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Theissen: BMW Sauber’s 2009 work well on schedule

“We have tested KERS in recent weeks. Not on the track, but on the straight in Miramas. That work is ongoing.” BMW not suffering repeat of earlier KERS failures it seems.

Hamilton portrait to be displayed in London

“Reebok, the McLaren driver’s major personal sponsor, has commissioned freelance artist Ian Cook to paint a huge 96 square metre likeness of Hamilton’s face. The finished product will ultimately be hung near the Tower of London from Wednesday October 29th, and displayed throughout the decisive Brazilian round of the 2008 championship.”

If Hamilton thinks God is only on HIS side then hell be losing our faith

“I have always found it close to the height of absurdity, arrogance and self-delusion when sportsmen claim that God is rooting for them.” – I usually react to religious stuff with a yawn and then move on, but readers outside Britain might find it interesting to see that not all of Hamilton’s press over here is positive.

Keeping below the radar

“Given that the public does not seem overly interested in the process by which the rules are made, it is probably best to keep the details out of the public eye.” Well I’m certainly interested in the process by which the rules are made and I know many of F1 Fanatic’s readers are as well. More transparency is a good thing, in my view.

F1-fans (via Twitter)

“A Spanish newspaper reports Jamie Alguersuari is close to signing as Red Bull test driver. That would indicate that Buemi has a race seat?” More on 2009 here: 2009 F1 drivers and teams.

And finally…

I must give a mention of thanks to Arickmann who said some very kind things to say about this site on his blog. :-)

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  • 18 comments on “Links: Hamilton is big-headed”

    1. how the hell has a whole article sprung from the fact he mentioned god was on his side this race. What a joke.

      It’s a bit like me saying “for god’s sake” at work when I get an email from some idiot… then having someone read into my comment like I’m preaching the lord exists or something.

      If I were Hamilton, I’d learn to be as boring as Kimi and avoid any sort of speech whatsoever.


    2. @ John H:
      I completely agree, a lot of people say “oh, F1 is boaring” and then when somebody with a bit of charisma and confidence injects some excitment into the sport, people still complain, i just don’t get it.
      People shouldn’t judge people because of what they believe in.

    3. It is different people complaining, I never complained about Kimi but I will complain about Lewis and his injection of ‘charisma and confidence’ . Lewis never injected excitement into F1, F1 has always been exciting and will continue to be during and after the reign of our all current drivers.

    4. John H – that’s exactly it. When a driver says something interesting, there’ll always be someone poised to slap them down with some mealy-mouthed op-ed piece.

    5. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
      23rd October 2008, 9:56

      Keith. Does this apply to the Fernando helping Massa issue? I remember hearing that conversation and it was a joke made between soundly laughs….

    6. only God can judge him :P

    7. Didn’t Senna also think that he had God on his side?

      Though quite what Eric Clapton had to do with his success I’ll never know…I mean he’s obviously a Ferrari man…

    8. Senna did say he felt as if he wasn’t driving the car at times, it was God.

      I don’t think it’s much to get outraged about, the Mirror will publish anything for a story, and it seems anything and everything about Britain’s Golden Boy/Villain will do just that.

      On the other hand, I really wouldn’t want to be non-Hamilton fan and living in London when that portrait goes up . . .

    9. Alain Prost was the only one (as I recall) to criticise Senna’s faith. Prost thought Senna drove recklessly, aggressively and without due consideration for his or anybody else’s safety because he believed God would protect him. Prost might have just been saying that because his own overtaking moves had been criticised as timid, or even ‘balletic’ I think was the word used.

      I for one am extremely pleased that Lewis is happy to talk about his faith, because it’s refreshing to hear an F1 driver talk about anything at all other than about what a great job the team did. When Lewis says God was on his side, it doesn’t preclude God being on other people’s sides as well (if you believe in an omnipotent God), and does reveal a little bit more about Lewis’s character, and makes him more likeable. And I say that speaking as an atheist.

    10. Or maybe we should consider that he’s worshipped Ron Dennis for so long that he seems kinda like a god to him….;)

    11. John Spencer – Great, great comment, mate!

    12. John Spencer – i am an atheist also – fully agree…

    13. Interesting responses. While all have jumped to Hamilton’s defence. Same benefit is not given to his competitors for their (rather His) comments. We can’t give “Selective benefit of doubts” should we :-?

      Architrion – Looks like your comment was “overlooked” :)

    14. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
      24th October 2008, 8:06

      Yeah, it seems so

    15. It’s so annoying that people are short-sighted enough and mindless enough to not be able to make up their own mind about someone. My dad is a great example: he hates Hamilton because of the way people like James Allen etc. go on about him. Is that really Hamiltons fault? No doubt people will hate him because Reebok chose to do a ludicrous picture of him and stick it up in London – exactly how is that Hamiltons fault? He is getting cash from them – essentially he is on there pay role and will do as he’s told. How Reebok choose to do there advertising is out of his hands.
      And as for the God comment: Somebody was looking down and favouring me the other day when I narrowly avoided an accident on the motorway. But really, do i think God is only on my side? of course not.
      I ******* hate the press and I firmly believe the world could be one step closer to world peace without them stirring up **** all the time.

    16. I wish people would just leave him alone !
      Just cos he’s different and talented…. people need to stop being so bloody jealous.
      And who wouldn’t have a big head after his first season… You telling me that all the main line drivers don’t ?

    17. Yes Paul,
      The press need to keep their BIG HEADS OUT OF IT.

    18. yorricksfriend
      27th October 2008, 7:44

      John H – saying “god was on my side” and saying “for god’s sake” is not the same at all; not even slightly. Atheists say “for god’s sake” all the time as a figure of speech, they never say “god was on my side”

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