Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Vettel and Webber re-create famous photograph

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The famous photograph of 1986 world championship contenders Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet has been re-created by the five drivers in contention for the 2010 drivers’ title.

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel posed together and with Bernie Ecclestone at the Korean International Circuit. See below for pictures.

Senna, Prost, Mansell and Piquet were photographed together in the dying stages of the 1986 season when all four were in contention for the championship. It was eventually won by Prost.

All four drivers went on to win further championships after the photograph was taken. Between them they won all bar two of the world championships from 1981 to 1993. Will this quintet go on to have a similar kind of success?

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89 comments on “Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Vettel and Webber re-create famous photograph”

  1. I see Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Vettel, Webber and … is that a ventriloquist’s dummy?

    1. Well, Mark Webber’s large physique isn’t doing Bernie any favours! :P

      1. And Alonso looks teeny too!

        1. That’s because he is. He’s one of the shortest on the grid. Most of them are actually pretty short – Vitaly Petrov is the only driver taller than I am.

          1. I think that’s a bit obvious when you see them stand on the podium…

          2. Hopefully Alonso will be making the others look short on the podium this weekend!

          3. Vitaly Petrov Robert Kubica and Webber are all taller than 1.80 cm like myself

          4. Jenson is 6ft (183cm) so fairly tall as well. McL had to design their car from Buttons perspective because he is so much taller then Hamilton. Hamilton in comparison is only 5ft 7 (175cm).
            Vettel 5’9″, Webber 5’11”. So really the only short ones in the picture is the dummy’s err I mean the dummy and Alonso.
            I think what makes Mark look so tall as well in the picture is his physic being a pretty “big guy” especially when you have some of the lankiest guys on the field there (Vettel, Button and Hamilton).

    2. lol, bernie = dummy. Love it.

      1. Here’s the same one before his hair turned grey:

  2. All four drivers went on to win further championships after the photograph was taken. Between them they won all bar two of the world championships from 1981 to 1993. Will this quintet go on to have a similar kind of success?

    Yep. But with Renault improving, with Kubica in the form he is in, I would expect it to be a sextet soon. By the way, I really love these pictures. They are probably some of the nicest photos I have seen – and probably the best photos of the 2010 season. Lets hope all 5 are still in contention by Abu Dhabi. :)

    1. We all thought it would be a sextet this season with Mercedes. I’ve given up making predictions for the season ahead.

      1. So expect 8 or 9 guys next year? Adding Kubica, Rosberg, Schumi and possibly Massa?

        That would be fabulous.

        1. You just got me thinking… What is the record for the most drivers in contention for the World Drivers Championship heading into the final round?

          1. 3 is actually the most (it’s happened several times). Never 4 or more.

          2. if mclaren starts to drive better these pics will be historical…. well, they r quite historical already… :)

          3. Here’s the list of Championships decided at the last GP of the season. There’ve never been more than 3 drivers still in contention, so if either Hamilton or Button can hang in until Abu Dhabi, it will be an F1 first.


  3. I see brotherly love between Hamilton and Alonso. :D

    1. When i saw the headline the first thing i thought was: “there is no way in hell Alonso and Hamilton will be next to each other.”

      Man was I shocked haha :)

    2. Alonso always said his problem was with the team, and that he gets on with Hamilton. Whether he is being truthful is another matter!

      1. Like you new avatar Ned!

        I think Alonso does not look compeletly comfortable there.

        And Webber is just so big compared to the likes of Lewis, Seb and Fred as well as Bernie. Only Button comes close.

    3. I think, they stand both stood beside each other on purpose so that media/grapevine doesnt get chance to again go back to HUNGARY 2007 . ;)

      1. Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber “A black racing driver!?”

        Lewis Hamilton: “It worked for the Sheriff in BLAZING SADDLES.”

