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I started F1 Fanatic at the beginning of 2005 as a hobby. At the time I never thought that within a few years it would grow into a site visited by around 200,000 people per month.

But in the past few months I have felt increasingly frustrated that I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to with F1 Fanatic: developing the site, writing articles for it, proof-reading, responding to your comments, and everything else.

I decided it was time to either commit to the site fully or give up on it. So three weeks ago I gave notice that I would be leaving my job at the end of the year to work on F1 Fanatic full-time.

As you can imagine I’m very excited to take on the challenge of turning something which has given me an enormous amount of pleasure into a paying job. But I’m under no illusions that this is a difficult profession in which to earn money.

I’m very grateful to all of you who visit the site and have contributed to it. I hope you will get even more out of it in the future as I am able to dedicate more time to it.

There will inevitably be changes to the site in the near future, many of which I’ve mentioned here before. They are partly intended to take advantage of the extra time I will have to work on the site. More on that here: Update on improvements to F1 Fanatic

In 2010 I hope to develop F1 Fanatic further as an essential destination for F1 fans with better news coverage, more original content, a quicker and more reliable site, and – most of all – many more opportunities for all of you to get involved.

Here’s to the future!

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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  • 209 comments on “The future of F1 Fanatic”

    1. Hi Keith Congratulations and count on my support you are doing a great job and am with you 100%.

      Many regards from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.


      1. Same thing here Keith, good luck, and count on our support.
        From Bremen, Germany

    2. Well I think congratulations are in order Keith. This site has been my first stop for my F1 fix for a couple of years now, and I’ve always been amazed by your commitment, talent, knowledge and passion.

      I wish you great success with the site, and as a visitor I’m thrilled you’ll have even more time to make it better!


      1. here here! I’m a total fan of your site. You constantly amaze me with your articles and site.

        This is the best F1 site I’ve found on the web. I’m totally thrilled for you! You deserve everything you get from it.

        I predict in some years, this site will be an institution! With staff members etc.. you’ll see ! ;)

        1. I predict in some years, this site will be an institution! With staff members etc.. you’ll see

          If it is, I hvae dibs on being your Aussie coraspondent. haha.

          Seriously though, this is great news, keep up the good work Keith.

    3. Well Congrats Keith, this site is great i log on every day to get my F1 intake, i can only look forward to next year with your full time and devotion on it!!

    4. Found a typo:
      “There will inevitably be changes to the site in the near future, many of which I’ve mentioend here before.”

      1. Fixed, ta :-)

        1. Hi Keith,

          Great to hear that you’ll be totally involved with F1 Fanatic henceforth :) .

          For me, it was a chance ‘encounter’ with F1 Fanatic one day while Googling and I have never looked back since then. Everything has been good and improving, as you put it.

          So here is wishing you the very best and looking forwards to more and more F1 from you. Hoping that this turns out to be the “one stop ‘pit-stop'”(not literally 1 though :D ) for all F1 fans :) .


          1. ditto.

            That is actually exactly how I found this site too.

            Cheers to the future! and thanks for your commitment.

    5. Fair play Keith you have made a lot of fans very happy. Its great that you can now spend your days doing something you love. Looking forward to see what you have planned in 2010. Good luck.

    6. Keep pushing man. You deserve it. I will keep following you on Twitter and RT you!

    7. Good luck.
      And thanks, this is my favourite formula 1 site.

    8. HounslowBusGarage
      21st December 2009, 9:23

      Brave decision, Keith. But I know you can count on the support of all your regular readers/visitors/commenters/arguers!

    9. Congratulations Keith and good luck! This is great news for all F1Fanatic’s fanatics!

    10. Thanks for the great site Keith, keep up the good work!

    11. So the best F1 site is now going to get even better! Hope it works out for you Keith, there are loads of religious visitors, myself included to keep you going!

    12. Well done Keith, keep up the good work. The no1 F1 blog.

    13. wow, that takes some guts..and some passion for F1..congratulations and, well, good luck

    14. Very brave of you Keith, I’m sure all here will do our utmost to reward that bravery and make this place as rewarding financially for you as it is a reward in other areas for all of us.

      Forza F1Fanatic!

    15. Congratulations Keith and good luck!
      F1fanatic has been part of my daily startup routine for a year or two now and this can only improve it.

    16. Best of luck Keith and thanks for such a magnificent site!

    17. I’ve just disabled AdBlock on F1Fanatic, you deserve any money from ad impressions you get for running this fantastic site.

