Williams target double points in Canada

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Williams are targeting their first double points finish of 2010 in the Canadian Grand Prix – having failed to score in either of the last two races.

Technical director Sam Michael said he expects top ten finishes in qualifying and the race for Rubens Barrichello and Nico H???lkenberg:

The stop-start nature of the track is heavy on the brakes so we will have new brake ducts for this race. Our target for Canada will be top ten grid slots in qualifying and points finishes for both cars.
Sam Michael

Having never driven at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve before, H???lkenberg has been preparing for the race in the simulator:

As with lots of the races this season, this will be my first trip to Canada but I’m probably more excited about this weekend than any of the others because everyone raves about the place!

I’ve spent time at the factory going through track data with my engineers and using the simulator to familiarise myself with the track. As well as doing my usual training schedule, that’s as much as I can do until I get out on track on Friday.

Williams have a good record at Montreal, and the team has worked really hard to bring more updates to the car to cope with Canada’s particular demands, so I’m hoping the weekend will be a positive one.
Nico H???lkenberg

Team mate Barrichello, meanwhile, will start his 17th race at the Montreal circuit.

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19 comments on “Williams target double points in Canada”

  1. I’d love to see it happen, but I’m not banking on anything.

  2. I see Barrichello scoring, and Hulkenberg crashing into the wall.

    1. funny enough :)lol

  3. Without retirments i can’t see any chance williams getting one car in the points nevermind two because will they be faster than Red Bull, McLaren, Mercs, Ferrai and renault? i don’t think so so. All so Force India could be strong on a low downforce track

    1. Well, races at Montreal are usually eventful, and wars of attrition, so “Without retirememts” isn’t normally applicable here.

      1. Without retirements.

  4. That’s a Lotus and two Williams in the points so far…we’ll need a big pile-up at the front for that to happen!

    1. Or maybe a rain fest where most front runners do not make it to the pits in time?

      Williams for a win, Kubica/Petrov on the podium, Lotus in the points with Sauber and HRT as well?

      That would be crazy, but who knows.

      1. I think something like that is what they need to happen to all get into the points.

  5. I hope they will improve their form. Turkey was damage control as they couldn’t race the latest package due to double DNF at Monaco. The team surely needs a strong result.

  6. i think merc engine power cars will dominate canada

  7. Environment Canada website is predicting rain in Montreal for the weekend, I know it’s a bit early, but that might help? Or it may put both Williams’ into the wall?

    1. i think they’ll hit the wall no matter what!

  8. I think we need a new points system for Canada, or there is gonna be a major crash between Mclaren, Red Bull and Ferrari.

    Lotus says they will get point, Renault have very high expectations, Sauber is targeting two cars in Q3 and now Williams wants a double points finish.

    The next big news could that Red Bull was targeting not destroying any cars and having them hold all the way to the flag without breaking down.

  9. That would be interesting – maybe even exciting – no, scrub that, everybody will be “saving fuel”

  10. williams has been on a slow boat to oblivion, and i don’t think it’s turning around anytime soon.

  11. That won’t happen.

  12. Maybe this is the clearest indication from Sam Micheal that his cars majorly lack downforce…

  13. Uahahaha :) double points. how? 4-5 top cars cars would have to DNF… dream on williams!

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