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Webber heads to his home event as a Grand Prix winner for the first time
Webber heads to his home event as a Grand Prix winner for the first time

Can Fernando Alonso bolster his championship lead with another win at Melbourne? Might Mark Webber finally get on the podium or even win his home Grand Prix?

F1 heads into the first double-header event of the season with the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne followed by the trip to Sepang for next week’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Reasons to be cheerful

Will we see a better race in Melbourne than we did in Bahrain? I think there’s a good chance we will.

The Melbourne track, with its limited run-off and tricky braking zones, tends to invite incidents. And, happily, no one has bolted an ill-advised one kilometre long extension on it which consists entirely of slow, narrow corners.

Turn one is often the scene of first-lap accidents, like last year when Rubens Barrichello ran into Mark Webber. This time we’ve got an extra four cars to funnel through the right-left flick and I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one driver’s race lasted no further than the drive to the first corner.

Melbourne often produces stop-start races with several safety car interruptions. Last year there were two, courtesy of Kazuki Nakajima and the Sebastian Vettel-Robert Kubica crash in the dying stages of the race.

Bahrain was a cagey affair – you got the impression that even some of the front-running teams were still exploring the limits of their cars’ performance and avoiding taking risks for fear of ruining their tyres and falling down the field.

But it’s still as hard to pass in F1 as it’s ever been and qualifying will be extremely important.


We could see some very early pit stops this weekend.

At Bahrain teams discovered the best way to make progress in the race was to make your first pit stop as early as you could get away with. Lewis Hamilton, for example, came in as soon as McLaren realised they could slot him into clean air further down the running order, which allowed him to move ahead of Nico Rosberg.

Assuming we get a clean start without a safety car appearance, what will be the earliest lap the front running teams can bring their drivers into the pits?

That will depend partly on how the field is spreading out behind them and when those drivers make their pit stops. It will also depend on how quickly the leaders catch the slowest cars – expect the race leader to catch the HRT duo around lap 12, assuming they’re still running.

Tyre wear will be important as well. Last year Bridgestone brought medium and super-soft tyres, and drivers complained the latter wore out too quickly. This year the tyre choices are soft and hard and that more durable combination may make it possible for teams to do very long stints on one set of tyres. But we’ll have to see how those tyres perform in practice to get an idea if that is the case – especially as the track temperature falls towards the end of the ‘twilight’ race.

As it’s quite likely we could see a safety car deployment on lap one, could drivers pit for tyres then and try to make it to the end on a single set? I think it’s possible – but the scramble into the pits would create problems of its own.

Not only will teams have to turn around both their cars within a few seconds of each other, but the new ‘exclusion zone’ rule in the pits could cause some drivers to lose a lot of places. Teams may only release their cars when there is not another car within a certain distance of them, and with the entire pack streaming into the pits at once it’s not hard to see how one unfortunate driver might lose a lot of positions.

(Looking ahead, we may see the FIA discourage this by copying the rule used in GP2 which says that a pit stop taken within the first few laps does not count as the mandatory pit stop a driver must take. A better solution would be to remove the requirement for each driver to use both types of tyre during a race, but I digress.)

Drivers to watch

Four driver to keep an eye on this weekend. Name your top picks in the comments.

Mark Webber – How can it be that Mark Webber’s best result in his home Grand Prix is still the fifth place he scored for Minardi in 2002 (which he matched at Williams in 2005)? He has had some miserable luck at Melbourne, not least his gearbox failure while leading in 2006 and being taken out at turn one last year.

The Red Bull RB6 is clearly quick but Webber failed to capitalise on its performance in qualifying at Bahrain. This weekend the pressure will be on him not just to perform in front of his home crowd, but also to get on terms with Sebastian Vettel.

Robert Kubica – Another driver who is owed a result here after his tangle with Vettel last year and being taken out by Kazuki Nakajima in 2008.

His first outing for Renault was frustrated by a first-lap collision but he showed good pace in the R30 and ran a longer stint than anyone else did. Surely the driver most likely to break into the ‘big four’.

Felipe Massa – Beat Alonso in qualifying but lost out to him in the race. Needs to hit back while the F10 is still the class of the field.

Paul di Resta – Set to make his first appearance as a test driver at Force India in free practice one on Friday. His planned first appearance at Bahrain was cancelled as the team wanted to run their race drivers having lost so much preparation time due to rain during in pre-season testing.

