F1 and turn it into Mario Kart, if the drivers themselves put and end to it.

        1. He’s in front… of course he’s worried about being overtaken. He has the most to loose being the reigning world champion.

          1. I find it fascinating that you managed to spell “reigning” correctly but completely butcher “lose”. :P

            1. It’s an Easter Egg for my fans ;)

            2. I believe that hamulton is the GB f1 best driver. do I am right or wrong?

        2. Didn’t Vettel step in to a GPDA chairman role somewhere last year? Making him a bit of a spokesman for the drivers in this instance rather than talking about his own concerns?

          I do think Vettel might be the one having mostly on the receiving end of DRS moves, using it himself only when he sails past backmarkers.

      2. Shut yer “flap” Seb and get on with the racing!

        1. Reminds me of the ‘magic button’ moaning from 2009. Just get on and drive Seb.

      3. I think Vettel is one of the most preper targetof DRS rather than usint it to others :P

      4. I would have thought he’d be one of its greatest fans… given that he’s quick but can’t overtake for toffee.

        Ah, the season must be nearly here – it’s “Vettel can’t overtake” vs “Button’s gentle on his tyres” vs “Alonso’s a whinger” time again. This makes me happy :)

    2. I completely agree with what Lewis is saying. If he is not at least a 3 time champion by the time he’s finished then it will be a travesty.

      As much I dislike him you can never deny the talent he has.

      1. I think it would also be a travesty if Vettel manages to becomes a 3 or even 2 time before Hamilton achieves the same.

        1. Yeah cos Vettel is such a bad driver


          1. Yes absolutely. He is not in the same level with Lewis. I hope Ham will go to RB next year and will make Vettel like a puppy. The finger boy will use 2 fingers for sure not the usual one. :)

            1. Oh, you mean like in 2008 when the Mclaren was the fastest car and Seb still drove wheel to wheel in his STR?
              He’s annoying, whiny brat of a driver who’s blisteringly fast. Accept it.

            2. Hahaha, I don’t care them! I’m a Schumi fan don’t you see my previous comments? I love to see Schumi is back with his “hopefuly” winning car. But Ham and Seb… I prefer Ham coz he is better than the finger boy. That’s the truth and you Mr dragon need to accept it. :)

      2. Have to agree, never been Hamilton’s biggest fan but I can see his talent, and it seems it’s being wasted at McLaren at the moment.

      3. Did anyone else read Hamilton’s comments, and think… ‘Red Bull’..

        1. I think it was more to give the team a little shove :P

          For conspiracy theorists though it could be taken as a little dig at old rival Fernando who has been after his 3rd title for years now but spent 2 years in terrible Renaults.

          I agree that Hamilton should have multiple titles and his talent is obvious but I have to say I absolutely disagree he’s being wasted at Mclaren at the moment (sorry Kester!). If they were giving him cars like the 09 dog then yes -although they developed that quite well- but for 3 of his 4 years there he’s been provided with cars capable of challenging for the title. Hamilton’s worked very hard to get in the position he has and I don’t hold anything against him for getting to Mclaren right away as if anything it’s a credit to him but he’s young and most drivers his age spend time trundling around at the back for a while but he hasn’t so I think he’s doing quite well for himself.

          The problem is just that with the current rules RBR seem to be the pace setters and everyone else is playing catch up and Mclaren tried to do something different this year but it didn’t quite work so now it looks like he’s in for a hard time at the start but the season hasn’t even really begun yet.

          1. Sorry Lewis but I don’t think that you’re as good, genius as Schumacher and Senna. So I’m pretty sure that you never be the best driver in F1. Even in this generation of drivers Alonso and Kubica are better than you. Correct me if I’m wrong… good luck!

            1. Thing about that claim, is that you have to prove it. Senna / Schumacher comparisons will require 3 or 4 crowns at the very least.

            2. Ha Ha Ha, LMAO!! Alonslow? Kubica? Better than Hamilton? What a bizarre idea, how did you come to this absurd conclusion?

