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Join us below to follow the Korean Grand Prix live.

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22 comments on “Korean Grand Prix live”

  1. Hi Keith. Please could you look into and review your live race comment posting policy. I’m finding that most of my remarks are not being posted and that often the commentary is dominated by the moderators. I suspect other have experienced the same. This seems odd as several thousand folks often follow the valuable and exciting resource that is the live blog. Perhaps the comments should not be edited although I appreciate that some folk do not use appropriate language, and in those cases perhaps they should be warned and booted off for 10 minutes.

    As you know I have been following and commenting on your site for many years now and indeed have been an enthusiastic ambassador for your site to family friends and colleagues etc. So I make these remarks with genuine sincerity which I hope you will appreciate and see positively.

  2. These F1 drivers are a bunch of sissies… It’s hardly raining and they don’t wanna drive…

    1. not all of them.Webber is crying like a child, Hamilton wants race.

      HAM:”Conditions are good, it’s getting drier all the time.”
      HAM:”There’s no aquaplaning at all.”

  3. Paid all them millions each year, and when it rains a bit they’re all scared. Its A RACE and you race in any condition !!!

  4. Lucas DiGrassi set the fastest lap. This is comedy gold.

  5. I was in Suzuka on the qualify that didn’t happen, and the rain wasn’t anything special. I really don’t understand why they don’t race… :S

  6. My guess is nobody except Lewis wants to race because of the potential championship points.

  7. Soon everyone will come in for inters hehe :)

  8. Lewis just said it’s almost inters. Jeez…

  9. Lewis: “It’s almost intermediates…” I’m starting to like Lewis!!!

  10. Lewis is a true racer. This drivers are paid millions. Stop Behaving like girls. Alonso is a sisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Ham with nothing to loose, has to risk all but in 1st attempt gets passed by ros and doesnt have a go in the 2nd. True racer…. at the radio

  11. Uh!!! Hamilton so expected to have a goat Alo but rosberg did it!!!

  12. Webber out! Incredible mistake Mark. Inermediate all drivers now?

  13. Numpty Quote of the Day.

    Jonathan Legard on Mark Webbers Crash.

    ‘That could be critical in terms of the Championship for Mark Webber’

    1. Legard was also about 2 minutes late to Rosberg’s overtake on Hamilton. Jeez.

  14. Legard Just Shut UP!

  15. We are going to see some good pictures of some muddy looking racing cars later on the pictures bit!

  16. Petrov is so so bad…. I hope he gets enough money for the team to make new chassis for all those crashes…


  18. Its a demolition derby LOL

  19. Ham very poor in every race restart. RBs out. Come on Alonso!

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