      1. Same here. Only site I have given that honour, lol. :)

    18. Well Keith, put it this way – when I started reading this I thought you were going to announce giving up on the sit and was instanly downhearted! Good job I read on and saw the opposite was true!

      Best of luck with it – a courageous move! You’ll have my support all the way.

      Incidentally, should you go for an type business model and have a few articles available only to paid subscribers – I would be interested in that. Just FYI…

      1. Autosport and ESPN F1 really annoy me how they require payment for their articles, that’s why I visit here :)

        1. but you should use their next and previous story buttons to make it easier to move between yur posts!

          1. but you should use their next and previous story buttons to make it easier to move between yur posts!

            Do you mean me? We do have those…

    19. Congratulations Keith and Good Luck!!!

      Looking forward to the future!!!

    20. Fantastic news! This site is my first port of call for F1 news and it is a truely amazing site. Congrtats on your great work and being able to work at something you love!

    21. Hey Keith, congratulations and goodluck.

      Have you thought of adding a donate feature, as Im sure many including myself would add a few quid to help you out which would only help and make F1 Fanatic bigger and better!

      Anyways all the best!

      1. Yeah I thought that too. I’ve been on websites before that have a donate feature. I’d chip in a bit hehe

        1. As would I. Can’t afford to commit to a subscription or anything like that but it’d be good to be able to give a few quid every now and then.

      2. Have you thought of adding a donate feature, as Im sure many including myself would add a few quid to help you out which would only help and make F1 Fanatic bigger and better!

        Yes I have and you can make a donation here:

        This will be flagged up on the home page when the new site design is ready.

    22. themarcpearson
      21st December 2009, 9:51

      Is it bad/sad that i have F1Fanatic set as my homepage

      1. No. No its not in any way.

    23. Congratulations on the brave and awesome decision. Best of luck for the future Keith!

      Its good to see someone follow their dreams.

    24. Jesus Keith you quit your job? Now that is dedication and I really admire that. Good on you :)
      This site was a genius idea, is run by a true fan and has wonderful little touches like the forums and the live chat. I know you can continue to make your site grow.
      Congratulations Keith. Certainly the most inspiring story from F1 this Christmas.

      1. you are so right.

      2. Spot on comment Steph – Keith your site is for F1 fans run by an F1 fan … that means a lot … we’re all behind you…

    25. Now you have nothing but F1 all day, you’re going to go as bat**** crazy as Bernie or Max. ;)

    26. Congrats and good luck, Keith.

      By the way, just out of curiosity, what was your profession before? (Now its obviously F1 journalism).

      1. I was (and am, for two more days at least) a journalist at Auto Trader. Here’s a recent article:

        1. interesting comparison. Your articles feel fresher on here, keep it up dude; you are doing a great job.

        2. Accordingly, the car already made a cameo in summer blockbuster Transformers 2 as the robot ‘Skids’. Happily, driving the car is a more satisfying experience than Michael Bay’s smash-a-thon.

          And it’s a better use of your money too.

          Classic Collantine…

          Like everyone else I love F1 Fanatic and wish you the best of luck for the future !

    27. Good luck I hope you manage to make the site pay and don’t regret your decision. F1 Fanatic is one the best on the web and one of the firsts sites I check every time I go on the internet.

    28. brilliant as this is now my Fav F1 site!

    29. Hats off to you, Keith. Quite a tough decision to make, I reckon. Keep up the good work. I’m look forward to reading more from you.

    30. Good luck Keith, I’ve only started reading it this past season but I think it’s a great site.

    31. good luck, we fanatic readers will be there to support you…

    32. In my opinion, you’ve already done a great job with this site as the kind of project it was run until now, so I think it’s a good decision to commit to it. I definitely wish you all the best and, of course, I’ll be following the developments.

    33. Good luck mate!


    34. Excellent, excellent news, Keith. I do hope you’ve thought this through and you have a sustainable profit model ready. Once that’s set, the rest should be at least a bit easier.

    35. You’re a brave chap Mr Collantine. I’ve been visiting your site for a good three years now, and it’s easily the best out there. Now it has your undivided attention, it can only get better. Hopefully you can find ways of making it pay. Here’s to F1 Fanatic!

    36. Fantastic! Who here wouldn’t like to jack-in the daily grind to do something they enjoy?

      Hope everything goes as planned and good luck for the future Keith!