            3. Laranja Mecanica
              21st March 2011, 16:58

              Alonso, Kubica, Vettel, Massa, Heidfeld, Rosberg, Webber, of course Schumacher: absolutely.

              Getting a 2nd WDC would be an total miracle. Or more likely, a total handout (another one)

        2. He will surely think about that prospect at times. I bet he would also be interested in having a go at Ferrari.
          Reality is, he will be at McLaren antother 2 years minimum, so he can wait and see how it pans out this year and next year.

          I agree with what he says about liking McLaren but moving on if they do not give him the best car possible.

          1. he needs to be part of making them quick each year. like fernando managed to do with renault. now again ferrari, they have never looked this good pre season since michael and brawn was there..

            so far he has been ok at that too. mclarens development is pretty good. So i hope he doesnt think about jumping ship to soon. & the team love lewis which is vital. if he went to ferrari or red bull he would find a whole new world that he has never had to deal with in his career. and we all saw how upset he got when button beat him at melbourne and challenged him at turkey. he has more chance of multi titles if he stays where he is.

            Its something michael & alonso have over senna. he came to mclaren when they were quick already. and they slowly declined towards a time that he left. Its one of the very few things they are better at senna at. but car development id say they are. a one race contract in 93 cant of been good for development lol.

          2. According to Ecclestone at least two of Hamilton’s key rivals would beat the Briton in the same car and that would be Fernando Alonso and Robert Kubica.
            I just feel the same way!

            1. Well, Alonso didn’t though did he and Hamilton was in his first year. Alonso was matched punch for punch in 2007 by a rookie. He would certainly be outgunned by Lewis now in the same machinery. Also, Bernie is not well known for spotting driver talent.

        3. My initial comment regarding ‘Red Bull’, wasn’t pointed so much at Hamilton leaving, but rather the fact that that’s what it made me think. Which in turn is derived from Horner’s comments, which no doubt were said either to make people think, or as an observation that made people think as a consequence.

          It’s a seed sown in my own mind, and I’m sure Hamilton’s mind too if it was relayed back to him.

          This is F1, this is what happens. It’s political, it’s mind games.

      4. There have been greater drivers than Hamilton, and they didn’t win anything!

        It would be a “travesty” if he ‘lucked’ into another championship.

        1. @VXR
          name me one

          1. Just for out doing Hamilton at what Hamilton is supposedly famed for – Gilles Villeneuve.

            There was a brave guy, and then some!

          2. good point.

            1. i meant VXR’s point was good .

        2. Sir Stirling Moss himself said that in all his time he’s seen countless good drivers, some great ones, but only two or three real “racers” and identified Hamilton as one. So there goes your argument :-P

          1. Yes, but Moss seems to be the most butthurt F1 driver never to win a championchip… Which renders his argument pretty useless as well.

          2. In an interview with Keke Rosberg conducted by Nigel Roebuck regarding Hamilton. Keke said that Lewis is brave, and “I mean Villeneuve brave”.

      5. couldn’t agree more RISSSE that Lewis needs to be at least 3, 4 or 5 times champ if he races for like 12 years

      6. “I’m not here to race 10 years and win only one or two world championships. I want to be one of the most successful Formula One drivers of this generation, so I think you have to continue winning and prove yourself time after time for people to know you are the best.”

        He better up his game, because I bet he would hate it if he were known as the guy who beat Massa to the title though luck alone.

      7. In his current situation he is nowhere further in his F1 career than Jacques Villeneuve. Getting into a top team right from the start, then win the championchip and then… Well… A bit more than Villeneuve. But also many mistakes, a lot of moaning… No real development.

        He is quick, no doubt about it… But I wonder if he would be still in F1, if he had started with Toro Rosso, or Sauber.

        1. paul sainsbury
          20th March 2011, 21:14

          Surely you are not serious?

