Hamilton’s second lights-to-flag win (Belgian Grand Prix stats and facts)

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2010

Lewis Hamilton’s 14th career win was only the second time he’d led every lap of an F1 race.

But Ferrari’s feat of having both their cars classified in every race this year came to an end when Fernando Alonso crashed out.

Read on for the stats and facts from the Belgian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton scored his third win of the year and 14th of his career. He’s now won as many races as Jack Brabham, Graham Hill and Emerson Fittipaldi.

Hamilton led every lap of the race, something he had only done once before in F1, at the Hungaroring in 2007.

No team other than McLaren or Ferrari have won the Belgian Grand Prix since Jordan scored a one-two in 1998. This year saw McLaren’s first win at the track since 2005, though of course they won “on the road” with Hamilton in 2008.

The McLaren driver also set his third fastest lap of the year. A prize is given to the driver with the most at the end of the season, and Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are currently tied for first with three each. It was the sixth fastest lap of Hamilton’s career.

Red Bull started from pole position for the 12th time in 13 races. It was the sixth of Mark Webber’s career, giving him as many as countryman Alan Jones plus Fittipaldi, Phil Hill, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Carlos Reutemann and Ralf Schumacher.

For the first time this year one of the Ferraris failed to be classified at the end of the race (Alonso stopped before the end of the Malaysian Grand Prix but had already completed 90% of the race distance). The only driver to have finished every race this year is Felipe Massa.

Rubens Barrichello recorded his 300th Grand Prix start – more stats on that later this week. Unfortunately he failed to complete a single lap of this landmark race.

Jaime Alguersuari started from a career-best 11th, having been promoted from 13th after both Mercedes drivers were given penalties. Michael Schumacher started from the second-worst grid position of his career, 21st.

See the updated post-race statistics in full here: F1 2010 statistics


Lewis Hamilton7
Mark Webber7
Sebastian Vettel6
Jenson Button5
Fernando Alonso5
Nico Rosberg3
Felipe Massa3
Robert Kubica3

Racing laps completed

PosDriverLaps completed
1Felipe Massa780
2Fernando Alonso772
3Lewis Hamilton732
3Mark Webber732
5Michael Schumacher731
6Sebastian Vettel728
7Nico Rosberg724
8Jaime Alguersuari701
9Robert Kubica700
10Rubens Barrichello683
11Jenson Button675
12Adrian Sutil674
12Vitantonio Liuzzi674
14Vitaly Petrov662
15Nico H???lkenberg629
16Heikki Kovalainen588
17Sebastien Buemi570
18Jarno Trulli547
19Timo Glock527
20Lucas di Grassi520
21Pedro de la Rosa485
22Karun Chandhok479
23Kamui Kobayashi457
24Bruno Senna434
25Sakon Yamamoto177

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50 comments on “Hamilton’s second lights-to-flag win (Belgian Grand Prix stats and facts)”

  1. Lewis’s first win from P2 i think.

    1. He won from P2 in Turkey 2010

      1. Am I wrong or have Hamilton transformed all his front row starts to race wins this season?

        1. According to F1.com, I am right!

  2. Hamilton wins:

    Canada 07
    USA 07
    Hungary 07
    Japan 07

    Australia 08
    Monaco 08
    Silverstone 08
    Germany 08
    China 08

    Hungary 09
    Singapore 09

    Turkey 10
    Canada 10
    Belgium 10

    Now level, as Keith says, with Graham Hill, Jack Brabham, and Emerson Fittipaldi with 14 wins. Next driver to equal is Stirling Moss who has 16.

    1. Adding Italy 10 and Brazil 10 would round out his collection nicely to get to that 16.

    2. I hadn’t seen until now how Hamilton seems to win on most circuits. Very nice collection indeed

    3. who has won 15 victories then? no-one?

  3. How come all “special” races end up in disaster? Rubens 300:th, Coulthard’s last, Ferrari’s 800:th etc.

    1. Had the very same thought myself.

      1. Same here… …

        1. Coulthard’s last race in Brazil 08

        2. Lotus’s 500th in Europe…

    2. I noticed that too. It’s when they paint the car, have special helmets. You would have thought the teams would have learned by now lol. I’m not superstitious but the paddock is. There is no car 13.

      1. Even more convincing is Sauber, they had something to celebrate, did NOT paint any special marks on the car and had a great result at that race!

    3. Schumacher’s supposed-to-be-last race also was a disaster, with a punctured type.
      he was able to move up 2 5th which is a diff story :)

      1. Schumacher actually finished 4:th, which was an amazing performance. So not really a disaster even if it was ment to be one ;) Only the old Schumi got around the curse!

      2. the was one of his greatest drives actually. finishing 4th was amazing.

    4. BARICHELO should have done all the celebrations only after finishing the 300th race instead of partying and winning before the previous night on the eve of the race…

    5. José Baudaier
      31st August 2010, 4:01

      And that’s not only on F1. Football team turning 100 years never win any title in that special season. With a few exceptions of course.

