Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Hangar-7 reception, 2010

Vettel reflects on his title-winning season

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Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Christian Horner reflect on the ups and downs of their 2010 championship campaign in this video produced by Red Bull:

In a reception at their Hangar-7 base in Austria the trio plus technical director Adrian Newey spoke at length about the season in a press conference, which you can watch below:

Red Bull Hangar-7 reception in pictures

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19 comments on “Vettel reflects on his title-winning season”

  1. It’s hard to get your head around how a energy drinks company can do so much.

    1. It’s because they’re actually SPECTRE.

      1. Ha, Mateschitz does have a touch of Blofeld about him…

    2. Its not the energy drink company doing it, its money and talent.
      Redbull chose innovative ideas over safe and conservative routes. The money and the talent was there to make it happen.
      Not taking anything away from Vettel’s achievement, the true driving force in the seat is Newey.

      1. But that’s true with every race car, the speed is 8o% engineering and 20% driving, maybe even less.

  2. The picture second from the bottom, on the left is the most casual photo involving F1 personnel I think I have ever seen! :P

    1. Hmmm I still think this one maybe :)

      1. looks like Mark Webber’s having reliability issues with his zip.

        Careful you don’t leak over the track mark.

  3. Its nice to have climbed Mt.Redbull and seen all of the sights from up there. I hope that they took a lot of pictures because at some point they will have to hike back through the Williams Valley while heading home.Enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. I see the DC 2007 Silverstone car there! You paid a donation to Redbull’s ‘Wings for Life’ charity and you got a postage stamp portrait of yourself put in the car!

  5. Just imagine that Austria were ham, and Milton Keynes were beef, my analogy would be the hamburger. Beef’s doing all the work, Ham gets all the credit.

    1. You don’t put ham in a burger.

  6. come on guys, 6 years and they are already world champs. I think that they´ll be top contenders for a while. Even if not, it´s been great to see their rise to the top, and Vettel is (so far) doing a pretty decent representation of a world champion. An awesome end to an awesome season!

  7. Obviously Vettel uses obviously a lot.

  8. In my day Vettle would known for his facial expressions, we used to call it being sort of a “smart ass” but I attribute that to how many journalists and their skewed opinions a guy like the world champ encounters day to day. At least he seems honest.

  9. Poor Mark, can’t help but see and feel the disappointment in his eyes and voice.

    1. Yeah unlucky but the guy always talks such sense. Hope he’s got the fight for 2011, wish him all the best!

  10. As one of many Mark Webber fans the end was a bitter sweet moment. It was excellent that Alonso not only did not get the win, but was kept some way back by Petrov. I loved that. But I was hoping that this year would have been Mark’s :(

    I was disappointed that Mark did not take part in the festivities, at least it was not obvious to the cameras. Understandable that he was on a major downer, but it looked bad on a team level that he stayed out of the jubilations.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if there will be any changes in drivers for the top teams. Will Massa stay in Ferrari ? Will Webber want to stay in a team he feels see him as a number 2 driver ? Will Kubica (for me as good as Alonso) get a car that can match the best ?

    And, will 2011 be as good as 2010, the best year for me since I started to follow James Hunt !! ;)

  11. is it just me, or does Mark still seem rather deflated? :/

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