      8. My own view is that, with his new management team in tow, Lewis is making these noises simply to try and get more money out of McLaren when his contract negotiations come around.

        He will use the “McLaren haven’t given me a competitive car” (not that being in the top 3 of the constructors’ championship for every year he’s ever been in F1, apart from ’07 of course, is too shabby) excuse as leverage, but I don’t think the rumours of his imminent departure from McLaren have any grounding in reality just yet.

    3. Can’t believe Senna was injured in that crash, it looks so tame.

      The cockpits were ridiculous back then, you realise how much the cockpits are built-up around the drivers nowadays.

      1. It’s hard to imagine he could be in pain if that happened these days. Nevertheless, it’s not nice to see :(

      2. Yeah I remember when I first saw it I thought he was being silly! But safety is incredible now. Can you imagine how many leg injuries we could have had if the cars weren’t as strong as they are?

        1. Scary picture, as Lewis said in Top Gear once that you can punch through the cockpit,those people in those days with 1250 BHP Turbo were heroes.

          1. there were no turbos in 1992

        2. Well Glock had a suspension arm go through his cockpit in ’09 I think? So it can still happen now if you’re unlucky.

    4. That Fernando Alonso thing seems a bit excessive. I don’t think it would matter how many championships I’d won; I’d never have an entire museum and sports complex devoted to my name and achievements! :P

      1. A little self-indulgent is it not? ;)

        Surely the bit about Alonso is only temporary. I hope so!

      2. You not heard of the David Coulthard museum?

        We went there once when on holiday in Scotland but were gutted to find it was closed.

        1. Well…that does look more modest than what I imagine Fernando Alonso’s museum is.

          1. Lol I know its pretty tiny, but I think its fair to say the Alonso museum in Oviedo won’t be short of visitors, so if the demand is there why not build a big museum.

    5. Hamilton is right he is here ti achieve the maximum & will do that.I think & I may not be a popular person here but he will sit third in the all time best F1 drivers behind Prost & Schumacher if he end his F1 career around the age of 35-37 beating his favourite Senna.

      1. Agree 100%

    6. Who else thinks Lewis will replace Schumacher at Mercedes?

      1. For me it’s tough to believe Hamilton racing anywhere else but Mclaren,but he may go to Mercedes as he knows some people there.

        1. I just think he’ll go there because Ross Brawn is their team principal. If there’s one person who knows how to win championships its Ross.

          1. If there’s one person who knows how to win championchips it’s Michael Schumacher.

            1. Sammy Dulledge
              20th March 2011, 22:28

              If there’s one person who knows how to win championships, then it’s Adrian Newey..

              But that’s beside the point, if there’s only one person who knows how to win championships, then we wouldn’t have had anything like the situation we did last year..

              Personally, I think Hamilton should stay at Mclaren, he’s got a team underneath him, and a brilliant contrasting but just as high performing team-mate in Button, if he doesn’t win another championship I’ll be amazed, but I really want to see Schumi win one more first!

            2. Agree!!! Real champion and Legend!

      2. I think the chances are slim, McLaren may not be as great as he wants, but they consistently build better cars than Mercedes, Brawn excluded.

        I can’t see him going to Ferrari while Alonso is there… I hope he does, the arguments on this site would be hilarious.

        So for me, I tip him to replace Webber. Which, as an Australian, I’m not that happy to say. I’d like to see Webber stay in F1 a fair while longer.

        1. I can’t see him going to Ferrari while Alonso is there… I hope he does, the arguments on this site would be hilarious.


          I can’t imagine Alonso doesn’t have a no-Hamilton clause in his contract though…

          1. Why would he? Alonso has said all along his problem is with McLaren and “the way they run their team” (i.e. not having the “guts” to make him #1 in 2007), not Hamilton. If anyone has a problem with Hamilton, it’s Ferrari themselves.

            1. He may have said that, but I’m pretty sure he and Hamilton aren’t exactly friends!

        2. I can’t see him going to Ferrari while Alonso is there… I hope he does, the arguments on this site would be hilarious.