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2010 Australian Grand Prix

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161 comments on “2010 Australian Grand Prix preview”

  1. Go Webber! Be great to see him win in Australia. The last driver to win his home grand prix was Massa in Brazil in 2008.

    1. Farrokh Bomi Bulsara
      22nd March 2010, 13:51

      No it was Vettel in England.

      1. erm…. Vettel is German?

        1. Farrokh Bomi Bulsara
          22nd March 2010, 14:03

          But he thinks he’s more British than German!


          1. Well Vettel’s almost as British as Queen Victoria… :D

          2. @ KNF

            So his father’s German, he’s half German and he married a German ?

      2. Mouse_Nightshirt
        22nd March 2010, 14:01

        Vettel is German, or have I missed something…?

        1. Farrokh Bomi Bulsara
          22nd March 2010, 14:04

          see the above video :)

    2. Ain’t gonna happen!

      1. Jason, right on. ‘Ain’t gonna happen’ is correct. In fact, I like FA, Vettel, Massa and Lewis (and perhaps even Nico) to finish in front of Webber.

        1. Why? And whats to say it won’t, it’s his home race and in a quick car, people shouldn’t right this guy off so soon.

        2. i like how you say ‘ain’t gonna happen’. this is F1, like cricket, anything can happen! i would give webber a better chance of winning than buemi but remember vettel won in a toro rosso! i would never have picked that. nor fisichella’s win in brazil 03, or his pole in belgium last year. i repeat, ‘anything can happen!’

        3. F1Fan. Errrr. Such a hater.
          Go Webber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Not a hater at all. In fact I really, really like Webber as a person. He conducts himself honorably, no lies (unlike Lewis), no pretending. But as a driver he is really, really mediocre. He may be quick here and there and may win a race or two, but to be up there w/ Alonso, Lewis and Vettel requires not only ***consistent*** technical (driving) skill, but also race management and ability to judge and react to a race while it is unfolding. Webber lacks in both, epsecially in the latter. Even if he wins pole (which can only happen if Vettel blows it in Q3), chances are that he won’t win the race. I am simply stating facts, and Webber’s career numbers are there as backup.

          2. “Anything happens in Grand Prix racing and it usually does”

            From the great Murry Walker. ^^

  2. Terry Fabulous
    22nd March 2010, 9:51

    It is going to be a great race. It HAS to be after Bahrain!

    Nice analysis there Keith, I like your pick of Massa as a man to watch, never really shone at Albert Park. Although we will all be wanting to see Webber kick ass!

    Would any F1Fanatic at the race want to meet up and have a beer/coffee/soft drink? There is a two hour break between Prac 3 and Qually and we could meet up 4pm under the Golf Course Giant Screen?

    Anyone keen, let me know and I will see you there for a chat, drink and a laugh!

    1. you’ll be in the same grand stand as me won’t you? Jones? probably see ya there!

      1. Terry Fabulous
        22nd March 2010, 20:25

        Section B, Block B, Row C, Seat 31!

        See you there!

        1. if you see a water bottle fly your way that is me .. lol j/k

    2. Would any F1Fanatic at the race want to meet up and have a beer/coffee/soft drink? There is a two hour break between Prac 3 and Qually and we could meet up 4pm under the Golf Course Giant Screen?

      I’m so jealous! Make sure you send us some pics.

      1. damonsmedley
        22nd March 2010, 11:25

        So am I! I went last year and wish I could have gone again… Maybe next year!

        1. I’ve got tickets at the senna stand. That’s the last corner and the start/finish.. Kinda wish I was at the first corner now. Either way I’m so excited!! Anyone going to the autograph session on Thursday?

          1. when is the autograph session? i haven’t found any official times yet. and i don’t really want to waste time heading out on thursday at the wrong time…

          2. Terry Fabulous
            23rd March 2010, 3:07

            Schumi, Tommy…. Saturday 4pm under the golf course giant screen.

            We are having a catch up with a few laughs, drinks and informed F1 chat.

            Hope to see you then!

    3. I’m in Jones for sunday only (got the 4 corner pass this year). Can’t remember the seat number off hand though ;)

      Anyone going tomorrow to the behind the scenes tour? Might see you there !

      1. Terry Fabulous
        23rd March 2010, 10:01

        Pink I am leaving Sydney tomorrow morning at 3 and hope to be there for the tour.

        Come and say gday under the big TV at the golf course on Saturday 4pm!