    37. This is great Keith. I’ve been following your site for so long but not that participated by commenting. Said that, I’ve been reading your articles.

      And one thing that caught my attention: How do you plan to make money out of it? I can’t see any AdSense or something. If there is anything we can contribute such as click-ad-once-a-day-keep-the-doctor-away, let us do it : )

    38. Great news Keith. Will the blog bring you enough money?

    39. My best of luck for you.

    40. All the best things come frome brave decisions and I’m sure this will be no exception. All the best.

    41. You have our total support as always Keith and its great to see so many support you as well.

    42. Hi Keith. Congratulations!
      any html and css tasks – please ask :)

      1. Thanks Andrey – I’ll be in touch.

    43. This is an incredibly brave decision which I think its safe to say looking up an down this thread we are all very gratefull for. This site is my number one place for F1 and the forum is my number 1 place for dicussion.

      Wishing you all the best of luck with this new direction you are taking we’re all behind you.

    44. All the very best Keith! You’re doing a splendid job, hats off to your commitment, dedication and the effort you put into the blog.

    45. Brilliant!

      Cant commend you enough for this!


    46. Great news Keith we hope the site continues to grow. It’s one of the best F1 sites around. It’s the only place on the web where its easy to find so many true F1 fans.

    47. Blimey, that’s brave! Best of luck. I’d better click on an ad or two here and there :)

    48. Wow, brave decision – but only mainly because (a) the blog is already so good it’s hard to see it being improved, although I’m sure you will, and (b) it’s a competitive market and lots of less-scrupulous websites have articles written almost entirely by copy-paste…

      I have to say though that this is in my view one of the holy triumvirate of F1 blogs – Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog, James Allen’s blog and F1 Fanatic. There’s other stuff worth reading as well, of course, but on sheer consistency these three are strongest and all complement each other very well.

      1. Couldn’t agree more.

      2. That’s my top three as well!

        Congratulations Keith, I look forward to hearing more of you on TV and radio too.
        Do let us know the most effective way to support your new venture (how best to use the ads, shopping links etc) and any events or gatherings you may be planning…

      3. My top 3 also. Why is Joe Saward’s blog now a better site than

        1. I think it’s deliberate, I remember Joe alluding to it in a previous post or the comments of one.

    49. As already said, all the best to you Keith!

      I visit the site every day for my F1 fix, and will comment every now and then if I feel necessary.

      It’s a big step you’re taking, but I’m certain it will be the right move.

      I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure if it came to a small membership fee there are a lot of loyal followers here who would be willing to pay. I know I would!

      1. I agree with Travis. Your publication is part of my daily routine and I’ll gladly subscribe.

    50. Good Luck with it, I’m sure everyone is willing to help you

    51. Wish you the best of luck. Found this site at the start of last season and it’s been great all year – I particularly like the ‘voice’ of how you write articles.

      Onwards and upwards!

    52. This blog of yours is wonderful, there’s no one like it. It’s like being inside the world of Formula 1. You have my support all the way from the Philippines!

      Looking forward to the future of F1Fanatic!

    53. Congrats Keith… Good luck for the future!!!

    54. Just woke up and seen the article, looks my article is going to be right at the bottom of the list so I hope you get to read it.

      Anyway… great news! This is my favourite F1 site around. I hope this works for you

      1. oops… looks like my comment is…

    55. Congratulations and good luck for the future!

    56. Best of luck for the future Keith. Ive only been visiting the site for little over 6 months and it has now become my main source of F1 news.

      And like many others have said, if it comes to the time where a small membership fee has to be paid, I would be more than willing to pay it.

    57. Clearly a big decision, Keith, and I hope your dedication brings the rewards it deserves!

    58. Congratulations, good luck – and merry Christmas!

    59. Congratulations Keith, this has always been my favourite F1 website and the one i come to first for news since I started following F1 and now its going to get even better! You have my support!

    60. Good luck with the site Keith!

      The quality of your articles is second-to-none!

    61. a site visited by around 200,000 people per month

      Is that 200,000 different people or a few other fanatical F1 fans just checking back for news updates and forum usage? Is it a different IP address on each of those 200,000. I check from work and home so if it’s IP address that’s 2 for me, so it could be really 100,000 people.

      Then how many revisit regularly?
      If you only browse while the season is on, are you going to pay for a subscription?
      Do you plan on a subscription service or a donate box, or just revenue from adverts?

      Overheads for yourself will be server hosting \ time and travel costs to F1 events \ venues.