          Yeah I think would require a server upgrade!

          1. It wouldn’t if they were only well considered and reasonable arguments.

            Fanboy battles on the other hand…

    7. I have to agree with Vettel that Webber’s crash in Valencia could be repeated. Not so much due to DRS, but more because Webber just seems rather prone to crash into other cars.

      Last season alone he crashed into other drivers at least 5 times (into Hamilton 3x, Rosberg once and Kovalainen once). I’ll give him Turkey since that was mostly Vettel’s fault, but he really was looking for trouble there too.

      1. Webber crashed
        Hamilton in Melbourne…. fault
        Hamilton in Singapore…. not fault
        Vettel in Turkey…. not fault
        Kovalinian in Valencia…. fault but understandable
        Rosberg…. not fault
        Hamitlon in Malaysia… not fault, pushed wide off the track hamiltonc ontinued fine Webber dropped back because of it

        CAn’t think of anything else.
        Vettel has been crahsing due to his own fault much more
        Malaysia… he was the one who pushed Hamilton into Vettel
        Turkey… drove into teammate ruining 1-2 into a 3rd and DNF
        Silverstone… Bumping past atleast one Force India
        Belgium… Drove into Button while trying to overtake, also hit another Force India

        + His driving antics at the start swerving losing places trying to make 2nd (usually teammate) back off

        1. Webber’s mistake ultimately collected Rosberg, so yes, that’s his fault. Singapore was mostly Mark too, IMO.

          I also don’t remember any Red Bull coming into contact with a Mclaren in Malaysia.

          1. It was China, it’s very easy to get those mixed-up I find!

          2. I place the blame on both those drivers. Lewis probably should have given him a touch more space and Webber could have yielded. Egos and cars coming a buster on that one. I agree on the Rosberg call though.

          3. No it wasn’t visa ve Rosberg. If Webber wasn’t in contorl of his car then his car hitting someone who drove into the situation isn’t his fault.

            If Rosberg had driven the other way around and Webber has missed would it have been Webber that his car to miss Rosberg? No, and so when Webber’s car hit Rosberg, was it Webber who caused it to? No.

            As for Hamilton, yes it was China, not Malaysia, my bad, they are quite similiar.

            I wouldn’t call it Hamilton fault in China as he was pushed by Vettel and it wasn’t really Vettel’s as Vettel couldn’t be expected at the start to identify WEbber on the outside and not push Hamilton. Yes Vettel caused it, but I wouldn’t call it his fault.

            In Singapore Webber had nowhere to go and Hamilton left ALMOST enough room which alone is a mixed signal. Hamilton knew Webber was netx to him on the inside. Hamilton had less than a car length ahead but the outside. He left too little room and closed the door AT the apex. Webber didn’t have anywhere to go being on the inside next to a wall and went towards the apex aswell. Hamilton’s fault although the result of the accident (hamilton DNF) wasn’t proportional to the small mistake, but it was a Hamilton’s mistake, albit a small one.

            1. Finger Boy… tsk tsk tsk… Champion???. If Fernando or Lewis have the same car with him. The points is not that close like last year. Because he crash alot with his fault. lol

            2. Ultimately, its Webber’s fault that he made a mistake to spin the car. Which means that his mistake was to blame for Nico Rosberg retiring.

              It wasn’t intentional, but then, it wasn’t Vettel’s intention to lose control and hit Button either.

              Webber was partially to blame for Singapore too, since he could have avoided contact as much as Hamilton could have left more room. So perhaps close to 50-50.

            3. Actually Horner stated after the race that Webber had reacted on instinct to try and continue the race. Which means that Webber intentionally let go of the brakes so he could turn the car and continue in the right direction.

              In other words, he created the situation for that crash purposefully.

              That’s what I hold against him the most. Not that he was stupid enough to crash in the first place. It was prety wet on a green track and he had to keep up with Vettel.