        1. Terry Fabulous
          25th March 2010, 22:01

          OK Gang…

          I have a big Yellow sign that says F1FANATIC!
          I will be wearing a big red SUPER AGURI hat.

          4pm Tomorrow under the big TV at the golf course.

          See you then!!!!

          Email me on missingthechilli@gmail.com if you want to contact me.

  3. I expect the drivers will be more aggressive this time around, and this track produces a good race more often than not. However, I can still picture a Hamilton or a Webber being stuck behind a slower car like in Bahrain. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

    Also, is this going to be a twilight race like last year?

    1. Yes, it’s at the same time I think. The race should be at 2 p.m. local time.

      1. If its a twilight race, the race wont be starting at 2pm Melbourne time, I went last year and it was 4 or 5 I think.

    2. It’s the same start time as last year – 5pm local which is 7am in the UK.

      You can find start times for all the sessions of all the races at the bottom of the page – just click the link for the race.

      1. that means more sun glare at turn 9-10-11 for the viewers :/

        I was at the clark chicane last time, might do same this time.

  4. Nathan Bradley
    22nd March 2010, 10:47

    Hi guys, I think the McLarens’ could also be worth watching this weekend. With the blend of quite a few high speed, slightly lower downforce corners, and quite a few straights long enough to take advantage of the F duct, they might have a shot at the podium, although I still think Red Bull/Ferrari will be fighting for the win, dependant on Red Bull reliability.

    Your thoughts please,


    1. McLaren, like Sauber, struggled with the new bump at Bahrain. I think they’ll do better relative to their rivals here. But I suspect Ferrari and Red Bull will retain their edge.

      1. I agree w/ Keith. Look at the track outline and tell me where you see long enough straights for the MP to capitalize on its straightline speed advantage. There are none. Even the start-finish line is far shorter than in Bahrein. The are faster corners here but the RBR and F10 are pretty good around those as well. I don’t expect a significant MP step until Spain. It will only be because of Lewis’s ability if MacLaren can get another podium (forget about the other guy).

        1. dont forget the only weak point of the mclaren was the qualifying, thier (lewis’s) race pace was identical to the red bull and both ferrari’s in the race,

          maybe bahrian was just a glitch, in lewis championship year i remeber him qualifying more than a second behind the pole sitter in some races and then going on to win the race, its too early after one race to say that ferrari and red bull have a huge advantage because they dont, the diference may be 0.2s but that can easily be made up by a good driver

          1. Indeed, if Hamilton hadn’t been pushed off track by Massa and/or hadn’t outbraked himself in the next turn, he could easily have been behind Alonso fighting for the win.

            A cruise to a podium or a battle for the lead can be just one split second away.

  5. My guess goes to Massa, while Alonso and Hamilton hit each other out and Button just misses out on top 5 battling with Schumacher ;-).
    It will be very exiting but no more overtaking then usual.

    1. As Jason said above ‘Ain’t gonna happen’.

  6. happily, no one has bolted an ill-advised one kilometre long extension on it which consists entirely of slow, narrow corners

    That made me laugh, here’s hoping for a good weekends racing, I’m behind Webber for a home GP win this year!

    1. Farrokh Bomi Bulsara
      22nd March 2010, 14:14

      I’m behind Webber for a home GP win this year!

      I am afraid you’ll go home disappointed.

      1. How can you tell the future, stop being negative about other drivers.

        1. Blessed yelrom and Invoke!

          Go Webber!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. “A better solution would be to remove the requirement for each driver to use both types of tyre during a race”

    The voice of reason speaks again!

    1. Eje Gustafsson
      22nd March 2010, 15:34

      Absolutely true. This would make for some very interesting tire choices and strategies. Could see some teams go for all soft tires and do 2 stops instead of 1 stop on each tire. Figure 2sec per lap faster on soft tires. 60 laps means 2min faster and 20-30sec to change tires.

  8. Mark Hitchcock
    22nd March 2010, 12:03

    “Last year Bridgestone brought medium and super-soft tyres, and drivers complained the latter wore out too quickly.”

    And that produced an exciting race. Should have brought the same tyres again to give the teams something to think about regarding strategy. As it is, if the soft is durable enough, it’s another certain 1-stopper.

    1. Agreed. Then we could have this situation:

      Webber goes for gold in qualifying and gets pole, but effectively ruins his tyres in doing so. He leads away from the start, but then dives into the pits on Lap 1 for his only stop. Slowly, he starts to catch up with the pack. By the time everyone has made their stops, Webber is back in the lead, but has to fight off Hamilton and Alonso, who are on fresher tyres. That would be a exciting race.