      It’s a brave decision, I’m just curious on how you worked out if it is feasible?

      1. Accidental Mick
        21st December 2009, 12:11

        I echo what everyone else has said – it is a brave decision and I wish you every succes. I too would be curioua about your business model but can understand that that is a bit personal, somewhat akin to askin someone their salary.

        I, too, would be willing to pay an annual subscription (and with that number of subcribers (even taking in what Chalky said) it could pay a reasonable return for you). You would have to let non-members have a limited number of free visits so they could get a flavour and I am not web-savy enough to know how to do that but I am sure there is someone out there who does.

        BTW Fifanatic is my home page.

      2. Unique visitors is a tricky metric because, as you rightly point out Chalky, it can involve multiple visits by the same person on different computers. I have taken that into account when planning ahead.

        At the moment I haven’t got plans for a subscription service. As well as the existing advertising (more of which I will be able to arrange personally and most cost-effectively) and other revenue-generating activities I’ve added a donate feature:

        This will be promoted more clearly on the front of the site when the design has been updated.

        There’s also plans for merchandise lines and an F1 Fanatic Shop.

    62. Just read your news Keith and I wish you every success. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present.

      Please do not be afraid to ask for financial support, as has already been stated many times, people will pay good money for a quality service and F1Fanatic has it in spades.

    63. I’m really pleased for you Keith – I hope it works out. I’ve suggested this elsewhere but why not a subscription-based super-site with you, Joe Saward and James Allen posting opinion pieces, pod-casting discussion of the latest news, live commentary from James, interviews with drivers etc, etc. I think a lot of your combined visitors would pay for a site like that.

      In any case the very best of luck – of course they always say the best kind of works is your hobby. :) Best of luck!

    64. Wow a brave decision Keith but I’m sure the right one, congratulations! I look forward to an even better season at F1Fanatic and am happy to volunteer for proof reading duties if you like. Best of luck and thanks a dozen. :D

    65. Best of luck with the site Keith. Great to hear it’s going to be even beefier in 2010, I for one shall continue visiting, not only for the site, but the fanatics who use it too. great bunch of people here. Love it!

    66. What everyone else has said. This site has been the first I go to for F1 news since the beginning of 2008, and it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of stopping. :D

      I wish you the best of luck with your new full-time occupation, and a bright future. ;)

    67. Congratulations and good luck Keith
      You will do great.
      It is obviuos you truly love and are passionate about the sport.
      You know what they say about success, It comes from loving what you do with all your heart and that you certainly do.
      I introduced my husband to your site and he is hooked on it just like i am.

      Best of luck

    68. Best of luck. Many F1 sites post new stories but this is the one which explains the most and best especially the little background you write with every story plus the opinion based articles are very good. Last but not least your photo galleries are the best i have seen so far. Lot of pictures and all high resolution.

      One idea i would like to add is you should write MORE editorial articles and summaries of completed races. I enjoy the articles you write but would like to see more articles especially something like’s ‘Winners and losers’ and ‘Some Conclusions from the race’.

      Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    69. Good luck Keith. You have our support.

    70. Well, what can I say. I’m simply amazed by your dedication Keith. Best of luck!

    71. Congratulations, Keith. I alredy love this site and now is great to learn that now you will turn it in a even better place to read and discuss F1.

      Good lucky!

    72. Best of luck with the new “job” :-)

    73. Hey,

      Congratulations Keith and looking forward to some more features as you mentioned earlier. I am a daily visitor and altough I don’t comment much on articles I read them all.

      Alex from Malta

    74. Bold and audacious move. I wish you the very best of luck and success on this Keith.

    75. Good luck Keith, I look forward to the future of F1Fanatic

    76. This is my first stop for my daily Formula One fix. So I wish you every success in branching out on your own.
      The very best of luck from a Brit exile in Canada

    77. Wow!!!

      One of the most important things in live is to work on what you love most, and it seems to me you’ve been able to achieve that goal.

      Congratulations for that. I cannot imagine what will you do with F1 Fanatic working full time, when now you’re offering us so much information!

      Congratulations again and looking forward for a great 2010 F1 Fanatic blog!

    78. Keith, congratulations, big ups, and don’t let the inevitable bumps along the new road discourage you.

      A year and a half ago I decided to pull the plug on a steady salary to try my hand at things I feel more naturally good at, and while it hasn’t been all fun and games, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.


      1. while it hasn’t been all fun and games, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.

        Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m expecting!