            4. I didn’t know that patrickl, just found the article that says that. Indeed, another silly bit of driving from Webber.

        2. Watch this link:

          Exact repeat of Webber crashing into Hamilton in Melbourne. Doesn’t seem like he’s ever learnt if you ask me….(Nice bloke that he is).

          1. Well he was about 18 when that happened.

            Interesting though to see Brighty, Bargs and Webber all in Formula Ford as younger drivers. Bright in particular was always good value for money, but he never quite got the right drives at the right time (partly his fault sometimes)

        3. Singapore really was mostly Marks fault.

          Remember when Vettel crashed into Kubica in Australia 2009?

          Exact same situation. Kubica was almost a car length ahead and Vettel braked late to almost come back fully side by side with Kubica. By then an accident is unavoidable.

          Webber did the same thing. Braked late when completely on the inside of the corner. There was no way he could have made that corner.

          Vettel got a penalty for it. Can’t even begin to understand why Webber got away with yet another crash.

      2. Literally DRS makes car less downforce, less drag. It means you don’t have to be behind the target’s tail because simply you would fly away. Similar situation occured at Australia when Webber crashed into Hamilton. With DRS, you have to have more gap or differend line.

        1. It’s not like DRS just suddenly kicks in. They have to activate it and they can only do so under very sepcific conditions.

          1. I didn’t say DRS suddenly kick in. but you know, DRS is only allowed when you’re very close to the others, so be carefull.

    8. As much as I support his cause I really don’t like that ‘Ultimate McLaren’ painting. It’s too weird looking.

    9. I think Horner is making a huge mistake in pushing Webber to the outer. For sure Vettel is quicker, but Webber keeps him more than honest, and is more reliable as well. Considering Vettel is rated as one of the best drivers, you’d think Horner would be desperate to keep the guy who is, almost as good as the best driver, Which is Webber.

      1. On the contrary! Both Webber and Horner acknowledge that he needs some extra pressure to increase his fighting spirit. So what Horner does is just adding to that. And he wins both ways: he keeps his spoilt kid happy while at the same time giving his other driver something extra.
        I think they’re gonna sign Webber again, the only obstacle in that will be Webber.

    10. This is the year for Hamilton to adapt to the high tyre wear. Lewis cannot adopt his aggressive driving style unless he wants to make 4 to 5 stops. There’s too much speculation on the tryes and DRS situation, so Melbourne will give us the answers.

      1. Apparently last year Bridgestone said he was one of the better drivers to look after his tyres. Remember the Korean Grand Prix? Button’s tyres went off long before Hamilton’s did.

        1. Button was also lapping slower than every single car bar te new teams pretty much.

          I don’t hink you can really compare.

          Anyway, new tyres so it’ll be interesting to see what happens now.

          Hamilton was complaining about burning them out too easily in testing more so than others

        2. But that was for the opposite reason that the tyres are wearing out this season.

          Button couldn’t get heat into the tyres because his style is smooth and so instead of the tyres gripping they simply slid around and he went slower. There have been no problems at all in getting heat into the Pirelli’s tyres, even in the low temps during testing. Some drivers got too much heat into them!

          1. Exactly, you can’t just say X driver is this good/bad with their tyres

          2. That is my point. Icythes said that Hamilton was better because he was able to keep his tyres longer than Button.

            I was meerly stating that Button wasn’t able to get his tyres working period and so you can’t compare.

            If anything that shows as VXR said that Hamilton gets alot of heat into his tyres and his problem will be overheating the tyres while BUtton is in no danger ofdoing that, but instead not getting enough heat into the tyres.

            Since Massa who had much bigger problems getting heat into them all season is saying they are much better, I am guessing that Hamilton, along with all the other drivers prone to overheat rather than underheat their tyres will have a bigger problem than those who tend to under rather than overheat tyres.

