Bruno Senna wins at Silverstone in a Ferrari

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Bruno Senna, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2007While Lewis Hamilton was writing a new page of motor racing history at Montreal, Silverstone was in thrall to a driver with a great name from F1’s past.

Ayrton Senna’s nephew Bruno attended the Challenge Trofeo Pirelli European event as a one-off and won both rounds.

Admittedly, this was not against the same kind of tough opposition he defeated in the GP2 race at Barcelona last month.

But his versatility speaks volume about his talent. Could he be in an F1 car as soon as next year?

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  1. If Bruno Senna were to get into F1 that would be great just to see how he would compare to Massa, all we need now is Nelson Piquet jnr The Mansell kids and James Hunts lad and we would have a return to the eighties, all the old names are coming back,

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