        1. Kudos, Keith. As opposed to others here, I have nothing much to contribute in the way business model recommendations, but I’m quite sure that if you’re at the point of making the big leap, it’s because you’re ready to take on whatever unexpected difficulties might crop up. Good luck to you, man.

    79. best wishes in the full time pond. you’re our number #1 source for F1 news in Kenya

    80. Hey man. Though decision! Congrats and best of luck!

    81. Do let us know how we can help to make this a sustainable venture for you.

    82. What can I say, well I don’t want to go into to much detail because I’m already welling up, just thinking about how I’ve watched Keith mature into the blogger he is today. I’m so proud of you Keith.

      We haven’t always seen eye to eye (almost never!) but that hasn’t stopped me from pestering you and visiting your site to read your articles only to find myself rolling my eyes at some of your opinions. But I’m looking forward to having more arguments and the occasional “agree to disagree” moments.

      On a more serious note of all the hurdles you will face the hardest to overcome will be getting the motivation to go to work. At first you’ll be OK but after a while there will be times where you’ll say “Oh I’ve got plenty of time I’ll do it later”. All of a sudden you find yourself working at 3am with a wall of energy drinks in front of you. That then can turn into a cycle which is very hard to get out of.

      However, by no means do I want rain on your parade so I’ll finish of by wishing you best of luck and thanks for the memories, so far!!!

    83. Wow, congratulations on your decision, Keith!

      I’m very grateful for the time and effort that you put into this site as it’s nice to be able to get excellent, excellent coverage of each race and all the little bits that occur in F1 (especially for the fact that I live in America).

      Another forum that I frequent allows users to donate a small sum for little hearts on their avatars. Barring the hearts, maybe you could do something similar or offer this in addition to membership fees (for users who may want to pay once or something). A donate feature would also be very nice.

      Good luck!

    84. As so many people have wished, me too wish you all the best… It must be a real tough decision on your part to quit your job and concentrate only on the site…

      Just one suggestion… Now that your going to make the site bigger and better, why not change the domain to .com from

    85. mp4-19b(one last comment)
      21st December 2009, 15:14

      Ok guys, this is my last comment on F1 Fanatic. Just wanted to say good luck to Keith & hope this blog becomes a better & sweeter place now that I am gone. So thats it. Goodbye.

    86. Loyal F1Fanatic reader
      21st December 2009, 15:16

      Good luck & and thank you

    87. It’s really pleasing to know that you’re engaging full time in this job.

      I’m sure you’ll overcome any difficulties that might show up in the beginning, because you have the most important things: plenty of talent and passion, you’re a gifted sports writer and it was impressive that, up until now, you were an amateur…

      Good luck!

    88. wow, didn’t know u’d leave ur job for this! nice. I too get my ‘fix’ from this site. love it, thanks!
      I sense a bit of internet entrepreneurship here! if it works out globally, then- $$$!

    89. Congratulations and all the best Keith!

    90. Enjoyed reading your site for nearly 3 years now, one of the first sites I visit every day, but

      With the very greatest of respect I think you are making a big mistake as somehow to keep your current lifestyle up you would have to earn £20-30,000 from F1Fanatic I would imagine to match your salary from Auto Trader and as you are not FIA accredited and go to all the races I really don’t see the current content enjoyable though it is to read generating that kind of revenue

      I applaud your bravery and wish you the very best of luck but unless you are a single guy living at home a secure job and leaving the site in the hands of an editor who can update things while you are at work would have been better


      1. I appreciate the thoughts Paul. I definitely wouldn’t have made the decision if the figures didn’t add up.

        FIA accreditation is obviously something I’d like to have in the future but as well as giving opportunities to improve the quality of information on the site there are drawbacks too – the huge time and cost implications, for example. Getting the site to stand on its own two feet financially as the first step, getting full FIA accreditation is a later step.

        1. Good luck with it Keith, seems like you know what your letting yourself in for.

          As far as the financing goes, I don’t have drastic plastic, so couldn’t do a subscription, but i’ll be very happy to introduce my other half to the shop in time for my birthday in the spring, & next xmas etc.

          Another thing I can offer is, I have an 8 piece rock band, “The Hamsters From Hell”, google it rather than me using your blog as a plug. 1/2 the band are F1 fans, so i’m sure we’d be up for any F1fanatic events. Email me if you’re interested.

    91. F1 Fanatic should be the recognize as official Formula 1 fansite. :)

      Keep it up! Congrats on upcoming 5th year of F1 Fanatic.