    11. No title winning car for 3 years…Hamilton’s faith on the team will be challenged this year.

      1. as well as his desire for Mclaren F1 LM! lol

      2. He was leading the championchip for a good portion of the season…
        If he kept his stuff together at most times, like for instance Vettel did in the end phase…

        1. Maybe so, but at no part of the season did Mclaren have the fastest car. Whilst he could have won, it was unlikely. They were leading due to strategic moves and bad luck on the part of other drivers tbh.

    12. When the car is not very good maybe the pilot is not that good (or not enough involved). In the past we had really good pilots, guys that were able to bring a car to a high level of reliability and performance. Nowadays, any rookie driver wants a top car; if after a year or 2 the car does not prove good enough then its the team’s guilty not the driver. In the past drivers were more involved in the team success. I’m not saying that nowadays pilots are not good – and when it comes about Hamilton, he really is a good pilot; however, before blaming the teams, pilots should show more committment. Does anyone remember Alonso’s behaviour some years ago? When Renault was doing fine it was ok; when he failed to win it was due to the poor (Renault) car. Back to McLaren: it is a really good car; if Hamilton does not succeed again in 2, 3 years, then perhaps its his fault.

      1. Yup, the brat should go learn engineering to make the car better, right?

        Do you think Schumacher made the Ferraris so great by himself? No, it was his feedback to the guys who could. He didn’t do any design work. And nowadays we have no in-season testing, so what’s a driver to do? If you tell the team the car doesn’t go well in one respect and they don’t fix it, how is that the driver’s fault? Jaime Alguersuari has a brilliant testing mindset for one his age but the Toro Rosso is no RB7.

    13. I love Lewis, but, please don’t let your new management team do a Wayne Rooney, by getting you too do all the dirty PR work by letting people know you might be available?

      Just be yourself, everyone knows your ability – where can you go, Vettel won’t accept you neither will Alonso, the only other good seats will be Mercedes- your not Germanic so that seat is a no go Maclaren stay with them, after this season is over you will have had total domination over the team, Jenson will have no excuses this season – he has made contribution to this new car and with all things equal you should be on TOP.

      1. Youre telling me that when Micheal goes back to retirement, Daimler will veto Lewis being in a Mercedes because he isnt German? What?! I mean, Im pretty sure that they would want to get Vettel, but if he isnt avaiable, would they really pass up the chance to get arguably the best racer out ther?

      2. more importantly you’re saying that Hamilton should be on top of Button despite Button having a say in this years car while he wasn’t that far behind in a car not made for him last year…..

        You make no sense

        1. …And we don’t know how the tyre situation will play out yet. It’s fairly possible that Button will adapt better than Hamilton. We just have to wait and see.

    14. Umm ego much? Most drivers contending for championships would be incredibly happy with just one championship and even if they would have a huge desire to win more than 2 championships after only being 3 years in the sport (yes it sounds ridiculous) they wouldn’t be announcing it in the form that Hammster is… He seems to be advertising that he is happy to move to a better team so as to get offers…

      1. Yes I’d say that goals usually equate to ego.

        Having said that, I’m reminded of a joke I read in Playboy in my youth.

        Doctor: Well, we have good news and bad news.

        Patient: Ok, give me the good news first.

        Doctor: OK. You have a perfectly healthy ego.

        Patient: OK, what’s the bad news?

        Doctor: It has no basis in reality.

      2. 4 years in the sport – 07, 08, 09 and 2010. 2011 is his 5th.

        And vettel’s 5th too! Not really new anymore at all. Rosberg’s only been there 1 year more.

        1. That being said many of the top drivers have massive ego’s..

          Alonso and his 6 tenths/his way on coming into a new team and making it around himself
          Schumacher too
          Senna had a ginormous (spelling) ego and would literally make the other drivers fear defending on the track whenever he wanted to make a move
          Vettel thinks he is the best
          Hamilton believe that 1 or 2 WDC titles aren’t enough for him

          Even some of the others had names that lent themselves to be taken as giving themselves extrahuman abilities…
          Raikkonen ‘Ice Man’… because he is so cool in the car….
          Hakkinen the flying finn
          I’m sure Prost didn’t mind’THe Professor’ either.