        1. Classic! Good to see a quote from Robin Hood: Men in Tights on here!

      2. Fernando:
        Well guys, you see, I have the best plan to win. I pit, and then the next lap my team mate crashes, I win. Nobody blames me for having my team mate favour me, and that is why I do not like you lewis, you did not crash for me
        But my boss says that I could have more world championships than Michael Schumacher, although he suddenly doesn’t seem to be as good.
        umm guys, I think we all know who is leading the 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

        1. alonso and lewis have got on fine for quite a while. its all press BS. of course they arent best chums. but id be more concerned if they were good mates.

          these 2 are great, generally fair racers. the 2 stand out performers. they are yet to seriously come to blows on the track either. except bahrain 08 which lewis rightly put his hands up to.

          look at canada wheel to wheel time and time again without the slightest bit of over the top driving.

          there is true respect there IMO

          1. I agree. It’s something I’ve been espousing for ages!! As you say it’s all press BS, Legard and Brundle are also guilty of making something out of nothing as well

            Does make for good telly I suppose…

  4. Great photos, but they do feel a little less iconic than the originals due to the building site setting!

    1. Yeah I thought that too. They should’ve waited until Interlagos and got a photo in a ‘proper’ F1 setting

      1. They should’ve waited until Interlagos and got a photo in a ‘proper’ F1 setting

        But there might only be three drivers still in contention by then…

        1. Doh, beat me to it.

        2. That’s even better. Five drivers is too crowded.

          1. Less exciting and unpredictable though.

    2. I like the fact that there’s a JCB in the background of one of them.

      1. That tickled my funny bone

    3. I think the problem with iconic started when Bernie invited himself into it…..

  5. I love the cover of F1 racing this month, it’s also featuring the 5 contendors.

    1. Posed like a boy band, I hope.

  6. Awesome photos. 4 world champions and Vettel :D

    1. Damn it Griggs!! Don’t jinx him man!!!!!

    2. Webber isnt champion yet ;)

    3. 3 world champions in fact.

  7. At least Bernie didn’t grab somebody’s crotch like last time they were recreating that photo. Why is he in most of this pictures anyway?

    1. Just be grateful that le Toad’s girlfriend is not in it !

    2. Don’t you have a favourite rich grandad that you want to keep sweet? ;)

  8. Looking at which driver had taken how many WDCs at the time the 1986 picture was taken, it’s interesting to speculate on which current driver matches with their predecessors.

    Of course, Piquet had already taken 2 WDCs prior to the 1986 season, so he matches with Alonso. And Prost had won the 1985 title, which matches him with Hamilton.
    Mansell hadn’t actually won any championship yet, but was close to it in ’86 and ’87, so I’ll link him up to Button, who won last year’s title.

    Since Senna was only in his 3rd full season, seen as a future title winner, he matches with Vettel. Webber is the odd one out, in this comparison, then, although one could say that he’s the perfect underdog driver, comparable to Mansell, in a way.

    Adding any titles that the 1986 generation won after the iconic photograph to the current generation, means that alonso will take another WDC, Hamilton another 3 titles, and Vettel 3 championships, too. Button won’t win again, since he’s already equal with Mansell, while Webber, when matching him to Mansell, will take 1 WDC (this year’s?).

    1. Interesting thinking… Webber’s favourite for this year, I can see Alonso getting next year’s title if not this year, and Hamilton and Vettel are young enough to be fighting it out for another decade :)

    2. Statistically, as over 70% of the WDC’s have been won by drivers that have won it more than once, that would clearly make Alonso favourite with Vittel and Webber the underdogs. Whatever the outcome I can see Alonso, Hamilton and Vittel being the men to beat for many years to come, on the other hand even if they win the WDC, I personally don’t think Button and Webber will still be around in a couple of years time.

    3. Honestly, Button is a better fit for Prost than Hamilton seeing as how Prost fought for years for that first title AND if Prost was the champion in ’85, Button is the ’09 champion, not Hamilton. I’d also point out that in 86 Prost came in from behind to pip Piquet and Mansell in the final race in Australia. Right now Button is the farthest back of the bunch in points.

      Not to mention the similarities in driving style.

  9. can’t vettel look at the camera???

    didn’t schumacher and hakkinen have the famous photo taken too?

  10. Nice photo, & also the one way back in 1986.They were four of the best driver of their time, do missed them. Thankfully Star Sports will show some of those classic races in Asia in November-December.