    92. Echoing the congratulations everyone has already said!

      The F1 coverage here in the states is slim-to-none in the media – especially in the off season – so this site is the one I rely on for my fix. Keep up the amazing work!

    93. Excellent! Well done!

    94. Thanks very much to everyone for the very positive feedback so far!

    95. Good for us, no doubt. I hope it would be good for you, too. Good luck!

    96. Good luck and three cheers for Keith… hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray…

    97. We=re all damn lucky to have you and this superb site.

      And now to be run full-time……fantastic !

      I wish you all the good fortune you richly deserve.

    98. Go for it!
      I can only feel but grateful to read this fantastic site.

    99. All the best Keith, you’ve done a cracking job thus far, great writing, interesting stories, exactly what I want in a sports site. Here’s to you and the 2010 season then!

    100. When I first started reading, my thoughts were “Noooo.. what am I going to do with F1Fanatic”, but then I read on and was very happy. Best of luck with the site, even though you already do an amazing job with it :)

    101. Well now that you’re turning pro, maybe a name change? How about F1Fantastic;)

      This is the best all-round F1 site and I wish you huge success.

    102. Keith, you are just getting me addicted to your site.

      Good job mate.

    103. Go for it, Keith. You’ve got the beginnings of a wonderful success story here. You can count on increased visits from this American fan.

    104. Great News Keith, fantastic job so far and I look forward to the future of F1 Fanatic.

      I have only this season discovered F1 Fanatic, best source of info. on the web as far as I’m concerned and love the regular feeds.

      I particularly like the info about the British GP and people’s experiences and advice given out – is there any way you can provide a quick-link to this area to make it more accessible on the front page?

      Thanks for all your info and keep up the good work!


    105. Wow I’m gonna have to start clicking on the ads as much as possible, wouldn’t want you losing the roof over your head :) Oh and be careful not to get sued for libel or anything.

    106. congratulations keith – all the best!

    107. Great news Keith!

      Thanks for the already very good site that will be even better now.
      I guess your project will work good, especially now when F1-live turned into something really worthless.

      Good luck!
      I will continue to visit your site every day.

    108. Best of luck Keith, looking forward to the new era :)

    109. Keith, I never knew this was just your hobby!
      It is by far the best F1 website going.
      I can’t wait to see it when you do go full time.
      The very, very best of luck to you.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
      to you and all F1 Fanatics!

    110. Congratulations Keith and good luck! This is by far the best F1 website going, thanks for all your time and effort.

    111. Keith! Congratulations mate! We couldn’t be more thrilled for you at F1B. What a terrific holiday gift than to get more Keith for 2010. We are elated at your news and wish you the most outrageous success with F1 Fanatic in the future. Looking forward to all the future brings to you and your site. You and your site represent what is best in F1 blogging. Cheers mate.

      Todd, and the entire staff at F1B.

    112. Well Keith, thank you then for committing so much time and effort to this site, we all come here because it’s the best way to find out what’s going on in F1.

      Keep up the awesome work mate!

    113. what a brave choice Keith i like everybody else love this site and all the information and whit you provide for all the f1 fans he in the united states we thank you for all the dedication over the last 5 years

    114. Good decision!!! Good luck Kieth!!!

    115. Keith ,
      Congratulations and I hope you make a lot of money from advertising , you deserve it after spending so much time as a hobby, you should be rewarded for taking such a step and making it a permanent job.
      Happy Holidays !!!

      Pablo, Hermosa Beach, CA

    116. Good luck with it and fantastic news for us that you can focus on the site. Three rules though (1) Keep it simple and fast to load, don’t get clever with the java etc and keep the interaction clear. (2) Keep it free and build other revenue streams. (3) Remember why it started as an alternative to the other sites…..don’t become that ‘other site’ and force someone else to start another. :)

      1. here here … F1-live sold their souls and look at it now ESPNF1 – I’ve deleted it from my favourites it’s so poor !

    117. Good luck Keith, this is a quality site, keep it up mate. Graeme

    118. Best wishes Keith ! we´ll try to help

    119. Really thrilled that you will be working at F1 Fanatic full time. Its already a brilliant site and will only continue to get better. Good luck with what has to be a very brave move.

    120. Welcome to the world of free enterprise! My very best wishes for a very, very long run in this now, “full time” endeavor. ps.(Are you hiring?)

