Turkish Grand Prix in pictures

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Vettel climbs out of his Red Bull after the crash
Vettel climbs out of his Red Bull after the crash

Lewis Hamilton won a dramatic and controversial Turkish Grand Prix.

Review the race in pictures below – including that controversial collision between the Red Bull team mates.

2010 Turkish Grand Prix

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo, www.mclaren.com, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team

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12 comments on “Turkish Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Ned Flanders
    30th May 2010, 19:20

    What a race! Istanbul Park, your soullessness is forgiven. In fact, you finally found your soul today!

    1. Rob Gallagher
      30th May 2010, 20:36

      I agree, I think if this race is struck from the calendar F1 will be missing one of it’s best tracks for overtaking, which is a real shame.

    2. Quite right sir. Have previously been happy to slate Istanbul as a white elephant. Again, the crowd turnout has not underlined it’s relevance on the calendar. But what a race. Absolute classic. Is that at least partially down to the circuit? Yes. Tilke got this one right. The stolen Senna S from Interlagos. The massive quad apex turn 8. The dip/cresting 12/13 chicane. Really good and challenging.

      Place still lacks character, but if we continue to see racing like today, am sure the site will prosper and hence grow in character thanks to sponsorship.

  2. Marc Connell
    30th May 2010, 20:45

    why didnt lewis, jenson and mark look happy on the podium? fake smiles is bad for the sport :(

    1. Welll I know why Mark wasn’t happy… he lost the race because of his stupid team mate…

      Lewis is the type of guy that wants to win it himself. He realises he got lucky & lucked into that win.

      Jenson however looked pretty happy at the end of the race!

    2. Lewis is thinking ‘ my team are favouring Jenson ‘, Jenson is thinking ‘ i actually feel sorry for Lewis ‘ and Mark is just super fooked off!

  3. So Redbull have been very gracious to grant us these detailed close ups of their car. An my my the rear packaging is fantastically dramatic, sure the pipes feeding the diffuser have to be pretty extreme as well. An that exhaust feeding arangement. Newey has built a masterpiece. Shame his drivers don’t share his artistic streak on the road.

    1. Poor Newey didn’t look happy when it (the incident) happened!

      1. The video of Newey on the pit wall when it happened is a classic.We just didn’t have the audio!!!

  4. Excellent track, Excellent Race!!

    My mate and I celebrated the Mclaren 1-2 by running up and down the start finish straight in Orange Morphsuits and Mclaren caps. Stupidly we didn’t take any pictures, if you happen to be one of the 100¨’s of people who stopped us to have a photo with us, please get in touch with me!! thanks

  5. Anybody else stuck the photo of Vettel facing the wrong way and Webber heading to the run off area as their screen saver?

  6. Jon, we saw you guys in your suits, funny as! Not got any photos though as we were running around trying to get into as many photos as we could! Someone out there has some funny pics :-) Go Team Britain!!!

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