A1 Grand Prix: Jarvis takes the first win for Britain

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Team Great Britain finally broke their A1 Grand Prix duck as Oliver Jarvis gave the team its long-awaited first win in the series.

Jarvis leapt into the lead from second on the grid as polesitter Alex Yoong bogged down badly in the team Malaysia car. The British team pitted at the first available opportunity while America and Portugal, chasing, waited until later.

There was more disappointment for the home crowd as Salvador Duran retired after a belligerent drive with some strong passes.

In the dying stages, Jarvis warned the British team that he felt a vibration from the car that might be a puncture, while Summerton lapped within two seconds of the leader and shaved off a few tenths each time they passed by.

But Jarvis held on to clinch Britain’s first win on his second event with the team. Summerton finished second with Adrian Zaugg third for South Africa.

A1 Grand Prix returns to China to race on the Shanghai Grand Prix circuit next – and Germany’s dominating driver Nico H????lkenberg will be back.

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