    121. Wow, as great as this blog is, I thought it must be your full time job.

      This F1-watching American loves this blog Keith.

      Can’t imagine it being any better, but I’m sure you’ll find a way. Keep up the great work!!

    122. Wot’s the wife think about that then ?

      1. I’m not married, I live with my girlfriend, and she’s fine except she’s very jealous that I won’t have a commute any more :-)

        1. I work from home too :) – nothing better on a freezing cold wet grey winters morning than getting up commuting to the sofa, flicking on Sky News, slomacking around in your slippers with a nice hot cup of coffee & catching up with with the latest F1 news on the web whilst the the rest of the country trudge into their offices – even better in the summer with laptop in the garden a long cool drink, birds singing, cloudless skies (Self – Discipline is a must though !) – the downside is you’ll be expected to do all your own work PLUS all the housework / washing (well you’re at home all day !) :)

    123. Keith, thanks for your effort and keep on pushing, i love this site, even as i don’t write too much, i read it everyday, congratulations and Merry Chritsmas or watever the readers celebrate around this time of the year.

    124. this is great news!!! wish i could do this, if you need an assisstant give me a shout :D

    125. It will be good to have you around more Keith!I will remain a dedicated reader for quite a while for sure.

      Best F1 site there is!!!!

    126. congrats on doing such a great job keith
      how exciting going full time
      you’ve created your own dream
      wishing lots of succes!

    127. Keith, I wish you all the very best. It takes a lot of courage to quit a stable job and do something you love. Like most of the other followers, this site is the first I go to for any news and the articles are just wonderful. Judging by your enthusiasm for F1 and the quality of the articles thus far, you should be very successful.

      Please keep the simple layout, the interesting articles coming and the intelligent discussions/arguments going :).

      Lastly, thank you!

    128. F1-live sold their souls and look at it now ESPNF1 – I’ve deleted it from my favourites it’s so poor !

      1. Agreed, it’s actually dreadful.

    129. i check in on this site every time i turn the computer on, so you must be doing something right!

    130. way to go! best of luck, mate! :)

    131. Well its a big step Keith – you have always given us a good insight to whats happening on and off track – and given us a chance to rant or praise teams drivers (and each other!!) – and where would the other loonies who get up at ungodly hours to watch and comment – on the practise sessions even??? go if not for F1 Fanatic
      I hope it goes well for you and look forward to going into the new year and season with you at the helm of your flagship – good luck

    132. Congratulations Keith, on making the big step.
      All the Fanatic Fans are looking forward to your prgressions on the site, and another huge year in racing for 2010.

    133. I can only say: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep up the fantastic work.

    134. Hi Keith,

      Not commented on your site since the summer (long story). I still visit the site several times a day though. I would like to say that i have had 2 bouts of near death illness this year and your site has helped me through them and i hope your move to fulltime works for you.

      Fingers crossed.

    135. I echo David’s comment, and would like to add one other: how can we help with this in the future?

    136. Love this site!!!

    137. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
      22nd December 2009, 0:17

      Fantastic Keith!

    138. Best of luck to you. I happened on your site through a competition you ran and have been stalking your tweets and site ever since!
      Seriously, I hope it all works well, you deserve it.

    139. Dear Keith,

      Frankly speaking, i think you have the best F1 website. Good luck in 2010 and i promise to support you in whatever way i can!

      Super Relax – Manila,Philippines

    140. It’s seems like I am the last one.
      Keith I joined this site in tail end 2006,since then I never looked back.You really dedicated a lot in this site.
      Hope you don’t have too much trouble in running this site in the future,all the best.

    141. Best of luck mate! You run a fantastic site, can’t wait to see it when you’re working on it full time!!!

      Ian-US of A

    142. Great news. Already the best F1 site on the web & will only be better now. Keep up the good work. I have never subscribed to any website, but I think I would make an exception to this one

    143. Yes the site is very comprehensive. Keep it up.

    144. As a relative “newbie” to your site I have enjoyed your work, as well as the diverse opinions, good bad or otherwise, we all get to read here.

      Someday in the not too distant future when you are on top of it all remember where it all began: Your basic talent and the fan base your open attitudes have created.

      My only advice, don’t stray too far from what has been a huge success to date.

      Good luck and best wishes!

    145. Keith

      You CAN earn some decent money out of blogging! I happen to run a man lifestyle blog on my native language and I get very decent money from it. I can sure give you some tips if needed.

      Private email address is on the mail field if needed.

