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End of the road for Grand Prix dream? (Leicester Mercury)

"The Leicester Mercury understands that £120m worth of bonds issued earlier this week have now been withdrawn."

Silverstone stands by as Donington fund-raising bond is withdrawn (Daily Telegraph)

"'Silverstone will have the opportunity of exactly the same contract as Donington,' he said two weeks ago when Gillett missed his last deadline. Asked if that meant a 17-year contract, Ecclestone replied: 'Yes.'"

Donington Park funding plans in doubt (Autosport)

"Autosport understands that dialogue between Silverstone and Ecclestone has stepped up in recent weeks once Donington Park's problems came to light, and the track remains keen to put a deal together. However, Silverstone will only move forward with its desire for a long-term contract once it is confirmed that Donington Park is no longer capable of hosting next year's British GP."

My name is Duncan, and I am a motorsport fan (Doctorvee)

Can you be a motorsport fan and a liberal? Thought-provoking stuff from occasional F1 Fanatic contributor Duncan Stephen.

Lewis’s post-race Q&A from Brazil (Lewishamilton.com)

"I think I’m actually a very different person now than I was a year ago – and some of that comes directly and indirectly from being world champion. I think this year has helped me to understand and appreciate more the challenge and thrill of Formula 1. I’d like to think I’m a more rounded individual as a result of my season, and I definitely think I’m a better driver."

Ted Kravitz – the Brazilian GP from the pit lane (BBC)

"As for who will be Kubica's team-mate, Robert is pushing hard for Hamilton's current team-mate Heikki Kovalainen, knowing that he would be a reliable number two, and possibly believing that there's more to him than he has been able to show thus far at McLaren. Indeed the Finn was again seen openly hanging out with Renault personnel after the race, obviously not feeling the need to be particularly discrete about it."

US F1 eager to let Kyle Busch take the wheel in 2011 (USA Today)

Peter Windsor: "I've watched him a lot and have massive respect for him. I know people who know him very well. I believe Kyle can win a world championship in Formula One. I think he's got exactly the right talent, the right approach. I'd love to see him in a Formula One car. If he wants to jump in our car next year for doing some demonstrations here in the States, he's very welcome to do that."

Today’s team in trouble is… (Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog)

"The latest rumours in Europe are that Campos is really struggling. There are reports that the Dallara chassis is behind schedule and that the team does not have enough money to complete the task and that it is considering taking over the programme and doing its own thing in Spain, with backing from some local or regional authorities in the country."

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15 comments on “F1 links: Donington fund-raising fails”

  1. > Can you be a motorsport fan and a liberal?

    Speaking as a former Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate and the co-owner of BritsOnPole.com – I’d say ‘yes’!

  2. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd October 2009, 1:57

    Farewell, Briitsh Grand Prix; we barely knew ye.

    If Ecclestone goes back to the BRDC, the BRDC won’t let him forget it. While a dose of humility is long overdue for Ecclestone, the BRDC are te worst possibly people to administer it. They simly don’t care about the future of the sport. They’re more preoccupied with the history of the event, and while sentimentality and al the fluff that goes with it is nice, Formula One needs to look forwrd, not back. The BRDC are going to run the British Grand Prix into the ground.

  3. Not really surprising that the Donnington plan is foundering, As Pm says above, Bernie has no love for the Brdc, however, he, and CVV do need money, and Silverstone can usually raise it, personally I’d like to see a longer contract for S’stone, then there will be 25mill spent on it, improving a circuit that I enjoy for the many other events held there…selfish, I know…but hey…

    1. 17 years isn’t enough? Nurburgring and Hockenheim have trouble committing to more than a couple of years at a time.

  4. Interesting news from USF1 Team. Kyle Busch is a crackerjack driver, and might do well in an F1 car. Most drivers have success in only one series, while Busch is a top contender in all three of the major Nascar circuits, ie, the Cup races, the Nationwide Series, and the Craftsman Truck Series. He also still races open-wheel sprints on dirt and smaller paved ovals with good success. He isn’t locked into one type of car, so he might do alright in F1.

    1. Can he steer the car in 2 different directions during a race? :P

    2. If Busch only wants to come into F1 and dick about for a couple of years, I doubt that would endear him to fans or teams.

    3. Those trucks don’t look much like F1 cars to me!

  5. HounslowBusGarage
    23rd October 2009, 8:44

    If the money to finish the development of Donnington is not forthcoming, does anyone know the current, physical state of the circuit?
    Can it actually be used in its 2007 form, and is the site still usable as a rock venue? Without any of that income, Donnington is just another half-finished building site.

    1. They did some work for a new tunnel a while back, but it was still being used as a race track recently.

      The track should be available for racing, but haven’t they already lost MotoGP to Silverstone in leiu of the F1 grand prix? As for being a rock venue, that was just a tiny sideline to bring in a few extra quid, it isn’t the future of Donington.

  6. the same windsor interview appeared in a couple f1-related sites, including his own speed.com, but in abridged form. why would they do that?

  7. Wow never thought my local paper would be on F1fanatic!!!!!!

  8. Wasn’t Campos the team that was complaining that they signed up for a budget limit and that that was suddenly dropped?

    1. Yes if I remember correctly

  9. How can Bernie say that the British GP isn’t important? Britain has provided the last two world champions (drivers and teams) which *has* to be a revenue earner. Lewis is likely, if not Jenson too, to be going for the title again next year.

    Bernie will come out with any old rubbish to get a contract signed.

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