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Bianchi signs long-term Ferrari deal (Autosport)

"The 20-year-old Frenchman has been given an undefined role within the team, but could become test and reserve driver following his maiden Formula 1 outing at Jerez this week." As well as Fisichella, Gene and Badoer? And with testing banned during the season? Ferrari barely need one test driver, never mind four.

Sauber consider making Vitaly Petrov Russia’s first F1 driver (The Guardian)

"Most F1 insiders confidently anticipate that Sauber will be given the go-ahead to take over the 13th place vacated by Toyota following their withdrawal after the final race of the 2009 season in Abu Dhabi."

Jenson Button in pole position to drive away with Auntie’s grand prize (Daily Mail)

"The presence of both Ennis, the heptathlete, and Idowu, the triple jumper, is likely to split the traditionally large athletics vote. That would leave the way clear for Haye to provide Button with his strongest challenge."

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10 comments on “F1 links: Bianchi gets Ferrari deal”

  1. Normally as an F1 fan I would vote for Button purely out of love for the sport rather than the man, however the presence of James Corden endorsing him has made me decide I would rather pay 9 times to vote for everyone else….

    1. I would have voted for him too, but after leaving the Brackley based team his loyalty isn’t what that award promotes.

      Makes me think back to leaving Williams for honda in the past.

  2. Why will Ferrari have four test driver,I think Gene & Fisichella is good enough.Are they trying to develop a young driver program as Mclaren did with Hamilton.Remember Massa’s contract expires next season!!!!

    1. Yeah Ferrari want young drivers programme. I think he’ll be too young and inexperienced to take Massa’s seat. Ferrari will probably get him trained up at another team as lack of testing means they can’t just stick him in a top car.

  3. Bianchi is managed by Nicolas Tod, and it seems he will be racing in GP2 Series with ART Grand Prix, of which Nicolas Todt is co-owner.

  4. To be honest, I don’t think anyone other than Jenson really deserves to win SPOTY (the irony of making that argument, eh?). The other contenders have achieved things, but I’m not sure they’re on a par with winning a 17-round championship by first blowing everyone out of the water and then doing it the hard way to hang on to the top spot. When I look at the list, I don’t see any Chris Hoys topping what Button has done.

    1. here’s an irony for you…
      spot (see, SPOTY) is “bouton” in french – in other words, button…

  5. This Bianchi deal sounds quite odd to say the least. Is it because Ferrari have already committed themselves to Fisichella and are regretting it as they realise he’s passed his sell-by-date and they don’t want to have to make another big payout as they did with Kimi.

    Which make me think, why don’t we have a poll as to which team is the biggest joke of the pits and why lol…

    1. Fisi is only going to be in a secondary role more or less. More likely Ferrari have spotted a future talent and want him trained up. Fisi still did a good job at Spa but when he went to Ferrari it was clearly a very difficult car to drive and he had to fit himself into a new team incredibly quickly.

  6. About time Ferrari developed young drivers! It was embarrassing that they had to draft in BADoer last season.

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