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Bernie EcclestoneBernie-watchers may be interested to learn that the Don of Formula One recently tried to become the sponsor of one of the government’s controversial new ‘academy’ schools. The details of his application were revealed in documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

In the House of Lords, Baroness Williams of Crosby (Liberal Democrat) said:

For instance, although Mr Bernie Ecclestone was not successful in his bid, we know… he put in for running one of the academies in Sheffield. I am not in a position??????nor would I wish??????to make personal remarks about Mr Bernie Ecclestone, but he would not immediately leap to mind as an ideal figure for sponsoring a new school.

Mr Ecclestone has a chequered history with the Labour party – he took back a ???1 million donation to them in 1997 after it was linked to the issue of tobacco sponsorship in Formula One. Whatever one may think of his business style, he is a ‘working class boy made good’ and might not be half as bad as an academy sponsor as those who are using it to foist Creatonist teachings upon children in academy schools in Britain today.

Apologies for getting all political – normal service will resume shortly.

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