  11. this is awesome. best season in years.

  12. Truly adore this pic….this is my wall paper now

  13. I expected to see the original photo too…

    1. There’s a link to it in the first sentence.

      1. “Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Vettel and Webber re-create famous photograph”

        Given the actual WDC standings, I applaude you for not missing yet another chance to put the british drivers first.

        Ofcourse it took some reading between the lines on my part, but you can’t deny the subliminal message there…

        Out of all those guys in the picture Webber has done the best job this year and he’s the most deserving man to get the trophy, and you still manage to mention his name AFTER the british driver with only 2 lucky victories and zero overtakes the entire season….

        Superb impartiality from a journalistic point of view. :)

        1. If it makes you feel better I could re-order the names in the headline by championship position? Or alphabetically? Or in order of their birthdays?

          I ask because although it means nothing to me it’s clearly upsetting you.

          1. Can you order them by coolest road car they own.

          2. I second GQsm’s suggestion…..

            What road cars do they own?

          3. I did do an article on that a while ago:

            What cars do F1 drivers use on the road?

            Perhaps one to re-visit in the off-season…

        2. @Cranberry – I would be extremely surprised if anyone other than yourself even noticed that, let alone worried about it! May I ask how long you have been reading F1F for? Because if it is anything over 1 day then you will be too aware Keith is most definitely a journalist who always adopts an impartial standpoint, irrespective of nationality.

          1. damon, im afraid your absolutely wrong, in fact I asked Keith just a few days ago some questions and while chatting he actually told me that he has never claimed to be a “neutral”…I also asked him who he supports but he didn’t want to reply. In fact we all know that he supports hamilton and button..

          2. I haven’t claimed to be neutral, nor have I claimed to support any particular driver (or team).

        3. Cramberry I just wanted to say how spot on you are, and how much i agree with you…I’m glad i’m not the only one whos noticed it…..

  14. In the original Prost was sitting second in from left, where Alonso is now. Omen?

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same. maybe he even decided to sit there to improve his luck :)

    2. Indeed, and Lewis where Senna was…

  15. There was a similar photo with schumi, dc, hakkinen and rubens in 2000.

  16. is it just me, or is Button taking the mick out of Vettel in this photo?? (no 10 of 103)



    1. HA! Love it! :D

    2. Saw that as well, LOL Jenson!

    3. Yeah, there’s a similar one on this site as well that I just commented on. I enjoy how laid back Button can be.

    4. Also worth nothing that Hamilton is looking across the picture – in other words at Button and Vettel – and grinning broadly. I don’t think the McLaren boys like Seb very much.

      1. peronally, I think its the other way round – they do like him and thats why they feel comfortable taking the mick out of him.

        1. Seb seems like generally a likeable guy but seeing as he’s taken Button out this year and Lewis has complained twice this year of Vettel driving into him I don’t thnik they’re the best of fiends. Although Vettel did leave the box blank when he had to write who was his best mate in F1 in this month’s F1 Racing…

        2. Bend I think you’re right. My guess would be that Webber is the one they have the hardest time getting along with. Just a hunch.

      2. Ilanin, Button and Seb seem to be enjoying each others’ company here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/contenders2010-6.jpg

  17. They should another photo session on race day. Makes more sense.

  18. I find it all cliche from the photo is that Lewis is on the far left, (just like senna) and not wearing a hat (just like senna) and right next to his biggest rival Alonso (just like Prost) sorry about ruining the moment…

  19. If Webber wins the WDC, will he be the tallest (and most likely heaviest) driver to win the WDC?

  20. I noticed that in the original picture half of the drivers were brazilians… good old times

  21. Bet Massa enjoyed seeing that photo. Cant feel to good being the only top team driver not involved.

    Of course its not his fault….its the tyres :-s

    1. Reminds me of the first press conference in Bahrain – Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton, Button and Massa. But Massa had to get out of the way for the photo they were taking of the WDCs together!

  22. Is there a reason why team mates aren’t sitting next to each other?

    1. When you know something about photographing, yes.

  23. I actually think the site is very good but, really, it should be impartial to all the drivers..

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