The best souvenir you’ve got from a race

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I Love F1 Thong

What’s the best souvenir you’ve picked up at a race – F1 or anything else?

Some of us started discussing this on the F1 Fanatic Forum last week. Best finds so far include handfuls of carbon fibre from Giancarlo Fisichella’s crash at Magny-Cours in 2002, a jam jar full of tyre marbles from Melbourne ’01, and Nelson Piquet’s front wing from the 1989 Australian Grand Prix.

Join in that discussion here: Stealing stuff from tracks

Two other discussions going on at the moment are:

Which driver has impressed you most/least so far this year?

Which was the best French Grand Prix?

Poll: What’s non-F1 motor sport do you follow?

(The picture is of an “I love F1 thong” I spotted at Monza last year, by the way)

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