          1. Actually, Im not really sure Raikonnen gave that much of a ****. Literally, as long as he was driving a car fast, he was fine.

            1. Yeah, I agree with Raikkonen and I don’t think his ego is that big, but to go under the sodonym of James Hunt and be called ‘The Ice Man’… demands atleast a small sized ego.

              But many of the best F1 drivers have massive egos, it probably helps when getting the car 1mm at 100mph+ away from the wall in Monaco for 1 and a half hours.

          2. I’m not ignoring talent and skill, if that’s there, the mouth has no reason to open.

            1. I think Raikkonen’s LACK of ego was his worst enemy! Hamilton is letting the world know that he expects more than what McLaren is delivering but if anyone wasted their career at McLaren it was Raikkonen. Year after year he was the fastest driver in a car that couldn’t make it to the finish line. Some of Schumacher’s title seasons Raikkonen led twice as many laps throughout the year but his engine would blow before the final ten laps. However, his lack of ego prevented him from being very vocal about it. On the other hand he was one of the most popular drivers as he had a huge world wide fan base while someone as obnoxious as Alonso (despite the obvious skill) is mainly appreciated by Spaniards and Tifosis.
              What a waste that he is no longer in the sport – I would love to see him back in a Red Bull!

    15. HounslowBusGarage
      20th March 2011, 9:02

      “Bridgestone extend Moto GP deal to 2014”
      Why? The audience is smaller, the market is smaller, the bikes don’t have to change grades of tyre partway through the races. So how is it still good for Bridgestone?
      Fewer races (18), but more classes (250 and 125), therefore more tyre types. More stuff to transport between races.
      Did Bridgestome have a problem with the FIA or FOM that they don’t have with the FIM?

      1. I think Bridgestone see our market in Japan, because MotoGP is dominated by Japanese manucfacturer.

        1. HounslowBusGarage
          20th March 2011, 12:22

          So their tyre deal is dominated by the need to keep Bridgestone’s on road bikes from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki? I understand.

      2. Bridgestone is only giving tyres to MotoGP. Moto2 and 125 use Dunlop tyres.

    16. I’m not exactly sure where Hamilton said he would leave McLaren? The statement is as much a challenge to his team as anything. I thought pushing your team to be better was a good thing, right? Or does that depend on if you like the driver or not?

      Anyway, I would rather he be honest than the silly situation we had with Alonso and Ferrari in 2009.

    17. High chance of rain predicted for Melbourne opener

      That’s gonna be FUN

    18. I completely agree with Hamilton. he just need to window shop a little bit more. who gives a flying f**k what other people think? he is in F1 to win WDCs not to pansy around or for his talent to be wasted in a team that cant seems to provide a car that other must catch up to rather year in year out producing a car that has to catch up to others.

      1. dude, that “CAR” gave him the WDC. If he had gone into any other team, i doubt we would have talked about him this much.

    19. There won’t be any problem of seats for Hamilton that is for sure. If he is seriously thinking of leaving Mclaren i am sure RBR and Ferrari will make a seat available(Contracts of Massa and Webber are expiring but even if they weren’t they can’t stop Hamilton coming in). He is easily among the best 2 drivers.

    20. i dont think he would go to Ferrari when Alonso has already built the team up around him.
      If and this is IF Mclaren struggle badly this season, I think Red Bull may try and offer big bucks to sign him for 2013 but will do it this summer, a bit like when Mclaren signed Montoya and Alonso early.
      This way they will force Mclarens hand into releasing him from his contract a year early so he can replace Webber for 2012.
      Now Adrian Newey has extended his contract Red Bull look the best bet for the next few years especially when the radical new aero rules come in.
      Think everyone would like to see Vettel vs Hamilton in the top car

    21. As a driver looking for wins & to prove he is one of the best drivers of a generation Hamilton will have to make the decision that is right for him. McLaren have clearly given so much to him but they arn’t performing the way they should be… Hamilton to ferrari – never
      But hamilton to redbull is defintly something I wouldn’t mind hearing. A british based team with great designers..do what you must lewis. If 2011 & 2012 are bad at McLaren then lewis has an incredibly tough choice especially with the new rules in 2013.