    146. Good Job!

    147. Praful Halakhandi
      22nd December 2009, 5:14

      Congrats… This started for me when you replied to one of my blog posts and corrected me… and from there on I have always checked your site on a daily basis… Keep up the good work… Good Luck,

    148. This is amazing news Keith,
      Best of Luck on this venture and you have my full support !!! Although im very sad Raikkonen is no more a part of F1, i cant wait for season 2010 to begin !!!

      Hamilton @ Mclaren
      Alonso @ Ferrari and the most exciting of them all
      Michael @ Mercedes (and Ross Brawn)
      It is surely to be the most amazing season of all time !!!

    149. Great news Keith and thanks.

    150. Wow!! I feel like applauding all of a sudden! :D You do deserve around of applause from all the readers of your blog for the amazing effort you put into this blog and for making such a brave and exciting jump! I feel so happy for you to be able to practice your passion as your job! It’s like a dream come true, even though it’s not as dreamy as it sounds, it’s still better facing hardships from something you love than something you are forced to do!

      As many have already said this is one of the best, if not the best F1 blog out there, and the thought of it getting better has already made 2010 a better year lol

      All the best!

    151. Good luck Keith – Ive always marvelled at how you managed to fit work and run this amazing site into your days! I struggle with work and reading the articles here! :D

    152. great decision Keith… all the best for your new venture!

    153. Good luck Keith – this site is, by some distance, my favourite F1 website. I visit at least twice a day and really appreciate the well-written articles and high-res photos (so difficult to find these for free elsewhere).

    154. Best of luck Keith, and good on you for following your dreams!

    155. I’m delighted to hear your news!

      It’s the most interesting F1 sight already and I have no idea how you did so much part time.

      I’lllook forward to it even more now.

    156. welldone!!! i think your decidion it’s very good for us. Gongratulations. we will be with you. happy holidays from Greece

    157. Good luck! :-)

    158. Keith, you have without any doubt, managed to create the best F1 site on the web bar none.

      The quality of your journalism and impartiality is beyond reproachment. The fact that Ari decided to call you, at the start of your summer holiday, to state his position with regard to the FiA presidency and the numerous invites to advise on Sky News, speaks volumes.

      Thanks for all your hard work, sincerly wish you every success with the monster you have created. Hobby for a job? You deserve it sir – all the very best to you!

    159. Keith, kudos from Brazil, F1 Fanatic is just great and will be better!

    160. awesome news, best of luck to you Kieth i hope you the best in the future i am already reading your site everyday.

    161. Accidental Mick
      23rd December 2009, 12:57


      I have worked with computers since the late sixties but learnt something new from this stream.

      I didn’t know that you only got paid for the adverts when someone clicked on one. In the unlikely event that there is someone else out there as ignorant as me, I think you should put a note to that effect on your home page.

    162. Good luck, buddy!
      Keep the good work up and earn a life out of it. I for one will keep on passing by all the time if the page is even half as good as it used to be.

    163. you rock keith and sure i will look forward for your great job you do here

    164. ¡Felicitaciones! I am sure this will mean “a giant leap” for F1 Fanatic, which I and many other Colombians enjoy.

    165. Ive read this site for many months now, but never posted. i wish you all the best becuase this is definatly my 1st stop when looking for f1 news, the info is good and the comments or not your usualy biast rubbish but cohernt points of view with good knowledge of the sport. best regards and good luck with this site. i have already gt many of my f1 friends readign thsis ite and will continue to advertise it to my buddies and others that watch and love f1

    166. Congrats! I tell my friends about your site all the time.
      I left my job for a startup company 5 yrs ago…didn’t realize how much work I was in for ;) but I’ve never looked back. You’re obviously a big fan and dedicated to the sport. I hope you enjoy writing it as much as we do reading it. Keep up the great work!

    167. First off, I am surprised to read that this site was only a part-time venture. Your site is very professional and the quality of the writing is top notch. Like others, I too come here first for F1 news, articles, etc. I look forward to seeing what you do with the site. Congrats!

      Dave from Canada

    168. I think that’s totally awesome. I came to this site a couple of years ago to get some great photos, and I’ve never left. It’s the most informative thing I can get in the US without using F1’s actual site. Good luck and thank you.

    169. Mate, good luck, and any task i can help with this site, i´ll be glad to help.

      I love the site, contents, videos and pics (i have lot of them as wallpaper in my lap top).

      Come on!!!! Hands on work.

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