  4. “… though of course [McLaren] won “on the road” with Hamilton in 2008”

    Ha ha… it still hurts, doesn’t it? ;-)

    1. Only becase it was yet another incredibly bad FIA decision.

  5. I have never really liked the look of the McLaren but damn it looks amazing in the top picture of this article.

    1. I think it’s because the picture crop makes it look wider and lower, whereas the rules make modern F1 cars too narrow and tall. When they ran last year’s car with the (lower, wider) ’08 rear wing it looked great.

      1. To me, thats what a racing car should look like. It looks very aggressive.

  6. What happened to the tally of racing laps led by each driver? Is that missing, or am I looking in the wrong place? I didn’t see it on the 2010 stats page, either…

  7. I think you’ll find Mark Webber’s 150th race didn’t turn out a disaster.

    1. yes but he didn’t advertise it on the car, or his helmet or boast about it before the race.

  8. It was actually only Barrichello’s 297th start, and his 301st entry (he did not start San Marino 1994, Spain 2002, France 2002, and did not make the restart in Belgium 1998).

    This race did not feature either of the drivers who finished in the top 2 in last year’s race. I believe Australia 1994 was the last such race (Senna and Prost finished 1st and 2nd in Australia 1993).

    Also, I got a couple of feelings of deja vu watching this race. Firstly, it’s a bank holiday weekend, Webber started on pole, Vettel collided with another driver, and Hamilton won. Secondly, a late rain shower at Spa caused Hamilton to go off the track and caused Massa’s team mate to crash.

    1. ‘and did not make the restart in Belgium 1998’

      yes but he started the original race, albeit for only a few corners.

  9. This is the third time Massa has followed Kubica home when the Pole has been on the podium (Aus, Monaco, Bel). Twice now when a Mclaren has won too.

    I thought Hamilton would have many more flaps if I’m honest. Although this has been an unusual season and Hamilton put in a splendid performance yesterday I’d say him leading every lap of a GP (or any driver for that matter) is more impressive when there was refuelling. This season has been crazy though.

    This was Fernando’s/Ferrari’s one millionth mistake this year.

    I think Petrov made up as many places as Schumi but I can’t recall exactly if he started 24th or 23rd with all the penalities after qualifying.

    Fact: Felipe Massa can drive in the wet.

    1. Petrov started 23th I think, Pedro De La Rosa qualified very low so he decided to change engine. Penalty was inevitable, so he choose to do it here.

    2. This was Fernando’s/Ferrari’s one millionth mistake this year.


    3. “Fact: Felipe Massa can drive in the wet.”

      Lol He did have a clean if unspectacular race, he was also faster than Alonso for most of the weekend too ;)

      1. Alo did make a mistake with the tyres in q3 (not sure what happened in q2 I think Mas was just quicker) and timing of the runs was so important. That said, Mas made a mistake so he could have had a few tenths more. Alo also must have sustained some damage when Rubens hit him, his strategy was all over the place too. Both were on different set ups but Mas was still doing ok in the wet compared to Alo so I don’t think times really mean as much this weekend but even if Felipe was slower he did everything right by making the right calls at the right time unlike his teammate.

        1. I really liked the way he was almost glowing after the race when interviewed by Lee McKenzie. He must have felt pretty good, not having any trouble or mistakes all race long and getting a very solid 4th place (and stayed well in front of Alonso all day).

          I would like to see him smile like that more often.

    4. “I thought Hamilton would have many more flaps if I’m honest.”

      Raikkonen was hogging nearly all the fastest laps in 07 and 08, wasn’t he?

  10. Belgium is the only race that god watches. FACT.

    Also, every track marshal has a moustache.

    1. I vote for the second part of your comment to be the ‘Comment of the Day’

  11. Before the Belgian GP everyone still had mathematical chances of winning the title – but now there’s only 10 drivers. Hamilton, Webber, Vettel, Button, Alonso, Massa, Kubica, Rosberg, Sutil, Schumacher.

  12. Shame it wasn’t a dry qualifying session as he definitely could’ve nabbed the pole from Webber. If he had and had gone onto do what he did on Sunday, he would’ve had a perfect race (Pole, lead from start, won, got fastest lap).

  13. I think this is the 2nd time in the season when ferrari have failed to classify both their cars in this season. The first time was when alonso crashed out in malaysia due to engine failure.

    1. It’s in the 9th paragraph :)

      “For the first time this year one of the Ferraris failed to be classified at the end of the race (Alonso stopped before the end of the Malaysian Grand Prix but had already completed 90% of the race distance). The only driver to have finished every race this year is Felipe Massa.”

  14. not a stat but quite interesting…

    IF the Spa race had finished in in reverse order of championship placings after Hungary (ie. ALO 1st, BUT 2nd, VET 3rd, HAM 4th, WEB 5th) the championship would be extremely tight heading to Monza-


    1. that’s 5 drivers covered by about 2 points under the old points system.

    2. That would have been cool to see.

  15. Maybe unbelievable, but it was the first time in the F1’s history when 4 races in a row were won from the 2nd place on the grid. (Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium)

    1. nice stat there!

  16. Did anyone else (watching the BBC coverage) see if the post race weigh-in for the drivers was skipped? They appeared to hang around for a while by the weighing machine, checking the display but not stepping on and then move on. I may have missed something but was puzzled by this…

  17. the driver with the most double digit points finishes is leading the championship (shouldn’t come as no surprise) ham has 9 with webber and vet at 8.

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