      1. Mouse_Nightshirt
        22nd March 2010, 14:06

        Flaw is that the hard tyres will easily last. Webber wouldn’t have an issue.

        1. Farrokh Bomi Bulsara
          22nd March 2010, 14:09

          Is this going to be a twilight race like last year?

          1. Yes. Fifth paragraph under ‘strategy’ heading.

        2. Jarred Walmsley
          22nd March 2010, 18:32

          Yes, but Hamilton and Alonso will also have the harder tires, but they will just be fresher

        3. Nope. First of all, they’de be using the medium tyres, which can last but have to be managed. Webber will have run on them for quite a bit longer, and so the freshness of the others’ tyres will be noticeable in the extra grip they’d be able to extract from them. It won’t be seconds, but it might be enough.

          Of course, it wouldn’t definitely happen this way, but at least it could, unlike with a soft/hard split.

  9. We are heading to Melbourne this weekend. Long range forecast mentions there might be the chance of a shower on Sat and Sun, that will be interesting.
    Not too sure how the late start will go, if it is overcast it will get quite dark early. The days are getting much shorter now that it is almost late March. I don’t like the fact that we have to hang around all day for the race to start around 5pm. Plenty of action on track though, which should be good!
    I will try and grab some good photos.

  10. Its either vettel or Robert

  11. My drivers to watch:

    1. Alonso/Massa – who will win?!
    2. Vettel – hope he will be around 12th after Q. I want to see him overtaking someone at last and win race without having PP.
    3. Sutil – another crash?
    4. Kubica – to prove good Renault performance.
    5. Webber – possible home race? i doubt, but lets see…
    6. Button – again watching Hamiltons or Merc back :)

    1. He has already won a race without pole position :)

      1. well, thanks to HAM retiring…

    2. if you can win without having to make a crusade through the field surely that is better. That means the driver has performed more consistently and qualified well!

      Vettel is an excellent driver, i remember everyone saying how great Button was in Brazil, didn’t Vettel do an even better job in that race coming up through the field….?

      1. And Hamilton done an even better job than bith of them !

      2. Yeah Vettel started behind Button but finished ahead I think

        1. Qualifying
          Jenson 14th, Vettel 15th and Lewis in 17th.

          Hamilton 3rd, Vettel 4th and Button 5th (But that’s all he needed) Button was driver of the day i’d say!

          McLaren are always awesome on strategy and this is what helped Hamilton move up to 3rd (And the fact he had KERS and slashed Barrichello’s tyre)!

  12. I am looking forward to the GP. Hope to see Webber going for gold, and also would like to see McLaren get something out of their F-duct solution with overtaking on the straits.

    1. (a) Webber win – ain’t gonna happen.
      (b) What ‘straits’ ???

      1. stop saying it’s not going to happen,you obviosly dont like Webber (no idea why) but stop being so negative about him here. It’s his home race and out of all the drivers I think he deserves to win the most. And guess what I’m not even Australian.

        1. I actually do really like Webber as a person. In fact, I like him a lot. It is just that as a driver he is defficient. His concentration is lacking, he is a poor race manager and doesn’t have that racing instinct that champions have. He has crashed too often, caused accidents and has not shown up when it counted. He is no better than an average F1 driver. And if you cannot accept these facts, it is not my fault. They are there for all to see.

          If RBR wins this race, it will be Vettel. He is going for the WDC and he is clearly the superior driver in that team.

        2. webber is a nice guy,but sorry my aussie friends,he is so over rated,vettal just keeps crushng him under his heel,its getting to the point were red bull,would love to ease him out for kimi-read these words-THE ICEMAN DOES COMETH..

      2. Well at least on the parts between the corners, where they don’t need downforce.

        I didn’t even say, Webber will win it, just that i was looking forward to him having a go at it this time. If he gets a good qualifying he should be right on it. It would be great, to see Webber win in his home race.

  13. Vettel will take the pole again. Will he use a new engine?
    And It’s time to shine for Webber. So I think RBR gonna grab the front row at Saturday.

    1. (a) Webber can’t/won’t get pole
      (b) Even if he did somehow (Vettel blows it in Q3) he can’t/won’t win

      Vettel can only win if he gets pole, in a normal race (i.e. no