Schumacher back on bikes at Sachsenring

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Michael Schumacher has been back on-track on a bike again. He rode a KTM at the Sachsenring in Germany this morning.

A Mercedes spokesperson confirmed reports Schumacher was riding at the German track ahead of his first appearance at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend.

Schumacher injured his neck when he crashed on a bike early in 2009. The injury kept him from making comeback to F1 with Ferrari later on in the season.

Speculation surrounds Schumacher’s future in the sport with rumours suggesting he could abandon his comeback after a disappointing 2010.

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  • 30 comments on “Schumacher back on bikes at Sachsenring”

    1. good for him but i didnt know he was injured on a bike in ’09

      1. Like Keith said, it was that injury that kept him from filling in for Massa after Hungary. He tested in a 2008 Ferrari and they determined the neck injury was still too fresh for him to be able to race.

    2. I’m quite surprised he was let anywhere near a bike in case he fell off. Good of his boss to let him go.

      1. they won’t loose much if they have to replace him because he is injured, will they?

        1. If he does fall off again Nick Heidfield will be kicking himself, like a lot.

          1. Maybe, but Mercedes’ aren’t that much quicker than Sauber these days

            1. Mercedes is probably hoping he injures himself. It avoids the embarrassment of Schumi driving in Singapore.

            2. Sauber and Merc these days?, yeah not much in it, but next year?…. I’d rather be in a Merc.

            3. Lovely Todfod… Very nice…

              I’m also surprised they let him, but perhaps it was similar to Massa at Hungary, so needed to be done.

    3. They’re probably hoping he’ll fall off again to allow him to quit F1 with dignity.

      1. That was my first thought when I saw the headline too, ha-ha.

        Mercedes marketing can’t bear to fire him, Schumi can’t be bothered spending next year trailing home behind Rosberg in another grey Brackley lemon … a quick tumble into the straw bales and “ooh, aah, my neck”.

    4. He should be careful not to make the same mistake again.

      1. Or maybe he should be carefull to make exactly the same mistake again, depends on weather he really really wants to continue the comeback or would not mind a good reason to quit now.

        1. He will continue in 2011 until he isn’t physically fit.

    5. i do wonder if this is a pre cursor to a bad neck announcement. I hope not, Schumi should knuckle down and go for it next year.

      1. Wouldn’t Michael look stupid trying to look like he tweaked his neck again?

        In any case, why was he on a bike in Germany on Wednesday morning? He needs to get a move on – Free Practice is in less than 48 hours, and Singapore’s half a world away…

        1. I suppose at least he doesn’t have to adjust to singapore local time as its a night race and all.

          I’m only speculating but Joe Saward reckons that excuse would be one that the German media would be willing to accept.

          In any case, i’d like him to stay on!

        2. Tuesday morning :-) But still cutting it a bit fine!

          1. It’s already Wednesday morning here. Crazy time zones. :)

        3. Private jet. Makes the world much smaller.

    6. Many Footballers have clauses in their contracts which effectivley bans them from riding motorbikes to prevent injuries. Maybe formula one teams should consider this.

      1. A lot of drivers already have all kinds of restrictions.

        1. Could Ross Brawn have helped convince Mercedes to allow Schumacher some contract leeway in terms of non-F1 activities that he’s allowed to get involved in?

          1. Come to think of it, he did some extra-curricular karting this year too, while under contract with Mercedes:


    7. Maybe he’s trying out a superbike again, so as to make a decision as to what he will do in 2011.

    8. Well I can confirm he was definitely here today………media going crazy and helicopters buzzing about……….

      1. Where are you Carol? in Germany? we must know!.

    9. Schumacher is telling the press and fans that his comeback to F1 is a big mistake. He loves the motorbike more than the Mercedes F1 car. If he performs terribly in super bike races, there will no comparison to past achievements so escape criticism from all parties. Good strategy, Michael!

    10. Schumacher will not quit. On the opposite, he has more reasons to stay at this point than to quit. Do you people think that anyone who has won 7 titles could be the kind of person that quits at the first bump? I think it`s like changing blood for water instead of intelligent risking and winning, something that made Schumacher fight so hard and win so much over the years. Coming back and staying is a chalenge for him that makes his andrenaline level rise. Missing this is what made him come back. Horses and long walks wasn`t making him happy, but fighting is… wherever he may be on the grid. This is what makes a champion: crossing the finish-line, not quiting. Critics save your ink for next year because you`re still going to write about Michael Scumacher in a Formula 1 car.

    11. I hope Michael do well at the Korean GP, to me he is still the king of formula 1 despite a bad black season in 2010. the commentators and media, ex formula 1 drivers are wrong about Michael he still has the hot passion for his f1 career.

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