    22. In China it was NOT Hamilton’s fault. Lewis was in a RedBull sandwich and was in between both redbulls on the restart (safetycar came in). The 3 of them came around the corner with Lewis in the middle so obviously it was Lewis who had no where to go. The fault was sebastian’s as he pushed Lewis outwhich then forced webber to go wide. Watch the Formula 1 video of china and you’ll see it.

      Lewis proved he is way ahead of both redbull drivers even when they are in faster cars especially in china where he overtook both redbulls quite a number of times, and both redbull drivers didnt have any answers. Webber has on many occassions now taken Lewis out and hes never been critisized for it.

    23. On another note, Lewis has firmly said he would have no hesitations in partnering alonso. It was alonso who is running scared by saying he wouldnt partner Lewis.

      As a Lewis fan Im proud my boy is not scared of anyone. He knows he is the best and can beat the best.

      I want to see Lewis in ferrari against alonso again (lewis will humiliate him again – which is what fernando is afraid of) or go to redbull and partner sebastian – the driver who lewis consistantly has beaten throughout his career.

      I think Mercedes and redbull will jump for Lewis as well as williams (frank loves lewis, but lewis will not go to williams). I think ferrari will also want to jump for Lewis, but I reckon fernando will become a petulant child and throw plenty of strops & hissyfits – luca should flex his muscles and tell fernando to shut up or look elsewhere. If I was Luca, I would have major questions about fernando if he shows any fear when it comes to selecting another driver.

      Di-resta is just overhyped. Ive seen his past racing career and he is just a crash-kid.

    24. Unfortunately for Lewis, both Ferrari and Red Bull have their own ‘protoges’ lined up for future drives.

      They can play McLaren at their own game.

      While ever they have one guy in the team that can bring home the bacon (Alonso and Vettel), there will always be room for the ‘new kid on the block’.

      Lewis needs to focus on this season first because just being the fastest isn’t going to cut it any more.

    25. you say ferrari and red bull have their own proteges, if you asked them now if they would rather have the likes of buemi, ricciardo or bianchi in their cars or hamilton its a no brainer.
      No young driver schemes are going to stop a top team signing a driver like Hamilton if he becomes available

      1. I know that Ferrari would definitely not want Hamilton!

        Remember the season that they lost the drivers title by a just smidgin, but still won the constructors title? Not a happy bunch of blokes to say the least! They would have given all of their constructors points away to have had Massa finish ahead of Hamilton.

        Only the drivers title has any real importance to the teams that don’t need to worry about cash flow.

        They were perfectly happy to have Barrichello as Schumachers side-kick and now the same applies to Massa.

        WDC wannabes need not apply for a vacancy at Ferrari in the near future.

        And you would also have to believe that Red Bull would be looking to go along similar lines.

        If you want the chance to race your team mate it’s best to stay at McLaren.

    26. I agree that Ferrari is a no go but think if Red Bull had half a chance to take Lewis they would snap him up – 100%.
      It all really depends on whether Mclaren pull their finger out this year

    27. maybe lewis, you are just here for 1 or 2 titles…
      In my opinion he’s the second most talented on the grid. I just have a feeling with the possible demise of mclaren, Hamilton’s career could just stagnate, and that thrilling race in Brazil 2008 could be Lewis’s lasting legacy.

    28. Hey guys, good news :)
      I’ve gotten things sorted out and the F1 posters are now for sale :) Just want to thank you all for your kind words over the past week, means a lot to me to know that fellow fanatics love my work.


      1. nice! did you contact FOM about getting them to use them?

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