Virgin VR-01 hits the track (Video)

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Virgin Racing have put out a video of their new F1 car’s shakedown test at Silverstone last week.

Timo Glock – sporting a new helmet design – was first to drive the car.

Team mate Lucas di Grassi also had a go and prepared for his test by taking a Nissan GT-R around Silverstone’s Stowe circuit.

Virgin will join the other F1 teams in testing at Jerez on Wednesday.

Virgin VR-01 pictures

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23 comments on “Virgin VR-01 hits the track (Video)”

  1. How can they take the car round Silverstone? I thought they were doing building work at the moment. :/

    1. They can still use parts of it, this was on the Stowe circuit. Williams and Force India have also used it this year.

  2. Oh right its just the stowe circuit…

    1. i belive that lucas di grassi will be fighting for las next year

  3. what help would driving a Nissan around the stowe circuit be?

    1. learn the stowe track
      walm his hands up with the cars heating?

    2. Mark Hitchcock
      8th February 2010, 20:56

      If I had a Nissan GT at Silverstone I don’t think I’d need a reason to have a go in it.

  4. I bet they went out on track at midnight for a few hours testing on the full circuit :P

    1. They’d be hard pushed – it really is a building site, I did a track day there last week… there’s so much work going on you have to hope that Damon Hill (BDRC President) is a man we can all trust…

  5. Glockdog! :D

  6. Not much of a shakedown…

  7. look at the tribal patterns on the race suits…. for that I’m supporting Virgin.

    Sod all that sponsor friendly rubbish, give us something nice to look at!

  8. I read somewhere that the cards stand for how many WDCs you have under your belt. Correct me if im wrong, but why would Glock have 2 cards?

    1. Fernando has 2 cards on his helmet to signify his 2 WDC’s, but it’s not like it’s a rule throught F1.

      Glock’s card’s could mean something completely different, and I should think they do.

  9. Does anyone else think the guy at 2:02 looks suspiciously like a recent ex-Ferrari driver?

    1. Those steely blue eyes did look incredibly familiar…

      1. Mouse_Nightshirt
        9th February 2010, 1:30

        Cheekbones are all wrong.

  10. TheGreatCornholio
    8th February 2010, 23:10

    Looks great on the move. Just a shame it wasn’t moving very fast! Lookin forward to seeing the Lotus tomorrow too, could be another cool paint job! Really hope that UsF1 make it but apart from feeling a bit sorry for Bruno Senna i’m not too bothered by Campos not making it. Speaking of paint jobs, if UsF1 do make it their car had better resemble a giant Stars and Stripes! I don’t care if its naff, anything else would be wrong. Lol

  11. I really think that Virgin have the best livery for 2010 so far!!!

  12. Josť Baudaier
    9th February 2010, 3:42

    Nice helmet.

    1. Glock? He’s got style!

  13. I’m quite impressed with Virgin concidering their unusual CAD only design approach…

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